Thursday, August 31, 2006

Police Report

The kids were active as school was closed yesterday. The police department responded to a delayed burglary on the grounds of the Swap Shop and Officers noticed five kids on the grounds of the Larkdale Elementary school. As officers approached, all five ran but were captured along NW 12 Place. One of the kids was in the possession of a screwdriver. All admitted their activities in the Swap Shop and were charged with Burglary.

Sgt. Fifer and Detective Gordon arrested two adults and one juvenile at 2244 NW 59 Way for possession of Cannabis over 20 grams, possession of concealed weapons and resisting arrest. Also recovered were brass knuckles, a baseball bat and a bulletproof vest. One motor vehicle was seized for forfeiture.

Detectives from the county wide gang task force interviewed the prime suspect in the painting of graffiti at the water tank on Oakland Park Blvd. A confession was obtained and we are charging him with the Criminal Mischief but are also trying to charge him with Burglary for being on the fenced in city property.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lauderhill Fairs Well through Tropical Storm Ernesto

Dear Residents of Lauderhill:

The City is supplying the following Report:

The City of Lauderhill advises residents that although the storm may have passed, we may still expect rain and gusts of wind throughout the day. Weather bands are still possible and the failure to take caution could result in injury. Please remain vigilant while conducting any outdoor activities.

Our City has no reported structural damage, flooding, power outages, or injuries as a result of the Tropical Storm.

On Thursday, the 31st of August, regular garbage service will begin again. City Parks, City Hall, City facilities, and related activities and services are also expected to resume regularly scheduled operating hours. Employees should report to work at regularly scheduled times on Thursday as well.

Sunday's Trinidad/Tobago Multi-Cultural Day will proceed at the Lauderhill Mall as planned.

Please tune to WQFF 1650 AM, or log on to, for further updates as well.

The County Reports as follows:

Emergency Operations Gearing Down

Broward County was fortunate to experience only minimal effects from Tropical Storm Ernesto. Just over two inches of rain have been recorded as of this morning. There are no reports of flooding. The highest wind gust was recorded at 50 mph at Port Everglades. Power outages have been scattered with fewer than 500 homes without power. Broward remains under a flood watch and a Tropical Storm Warning; however, the Hurricane Watch has been lifted.

The following are updates on service resumptions and other emergency response actions:

1) Broward County Transit buses will resume a normal operating schedule today, Wednesday, August 30, beginning at noon. Paratransit services will also resume normal service at noon today.
2) Tri-Rail service will resume on Thursday.
3) Approximately 680 persons were at the six American Red Cross Shelters (as of 6:00 a.m. this morning). The shelter population is rapidly diminishing as residents return home. Transportation will be provided for those evacuees that need it.
4) The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is open. Travelers should check with their airlines before leaving for the airport.
5) The Coast Guard is currently performing inspections at Port Everglades. Port Everglades anticipates resuming normal operations by noon today. Cruise passengers should contact their cruise lines for information.
6) No disruptions have been reported on the major roadways. Three traffic signals were damaged; however, these are currently being repaired.
7) All Service Refuse and Waste Management Inc. plan to resume garbage and recycling collections tomorrow. There will be no collections today.
8) Broward County schools will be in full session tomorrow.
9) Broward County government will be open tomorrow with normal business operations.
10) The Hurricane Hot Line has responded to more than 14,000 calls. The Hot Line will remain operational until 5:00 p.m. today.
11) Early voting will resume at noon tomorrow at all designated locations.
12) The Emergency Operations Center will scale back operations to a Level II which is a partial activation, effective 9:00 a.m. today. Only emergency response staff that is necessary to finalize operations will remain at the Center. It is expected that the Emergency Operations Center will return to a monitoring phase by noon today.

Broward County was fortunate not to experience any serious impacts from Tropical Storm Ernesto. During the response to this threat, the Broward Emergency Response Team was able to successfully implement and test many of the lessons learned from Hurricane Wilma. Florida Power and Light was prepared with crews to respond to anticipated power outages and had additional crews stationed in Sarasota if needed. The entire response team was prepared and standing by to respond to any public safety threat that may have resulted from Tropical Storm Ernesto.

Very Truly Yours,

Richard J. Kaplan
Mayor, City of Lauderhill

Tropical Storm Ernesto - Update #4 - Aftermath

Dear Residents of Lauderhill:

Tropical Storm Ernesto has passed, with minimal damage. Though the storm may have passed, you can still expect rain and gusts of winds. Bands are still expected at times throughout the area, and the failure to take caution could result in injury. Please proceed carefully in conducting any outdoor activities.

As of 1 AM this morning the Lauderhill EOC closed. Regular garbage service is expected to resume Thursday. Because of the minimal damage, we do not believe the need for any special hurricane bulk trash pickup to be scheduled. Parks and other city facilities will re-open as soon as arrangements can be made. This Sunday's Trinidad/Tobago Multi-Cultural Day is expected to proceed at the Lauderhill Mall. Gas stations are expected to re-open. There is no shortage of gas in the area. Please do not drive out solely in search of gas.

If any problems arise that you find, please report them as needed. If matters should change, we will update as needed. Also, please listen to WQFF 1650 AM on occasion for further updates as well.

I realize that some may believe that it was unnecessary, and a waste of time, to prepare for this storm. However, this is not true. Storms are unpredictable, and only by pre-planning do you prevent the type of injury and damages that are possible. Your actions may have avoided the possibility of serious problems. We are only grateful that this time the storm did not live up to the potential we were advised about. That may not be true the next time.

Very Truly Yours,

Richard J. Kaplan
Mayor, City of Lauderhill

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Topical Storm Ernesto - Update #3

Dear Residents of Lauderhill,

The following is an update:

Lauderhill Residents – Update on Pre and Post Storm Preparations – PR #4

A Hurricane Watch and Tropical Storm Warning is in affect for The City of Lauderhill. Lauderhill’s Emergency Operation Center is fully activated and the Emergency Management Team is monitoring the situation. Conditions are expected to deteriorate as the day progresses and throughout the evening into Wednesday morning. Conditions will include winds and heavy rain. Flooding may occur and residents are advised to stay indoors.

Lauderhill Residents should stay tuned to hurricane reports on both Lauderhill’s radio station WQFF 1650 AM, and Broward County’s Official Emergency Information Station, WIOD 610 AM radio. NBC6 can also be heard on 87.7 FM. You can also log on to or call the Broward County Hotline at (954) 831-4000 for more information.

Lauderhill’s City Hall and all City facilities including the parks will be closed on Wednesday the 30th of August 2006. Transportation and Community Shuttles will not be in service either.
Waste Management and All Service Refuse Services will continue normal garbage pick-ups as conditions permit on Tuesday, the 29th of August. Services will cease on Wednesday, the 30th of August. Waste Management customers will have a make up day on Saturday, the 2nd of September. Do not leave any garbage for pick up outside, effective immediately.

Broward County Schools and Government will remain closed on Wednesday as well.
The Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport will shut down at 7 PM tonight.

Very Truly Yours,

Richard J. Kaplan
Mayor, City of Lauderhill

Tracking Ernesto

The following links may provide valuable information in tracking Tropical Storm Ernesto:

Then check out several of the Atlantic Satellite images, particularity the water vapor loops which I find to be the most useful.

More updates will be provided as made available. Stay tune to Lauderhill's radio station 1650 AM WQFF for additional information and emergency weather updates affecting Lauderhill.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Tropical Storm Ernesto Updated #2

Dear Residents of the City of Lauderhill:

The following is an update:

The Broward County Emergency Operations Center continues to monitor Tropical Storm Ernesto. In addition to schools closing tomorrow, all Broward County government offices will be closed. This includes all libraries, parks and other County facilities. In addition, the 17th Circuit Court has announced that the County courthouses will be closed tomorrow. FAU is closed tomorrow.

The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority will suspend Tri-Rail service after the last train tonight, Monday, August 28. Mass Transit service will continue regular bus service tomorrow until 3:00 p.m. at which time all bus service will stop.

Mobile home residents are under a mandatory evacuation order. Buses will be available for mobile home park evacuations beginning approximately 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

Six Red Cross Shelters will open tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. as well as the pet-friendly shelter at Millennium Middle School. The Red Cross shelters are Monarch High School, 5050 Wiles Road, Coconut Creek; Park Lakes Elementary School, 3925 N. State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes; Rock Island Elementary/Arthur Ashe Middle School, 1701 N.W. 23 Ave., Fort Lauderdale; Plantation Elementary School, 651 N.W. 42 Ave., Plantation; Fox Trail Elementary School, 1250 Nob Hill Road, Davie; and Watkins Elementary School, 3520 S.W. 52 Ave., Pembroke Park.

According to Brenda Snipes, Supervisor of Elections, all 20 Broward County early voting sites will be closed tomorrow until further notice.

The Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport will remain open as weather conditions permit. Please check with your airlines for flight schedules.

Residents should prepare now for Tropical Storm Ernesto by making all their final preparations. There is no shortage of fuel in Broward County, so residents should fill up their tanks and make sure they have their hurricane supplies for three to five days. Trash pickup will take place tomorrow as long as the weather permits.

Residents who own horses or other large animals are encouraged to make preparations early in anticipation of Tropical Storm Ernesto.

Tips on how to make hurricane preparations for large animals are available online from the Broward County Extension Education Division. Visit and click on Hurricane Tips for Large Animals.

The site provides information on proper identification for horses and other large animals, preparation for barns and pastures, correct ways to restrain horses and other large animals, and planning food, water and hay supplies in the event of a hurricane. Owners should plan on at least a five-day supply of food, water and medical supplies for their horses and other animals in the event of a storm.

The site also includes an online large animal registry. Owners can register their animals and include detailed information on physical traits to help them identify their animals if they become lost. The information is made available to veterinarians and other medical or emergency responders in the event animals become lost. To access the online animal registry, visit and click on New Account.

The Broward County Hurricane Hot Line is available for residents 954-831-4000. Residents can also find detailed information on hurricane preparedness at

From Lauderhill:

1) Our recommendation is to be prepared 5 to 7 days.

2) Lauderhill’s Emergency Operations Center is at Level 2 activation, (partial activation), anticipate full activation tomorrow.
3) The City Manager has activated its Hurricane Response Annex (Plan) and All City Departments are proceeding as required to prepare for the storm.
4) Garbage pick up is expected on Tuesday. Wednesday will be suspended. Do not put out any garbage after Tuesday.
5) At this time it is too late to trim trees since debris cannot be removed.
6) A hurricane warning may be issue by Monday evening. The forecast is that we will start receiving tropical winds by Tuesday evening. Hurricane force winds may occur Wednesday morning, with the height of the storm in late morning Wednesday.
7) The Commission Meeting schedule for tonight, Monday, will take place. However, it is expected to be a shortened meeting to only handle Consent Agenda and critical items requiring attention, within the Commissions discretion.
8) The Storm appears to be more of rain storm than previous wind storms. However, you can expect a mixture of both, and both must be prepared for. Rising waters could be a concern in lower lying areas.
9) Please make sure that outdoor drains and gutters are clear of debris. Please be careful while cleaning them to prevent possible injury.

For more information, please check with 1650 AM, Lauderhill’s radio station.

Very Truly Yours,

Richard J. Kaplan
Mayor, City of Lauderhill

State of Emergency Declared - Tropical Storm Ernesto

Dear Residents of the City of Lauderhill:

The City of Lauderhill has now declared a State of Emergency. Those on my Emergency E-mail Notification System have been getting regular updates. If you wish to be added, please e-mail me at, and request to be added.

Among other matters, it means that all roads throughout Lauderhill, whether private or not, are now public for purposes of this emergency. Any private road owners may opt out of this provision, however, then the private road owners will be responsible for any costs of debris removal after the emergency passes, and Lauderhill will not be able to pick it up. To date, no private road owners have opted out. No compensation shall be provided for this, other than to provide these special services to the area due to the emergency. Private road owners include homeowner associations, gated communities, apartment buildings and condominiums. The roads shall remain public until the passing of the emergency and the completion of any pickup of debris. This provision is provided to satisfy FEMA issues on reimbursement for pickups to the city and for other public health needs.

As to preparation, please add to the list of looking at the removal of exterior items which may become flying debris in strong winds.

The City of Lauderhill will be conducting is Regular Commission Meeting tonight, but has been requested to expedite any part of the meeting so that staff can continue with hurricane preparations. Therefore, with the consent of the Commission, items on Consent Agenda and items of critical concern, should be acted upon. Other items will be to the discretion of the Commission in how to proceed.

No news has been received on schools. However, based upon prior events, I would expect that school should be open today, and closed tomorrow. Evening activities in the schools are unknown as to whether they will proceed. Consult your school or other emergency sources. Keep in touch with our radio station for emergency information, 1650 AM WQFF. Signal of the station is within Lauderhill, and may extend out a few miles in each way.

Broward County has issued the following message:

The Broward County Emergency Operations Center has been activated in response to the threat posed by Tropical Storm Ernesto. The National Hurricane Center has placed Broward County under a Hurricane Watch. The Governor has issued an executive order placing the State of Florida under a State of Emergency and the Broward County Board of County Commissioners has declared Broward County under a Local State of Emergency effective 8 a.m. Monday, August 28, 2006.

Residents are strongly urged to take protective actions and begin to implement their hurricane plan today in preparation for the arrival of Tropical Storm Ernesto. Some steps you should take include:

1) Make sure you have ample supplies to last three to five days.
2) Determine if you live in an evacuation zone and if so, where you will evacuate if an evacuation order is given. Going to stay with family or a friend’s house is the best choice since shelters only provide for basic needs.
3) Assess your home for vulnerable areas. Do a walk-through of your home and property to evaluate necessary actions to take. Bring in patio furniture and loose items around your home.
4) Put gas in your car and have a supply of cash on hand in case of power outages.
5) Stay tuned to television and radio for public safety advisories issued from the Emergency Operations Center. Residents can call the Hurricane Hot Line at 954-831-4000 for the latest information on Tropical Storm Ernesto or visit

Very Truly Yours,

Richard J. Kaplan
Mayor, City of Lauderhill

Important Notice on Hurricane Ernesto #4

Dear Residents of Lauderhill:

The following was received as an update:

"Ernesto this morning is meandering between Hispaniola and Cuba on a slow northwest track at 12 mph. This morning. Forecast calls for Ernesto to move across Cuba and into the Straits of Florida and then to make landfall Tuesday on the southern tip of the Florida peninsula as a Category 1 hurricane. All interests should make preparatory actions today in anticipation of Ernesto. The Broward EOC will go to Level 2 activation at 8:00 a.m. and will likely go to a Level 1 later on in the day. Additional advisories will be issued as the day progresses."

At this time we are not in a State of Emergency, but it is possible in the next 48 hours. If so, I will be advising the notices sent out. As stated above, you should be preceeding with preparatory actions today. Such items could include, gas, propane gas, water, ice, tarps, making sure you are prepared to use your generator, batteries, flashlights, non refrigerated food, an old style telephone that doesn't require electricity from a plug to operate, a battery operated radio so that you can listen to WQFF 1650 AM (the City of Lauderhill radio station for news), have cash on hand, take care of any banking/bills that may come up in the next 7 days. Though advised to have supplies for 72 hours, my recommendation is for 5 to 7 days. Also, don't forget to vote and get it done with now.

There is the Regular Commission Meeting tonight at City Hall, 3800 Inverrary Blvd., Suite 111. We do not have any reports about any closings, including schools, at this time. This information will be passed on when received.

Very Truly Yours,

Richard J. Kaplan
Mayor, City of Lauderhill

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Important Notice on Hurricane Ernesto #3

Governor Issues Executive Order 06-200 to Prepare for Hurricane Ernesto

Governor Bush issued Executive Order 06-200 today in response to Hurricane Ernesto, whose eye is expected within 90 miles of Key West on Tuesday night, then into the Tampa Bay/Nature Coast region at Category 2 or 3 strength. The executive order activates FloridaĆ¢€™s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and names the Director of the Division of Emergency Management as the State Coordinating Officer. The State Coordinating Officer is given powers defined in the order to meet the emergency.

Important Notice on Hurricane Ernesto #2


DATE: Sunday, August 27, 2006
TIME: 2:00 p.m. .

Broward Residents Urged to Keep Close Eye On Hurricane Ernesto

Broward County residents are urged to keep watch on Hurricane Ernesto, the first hurricane with the potential to threaten south Florida this season. The Emergency Management Agency is constantly monitoring the situation and will advise residents what, if any, precautionary measures should be taken as the situation warrants. Conditions can rapidly change and cause a greater threat to the area.

Although there is no eminent threat at this time, the potential for rapid change is present. All residents should begin to prepare as if the hurricane is approaching our shores, and remember, be prepared for five to seven days in case the hurricane does arrive.

Residents are urged to stay tuned to television and radio to keep up-to-date with advisories on Hurricane Ernesto. Visit for information on how to prepare for a hurricane, shelter locations, hurricane kit checklist, and much more.

Note: Lauderhill residents can also turn to its local radio channel for continual updates specifically affecting our city: 1650 AM WQFF. Weather alerts automatically kick in when the weather service issues alerts.

Additional Report, FYI:

There have been significant changes in the forecast track for Ernesto over the last 24 hours. With the reformation of the center of circulation to a more northern location and the slowing of the system, model guidance has shifted considerably to the east. This development now brings the entirety of the Florida peninsula into a potential threat situation with Ernesto. In addition, Ernesto has been upgraded to a minimal hurricane with wind speeds of 75 mph clocked around a very small center of circulation. The upper level environment for the system is improving and should no longer be a degrading factor. However, its interaction with the land mass of Hispaniola and subsequently Cuba should not allow for any rapid intensification.

The track forecast currently brings Ernesto across the lower keys in 48 to 72 hours. This approach would cause a tropical storm wind field to begin spreading across South Florida by Tuesday afternoon. This possibility would cause the issuance of at least a tropical storm watch on Monday and depending upon changes in future forecasts perhaps even a hurricane watch. Ernesto at this point is not a direct threat, but is a concern and preparations should begin to deal with the situation if the trend of the forecasts continues eastward.

Lauderhill Residents: Depending upon the Hurricane, Lauderhill may institute a warning sometime tomorrow. That would mean that we would begin activating our emergency plans in anticipation of the possibility the Hurricane heads close to our area. Full preparation by the city takes about 48 hours to implement. Be aware that the city may modify these plans at anytime, and I will try to update as information becomes available. Please proceed with your own plans as previously advised earlier today.

Very Truly Yours,

Richard J. Kaplan
Mayor, City of Lauderhill

Important Notice on Hurricane Ernesto

Dear Residents of Lauderhill:

As you may have heard about, Ernesto has become a Category 1 Hurricane. Though it is not presently directly headed to our region, it is always possible for the hurricane to turn. Earlier, tracking showed it going off the west coast of Florida and heading towards Pensacola. This would have provided some rain and wind to our area.

Right now, it shows to be a bit closer to the west coast, with some models showing it curving into Tampa, heading towards the Carolina's. No one can predict its path, and therefore we should start thinking about becoming prepared.

Presently, it appears that our region will be affected, to some extent, from Tuesday morning until Wednesday evening. Therefore, start watching reports, start reviewing hurricane supplies and implementing those hurricane procedures you have that may take a few days to put into place. Pay bills, secure outside equipment, make sure you have an adequate supply of propane gas, fill up cars with gas, have plenty of batteries, have water and ice, and for those with generators, make sure they are ready to be used if needed. If a storm comes, supplies could be difficult to come by then. Even if the storm does not turn towards us, it would still be good to show that we are prepared.

Also, for those that have not voted in the upcoming primary, September 5, it would be a good time to get out and vote before the storm. Locations are open each day at the Lauderhill Mall and the Tamarac Library. Lines, if any, are short. For more information about voting, or for possible updates on the storm, you can continue to check my Blog. Also, listen to the city's AM radio station for updates at 1650 AM WQFF.

Lauderhill has not activate its emergency system, and the purpose of this e-mail is advisory only.

Very Truly Yours,

Richard J. Kaplan
Mayor, City of Lauderhill

Saturday, August 26, 2006

State Grants Available To Homeowners

The State of Florida has created a grant program for private homeowners, to help them pay for the cost of hurricane-resistance improvements. It provides a free home inspection, and if qualified, a matching grant from the state up to $5000.00. In some circumstances low-income homeowners in parts of the state may receive the upgrades at a reduced or no cost match. Such improvements may also entitle homeowners to a discount on their homeowners insurance premium.

The improvements can include strengthening the roof deck, secondary water barrier to prevent water intrusion, upgrading roofing materials beyond normal standards, upgrading exterior doors, to list a few items. For a home to qualify the property must be a primary single-family, site built home or residential building (up to 4 units), residence with homestead, and an insurable value of no more that $500,000 per unit.

To get more information contact 800-342-2762, or

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Buy Toner and Support the Lauderhill Chamber

Switch to OnPoint to buy your Ink and Toner. Save up to 40%. Support your local Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce, when you shop at Ten percent of purchases goes to support the Chamber.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mayor Attends Florida League of Cities Conference

Between August 10 to 12, Lauderhill Mayor Richard J. Kaplan, attended the Florida League of Cities Annual Conference. The purpose of the conference, besides determining its leaders for the next year, is to distribute and share information, impacting cities in Florida. Exhibits, Policy and other Committee Meetings, and Seminars are provided on a variety of matters.

During the trip, the following is a partial list of what the Mayor attended and provides a summary of information that may be of interest:

1) Florida League of Mayors Meeting - conducted 3 seminars and a general meeting. One of these meetings discussed the future economic outlook of Florida. While population growth rates are 2.2%, and per capita income is 4.5% for 2004, it is expected to be reduced in future years. Job growth rate is 3.5% and unemployment is 3.0%, which likewise could be affected by the recent change in the economy over time.

Employment is projected to grow 2.7% in 2006-7, declining to 2.5% in 2007-8. We are losing jobs in manufacturing, and that Professional and Business Services provide the most jobs. The highest wages are in Information.

Credit default is expected to increase dramatically, and the inflation rate is creeping up. Home sales and sales prices, while up previously, may decrease in the near future. At $3.00 gas threshold, it has had an affect on transportation and consumer decisions. Tax rolls for 2006 was up 25% from 2005, and is expected to be 9% the following year. However, Just Values of property could actually declined. The difference between the two are related to the Save Our Home Amendment which has a significant amount of unrealized tax value that has been capped, so that it does not reflect Just Value.

March/April 2006 appears to have been a turning point in the economy, for which more study is required to determine its long term affect.

2) Community Housing: Ensuring Development Success Through Education. A seminar was given on community housing programs and affordable housing. One program, that is being looked into is a Community Workforce Housing Grant Program.

3) Wi-Fi Deployment. This seminar provided a case study on St. Cloud, Florida, and how they implemented their city-wide free Wi-Fi system. The program not only spurred economic development, but also enhanced public safety, reduced cost of city services, and enhanced education. By providing free Wi-Fi service, residents saved about $437/year in internet access costs, which was about the same as their property tax from the city. The cost to install the system to residents were about $20-40 each computer, and service was similar to that of cable or DSL. Free support was provided, and workshops to help residents and businesses to connect. The cost savings to the city exceeded their annual cost of the system to maintain. Lauderhill is anticipating expanding its one free Wi-Fi spot to city wide in the 2007-8 budget.

4) Several grant programs were discussed, and were provided to city personnel to review.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Trinidad and Tobago Multicultural Day Celebration

On Sunday, September 3rd, at the Lauderhill Mall, will be presented the Annual Trinidad and Tobago Multicultural Day, celebrating their 44th year of independence. The event is free, and runs from 2 PM to 10 PM. It features music, rides, fun and food. Performing will be Code 868, Leon Coldero, Roger George, Eddy Charles, and many others. All are invited to attend.

The Mall is located at the corner of 12th Street and State Road 7. For more information cal 954-972-9628 or 954-587-7700. You can also visit:

Friday, August 18, 2006

Summary of Police Activities In July

During the month of July 2006, the following has been achieved or is in progress:

1) The Department received three Letters of Commendation concerning positive recognition of our police officers.
2) The Police Chief attended and was the guest speaker at the Police Explorer Graduation for all Broward County police agencies at Broward Community College. (July 1)
3) The Police Chief attended the graduation of twenty-two more children from our Police Impact Program. (July 3)
4) All police staff members toured Broward Estates focusing on concerns of Homeowner's Association. (July 5)
5) The Police Chief met with Mr. Jacob Green, Homeowners' President at the Police Department. (July 6)
6) A Swearing-In Ceremony was conducted for two new police officers (Quinones and Blake). (July 20)
7) The Police Chief met with Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms agent, along with three Jamaican police officers concerning major case connections between Lauderhill and Jamaica. (July 21)
8) The Department provided funding from State Forfeiture Fund to six homeowners' associations for community projects in the amount of $6,600.
9) The Department provided funding from Federal Forfeiture Fund to purchase three tactical rifles for the Special Response Team in the amount of $6,500.
10) The Department seized six motor vehicles in the month of July where three were returned due to sizeable liens, and the other three are in the process of forfeiture.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Volunteers Needed For Community Emergency Response Team

C.E.R.T. Organizational Meeting 8/22/06
Lauderhill Fire-Rescue is preparing to initiate its Community Emergency Response Team as a way to give our residents a means to help during disasters such as hurricanes. We’re looking for community-minded residents who are willing to provide us with an extra set of eyes, ears and hands when emergency services are not immediately available. An organizational meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 22 at 6:00 P.M. The meeting will take place at Fire Station 57, 1980 NW 56 Avenue. For further information, please call the Fire-Rescue Headquarters from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday at 954-730-2950.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The September 5th Primary - Who's Running For What?

On September 5th, a Primary Election will be held to decided the candidates for the November election. The following is a list of those candidates that residents of Lauderhill may be able to vote on:

United States Senator - Republican Nominee Only

Collins Jr., LeRoy (REP)
Harris , Katherine (REP)
McBride , William "Will" (REP)
Monroe , Peter (REP)

Governor - Democratic and Republican Nominees

Burkett , Glenn (DEM)
Castagnero , Carol (DEM)
Crotty , John M. (DEM)
Davis , Jim (DEM) **
Smith , Rod (DEM)

Crist , Charlie (REP)
Gallagher , Tom (REP)
Palmer , Vernon (REP)
St. Jean , Michael W. (REP)

Attorney General - Democratic Nominee Only

Campbell, Walter "Skip" (DEM) **
Ehrlich , Merrilee (DEM)

Chief Financial Officer - Republican Nominee Only

Bauguess , Milt (REP)
Johnson , Randy (REP)
Lee , Tom (REP) **

State Senate District: 032 - Democratic Nominee Only

Graber , Ben (DEM)
Haddad , James W. (DEM)
Ring , Jeremy (DEM)

State Representative District: 093 - Democratic Nominee Only

Jean , Alain (DEM) ##
Smith , Randy (DEM)
Thurston Jr., Perry E. (DEM) **
Tillman-Watson , Sallie Bell (DEM)
Williams II, McKinley (DEM)

State Representative District: 094 - Democratic Nominee Only

Lewis , Andrew (DEM)
Meadows , Matthew J. "Matt" (DEM) **

Circuit Court Judge: 017 Group: 006 - Non Partisan

Kaplan , Charles 'Charlie' (NOP)
Padowitz , Kenneth David (NOP)

Circuit Court Judge: 017 Group: 057 - Non Partisan

Lopez , Samuel (NOP)
Rayson , John C. (NOP) **
Towbin Singer , Michele (NOP)

Circuit Court Judge: 017 Group: 058 - Non Partisan

Cohen , Mardi Levey (NOP) ##
Jordan , Jordan H. (NOP)
Lewis , Jim (NOP) ##
Wood , Marina G. (NOP)

County Court Judge: 017 Group: 29 - Non Partisan

Jill Levy ##
Nicholas "Nick" Lopane
Stuart B. Yanofsky

County Court Judge: 017 Group: 30 - Non Partisan

Michele Anne Cavallaro
Alan Marks
Robin Sobo Moselle ##

County Court Judge: 017 Group 31 - Non Partisan

Arlene Simon Campione
Michael "Mike" Doddo
Ellen A. Feld ##
Michael Alan Mermer
Christopher M. "Chris" Neilson

County Court Judge: 017 Group: 32 - Non Partisan

Brenda Lynn Di Ioia
Garrett Elsinger
Randy A. Fleischer ##
Terri-Ann Miller

School Board: District 6 - Non Partisan

Fred Azrak
Phyllis C. Hope
Marty Martin Rubinstein **
Stewart "Stew" Webster

School Board: District 8 At Large

Darla L. Carter
Jennifer Leonard Gottlieb **
Ruth Roman Lynch

** eLauderhill News has Endorsed.
## In a multi person race, where eLauderhill News has not endorsed, but the candidate is qualified and you may wish to consider.

Early voting is scheduled from Monday, August 21 - Sunday, September 03, 2006, and voting hours are:
Monday - Friday 10AM - 6PM
Saturday 10AM - 3PM
Sunday 1PM - 4PM

Early voting locations in are adjacent to Lauderhill are:
1) Lauderhill Mall, 1241 N.W. 40 Avenue, Bay 80-K, Lauderhill , FL 33313-5894
2) Tamarac Branch Library, 8701 W. Commercial Boulevard, Tamarac , FL 33321-4310

For other sites and information:
For a list of precincts on election day, September 5:
To find your precinct:

To vote absentee either call 954-357-7055 to request, or use the following link to request on line:
To ask information about absentee voting, call or e-mail: Mary Hall at 954-357-6321,

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport Requests for Letters of Interest

Five new Requests for Letters of Interest (RLI) have been issued by the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. RLI # 20060627-0-AV-01 Specialty Retail, Health & Beauty for Terminals 2 & 3; RLI # 20060627-0-AV-02 Specialty Retail, Electronics & Gadgets for Terminals 2 & 3; RLI # 20060627-0-AV-03 Bookstore Terminals 2 & 3; RLI # 20060627-0-AV-04 Fresh Flowers Concession for terminals 1, 2 & 3; and RLI # 20060627-0-AV-05 Business Technologies Centers for terminals 1, 2 & 3; are open to ALL qualified DBE companies nation wide.

This is an incredible opportunity to enter the very lucrative Airport Concession business at one of the fastest growing airports in the world. Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport handles more than 20 million passengers per year. In a typical day 663 commercial flights land/depart from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport.

If your business is a certified DBE please click here and download the appropriate documentation and information for each RLI. If your business IS NOT a DBE and needs to get certified, please contact Lori Gassett immediately at 954 357 6134 and request information on DBE certification. We will expedite the process for DBE certifications for all companies interested in the RLIs. Please keep in mind that the first pre-bid session is just a few weeks away, GET CERTIFIED NOW so you can participate in the RLI process.

Broward County Small Business Enterprises responding to this contract that are not already certified with the County should complete and submit an application for certification as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. The application is available on the Small Business Development Division’s website at, or from the Small Business Development Division office located at 115 S. Andrews Ave. Suite A640, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33301. Applicants are encouraged to call (954) 357 6400 with any questions about the program and its requirements.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Our Police Department In Action

Juveniles Arrested

Yesterday afternoon, two juveniles from Ft. Lauderdale drove by the Probation and Parole Office at 16th St. and State Road 7 and noticed a woman carrying a purse. The juveniles parked and forcibily took the purse and ran to their vehicle. A vehicle description was given and one our officers observed the vehicle in St. George. The vehicle attempted to enter the Swap Shop at 34th Ave. where they bailed out of the vehicle. Officers caught the passenger quickly and looked for the driver. Vendors from the Swap Shop pointed out the direction of the driver and was arrested. One juvenile had charges pending in Palm Beach County. Robbery charges were added to both juveniles.

Special Response Team Excutes Drug Search Arrest

Members of the Special Response Team executed a dangerous drug search warrant last evening at Royal Palm Apartments, 2910 NW 56 Ave., Apt. 413. Team members were able to use the element of surprise before the suspect could get to his loaded AK47 assault rifle and loaded 9mm automatic. Arrested for possession of Cannabis with intent to sell was Daniel Extra. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was called in to charge the suspect federally for the possession of the assault rifle. He will be charged with Armed Trafficing in Cannabis.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

3rd Annual Lauderhill Business Expo

The Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the 3rd Annual Business Expo on Thursday, October 26. The Expo provides exposure to businesses, along with networking, marketing and potential business development.

Showcase your business products and services. Meet with Project Managers to discuss current and upcoming business opportunities and contract bidding opportunities. Interact with professions, including FAU's small business administration advisors.

Set up begins at 1 PM to 3 PM. A seminar is from 4-5 PM, along with networking for exhibitors. The Expo runs from 5 to 9 PM. All events are at the Inverrary Plaza Hotel, 3501 Inverrary Blvd., Lauderhill. Participants are $125 to $200, with discounts available. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

In addition to this years Expo is the Taste of Lauderhill. Restaurants will be participating and providing samples of their dishes. Restaurants that wish to participate are encourage to sign up.

For more information contact Simone Narcis, Executive Director, 5557 W. Oakland Park Blvd., 954-318-6118. Information is also available on the Chamber's web site:

Monday, August 07, 2006

QuickBooks Training

The Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce is providing free QuickBooks training each Wednesday from 9 AM to 11 AM. Please call to confirm attendance 954- 318-6118.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The First Tee Golf Tournament

On October 21, the 1st Annual First Tee Golf Tournament will be held at Palm-Aire County Club & Resort, 2600 Palm-Aire Drive North, Pompano Beach. Registration and breakfast is at 7 AM, with a shotgun start at 7:30. Raffles, Celebrity Guests, and Contests (Hole-in-One, Putting, Longest Drive and Closest To Pin) will be held. Win prizes and cash. All proceeds benefiting The First Tee Program.

To play, call Jared Campbell: 954-321-6777, ext. 225. Space is limited.

Sponsors include: the USGA, Golden Bear, The First Tee Lauderhill, TechEd Ventures, Wal-Mart, the City of Lauderhill, Palm-Aire, Smart School, and Serving Beyond expectations.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lauderhill Flag Football, Cheerleading and After Care Recreation Information

Lauderhill/Lauderdale Lakes YMCA
Flag Football & Cheerleading
Registration begins Aug. 1 (11 am – 5:30 pm) weekdays
Boys & Girls ages 4 – 14 , $52 per child – includes uniform
Practice starts Sept. 12th, Tues & Thursdays 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Call 954/485-6260; Coaches and Volunteers needed!

Lauderhill/Lauderdale Lakes YMCA
After Care Recreation & Sports Club
Ages 4 – 12 (Monday-Friday 2 pm – 6 pm), $10 per week – Registration has started….
1910 NW 55 Avenue – Lauderhill, call(954) 485-6260
Sports – Dance – Snacks

Friday, August 04, 2006

New Turn Signals At 44th Ave. and Inverrary Blvd.

After several years of pushing, the City of Lauderhill, with the support and involvement of its residents, has been successful in having new left turn signals installed for east/west traffic at 44th Avenue and Inverrary Blvd. Residents have been saying for years that the intersection, without this signal has been dangerous.

With a lot of work, and the assembling of information showing the danger, the requirements to qualify for this signal were satisfy under federal guidelines.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Drug Arrest

The Vice and Narcotics Unit were involved in two drug search warrants recently in West Ken Lark. The first was located at 1840 NW 34 Terrace where three adults were arrested for possession of cocaine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The residence was in such disrepair (no running water, no electricity) the information was passed on to code enforcement and the house was condemned as an unsafe structure.

The second drug search warrant was located at 1461 NW 31 Way where one female was arrested for possession of over 400 grams of Marijuana and Cocaine (Trafficing amount). Also seized were two firearms. Additional drug search warrants are pending in other areas of the city.

Recently I was advised of two suspects receiving prison time for pizza delivery robberies in the central part of our city. The following suspects received prison time:

Jahquez Hylton 12 year prison sentence
Charles Wright 9 year prison sentence
Alex Palmer 3 year prison sentence

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tropical Storm Chris

Dear Residents of Lauderhill:

Just an update on the situation, Tropical Storm Chris. It looks like if something will happen, it will be Sunday/Monday. Additional information may be available from Broward County in hurricane preparation at: Also you may wish to check out the city's web site for information at:

If you wish to be added to my Emergency E-mail Notification System, send me an e-mail at If you are not sure if you are on the list, if you are you would have already received 2 updates in the last few days. If you haven't receive anything, then you may wish to consider it. Please also be aware that information may be broadcasted on the city's new radio station, WQEZ 1650 AM, shortly.

The below information was received from the City Manager, Chuck Faranda, and was incorporated in the last message sent out by e-mail.

Very Truly Yours,

Richard J. Kaplan
Mayor, City of Lauderhill

Things have not changed much since this morning with the guidance and track philosophy of Tropical Storm Chris. However, the system has been ingesting some drier air north of the Virgin Islands and the pressure has come up in the last few hours. Hurricane recon has just done a center fix at 19.78 north and 64.08 west and a pressure of 1005 millibars. The official forecast calls for Chris to reach Category 1 hurricane status by Thursday as it passes north of Puerto Rico and maintains category 1 strength through the 5-day forecast period. Given that Chris is a small tropical system diameter-wise, it is more prone to rapid strengthening and/or weakening than larger storms. Examples of these types of storms are Hurricane Andrew (1992) and Hurricane Lili (2002), which was a Category 4 hurricane in the Gulf before weakening to a Category 1 and striking Louisiana. One determining factor in Chris' intensification is the relaxing of upper level winds near and ahead of the storm. Should these winds diminish, the likelihood of intensification would increase.

Staples Opens Soon

On August 5, Staples announced it will be opening in Lauderhill, on the southeast corner of University Drive and Commercial Blvd. Staples joins other national or regional tenants in the area such as Babies R' Us, Ruby Tuesdays, Cheeburger Cheeburger and SuperTarget. Several other new developments are also being planned on Commercial Blvd.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hurricane Demonstration & Information

The following link provides a graphic demonstration on how the strength of a hurricane can impact your property:

Also, for more information on Hurricane Information and Preparation: