Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Report from South Florida Water Management District

August 27, 2012

Gabe Margasak
South Florida Water Management District
Office: (561) 682-2800 or Cellular: (561) 670-1245

SFWMD Taking Emergency Action to Move Historic Flows from Tropical Storm Isaac

Regional flood control system pumping at full capacity

24-Hour Rainfall Estimate

West Palm Beach, FL —The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) has taken emergency action to help reduce flooding from Tropical Storm Isaac in western Palm Beach County, utilized an emergency detention basin in Miami-Dade County and dispatched divers to remove canal debris in Homestead.

This afternoon, an additional 6 inches of rain from a trailing storm feeder band fell across the east coast, from Miami-Dade County to the Kissimmee River north of Lake Okeechobee. This is on top of 3.5 inches that fell during the height of the storm on Sunday night and the District-wide 7-day average rainfall totals of 5.57 inches. This average includes more than 10 inches of rain in Palm Beach County and significant rainfall on the lower east coast and areas surrounding the lake.

As a result, some communities are experiencing localized flooding and high water in lakes, swales and on roadways. Based on radar rainfall estimates, there was 14.7 inches of maximum rainfall in C-51 Basin, which encompasses central Palm Beach County, for the period August 24 at 1 p.m. to August 27 at 1:00 p.m. Today, the C-51 Canal is moving 9,600 cubic-feet of water per second, the highest rate ever recorded. Emergency orders have been issued to help maximize system operations in an effort to help alleviate local flooding.

In Miami-Dade County, approximately 3.5 billion gallons per day are being pumped into the C-4 Emergency Detention Basin, a 900-acre impoundment area that was built by the District in response to local flooding from Hurricane Irene in 1999 and an unnamed storm in 2000. The overall project is providing improved flood protection to 500,000 residents and to 5,000 homes and businesses.

“The District is taking every action possible to manage water associated with Tropical Storm Isaac’s intense, historic rainfall,” said SFWMD Executive Director Melissa Meeker. “Our field teams are assessing conditions throughout the region, and our Emergency Operations Center is fully activated to provide flooding relief as we move water through the regional system as quickly and safely as possible.”

Overnight Rainfall

The District-wide rainfall average was 3.5 inches during a 24-hour period that ended at 6:30 a.m. today, with the heaviest rain concentrated in Palm Beach and Broward counties. An intense period of rain during a 3-hour span overnight Sunday and into early Monday morning left several areas with localized flooding.

Significant rainfall was recorded in the following areas:

· Wellington and the Acreage, Palm Beach County – 8 inches
· Canal Point near Lake Okeechobee - 9.50 inches
· Sunrise, Broward County - 6.4 inches
· Homestead, Miami-Dade County – 5.5 inches
· Eastern Caloosahatchee, Lee County – 2 to 3 inches
· Eastern Collier County and Southern Golden Gate Estates – 3 inches

In addition to its pre-storm activities and post-storm emergency orders, the District has taken the following actions:

· Dispatched rapid response assessment teams to provide real-time ground information, supplementing automated data gauges and field crews
· Focusing resources on areas receiving the heaviest rainfall – Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties
· Moving water away from populated regions through the canal system to areas that have storage and to tide
· Continuing coordination with county officials and drainage districts to enhance the ability of local drainage facilities to route excess runoff into the District canal system
· Temporarily closed a section of the Kissimmee River for public health, safety and welfare

The District continues coordinating information with the state Emergency Operations Center as well as federal and local partners. The District will continue to closely monitor conditions around the clock.

To report flooding or damaged or blocked water control structures, call the SFWMD Citizen Information Line toll-free at (877) 429-1294.

For updates in case of an emergency, residents and visitors can follow the District’s Twitter feed (@SFWMD) and its list of weather and emergency management tweeters related to South Florida (@SFWMD/emermanagement).

About the South Florida Water Management District

The South Florida Water Management District is a regional, governmental agency that oversees the water resources in the southern half of the state – 16 counties from Orlando to the Keys. It is the oldest and largest of the state’s five water management districts. The agency mission is to manage and protect water resources of the region by balancing and improving water quality, flood control, natural systems and water supply. A key initiative is cleanup and restoration of the Everglades.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tropical Storm Irene Update #2

At tonight's Commission Meeting the City Manager gave an excellent presentation on what was going on during the storm and why.

As of this time the flooding is finally going down.  The delay appears to have been caused by a problem with the South Florida Management Districts equipment in that it was not moving the water.  Why is still unknown to us, but it caused flooding throughout western Broward County, not just Lauderhill.  They have advised the city that the system is now working and draining.  Over the last 24 hours Lauderhill received 12 inches of rain.

The other problem related to back up in the toilets that some experienced.  There the problem was Broward County Waste Water Division couldn't accept any more waste because it reached its capacity.  So we went out with trucks to drain and store till later tonight when they can accept it again.  It appears the Broward County's system is insufficient to handle the needs of the residents.

I have requested a full report, with documentation, and to bring it to both Broward County and SFWMD to get an explanation and resolution for the future.

As far as the City went, our equipment and system did exactly what it was supposed to.  But to work perfectly correct required the SFWMD and Broward County to do their job correctly too.  This did not happen and the result is what you experienced.

We will continue to work to improve the system and try to get the other governmental agencies to fix theirs.

Flooding Issues in NW Area - Update #1

While not reducing what the NW area of Lauderhill is going through, we have now taken note that significant flooding issues are being reported in Tamarac, Sunrise, Davie and numerous other cities in the area.  It appears the drainage issue is a significant problem for the South Florida Water Management District. The cause has not been determined as of yet.

RELEASE # 08-03

SUBJECT: Public Safety Alert – Manhole Covers Being Removed / Resident Access Only

WHO: Unknown

WHAT: Manhole covers being removed by unknown persons / Resident Access Only – NW Section

WHERE: Northwest section of the City of Lauderhill

SUMMARY: Information is being received of unknown persons removing manhole covers from flooded streets in an attempt to alleviate the flooding.

The police department is strongly advising that this illegal practice creates a significant safety hazard to pedestrians, city crews and public safety forces. Any person walking through a flooded area may fall into an uncovered manhole with the potential for physical injury from the fall and/or drowning. Also, any vehicles travelling over an open manhole may become damaged.

It is important to note that removing manhole covers does not alleviate flooding and will cause the sewer system to back up into homes and cause health hazards from contamination of the standing storm water.

Officers are carefully checking side streets for missing manhole covers. If anyone observes an authorized person removing a manhole cover they are asked to contact the police department immediately.

At this time no injuries have been reported nor has any damage been reported to vehicles.

Further – due to flooding conditions the Northwest section of the city, encompassing NW 44 Street to Pine Island, Pine Island to Commercial Blvd and Commercial Blvd to University will be limited to local/resident access only.

“Protecting our Community”

Motorists are cautioned not to drive through standing water. If a motorist drives through standing water they risk damaging their vehicle, creating a wake which may damage residences, and can create a hazard of driving into a canal. It is highly recommended to park a vehicle legally and walk to your destination if you must travel.

We are working with South Florida Water Management District to reduce the back up of water throughout the city.

    Side Note:  Also, the City is investigating the issue of the C-13 Canal to see if it is properly draining since the water level should be dropping and it is still rising.  The canal is operated and maintained by the South Florida Water Management District and not the City of Lauderhill.

Flooding in NW Area - Other Areas OK - Updated 1:23 PM


All City of Lauderhill buildings and services are fully operational. Lauderhill’s regular trash pick-up is on schedule.

Some isolated streets and roads were flooded due to the heavy rains associated with Tropical Storm Isaac.

To report flooding or damaged or blocked water control structures, call the South Florida Water Management District Citizen Information Line toll-free at (877) 429-1294.

If you have any other questions regarding Tropical Storm Isaac, please call Broward County’s Emergency Operation Center at 954-831-4000.


The city has heard from quite a few residents about the flooding in the NW area and we are aware of the situation.  Employees of the city have been trying to do everything they can.  The city pumps have been continuously in operation and working fine.  Trucks have been going around to find if there are any drainage clogs (not aware if we have found any), and the city has been talking with the South Florida Water Management District to assist in increasing the drainage flow, which I believe they have agreed to.

The good news is that it appears the line of squalls that have been sitting over our heads for the last few hours has finally moved to the west.  This will give time for drainage to happen.

We are having a City Commission Meeting tonight and I am sure this issue will be coming up for discussion.

In the meantime, we are asking for those in the flooded areas to not drive through them looking around because they create a wake that can push into someone's home.  

Most of Tropical Storm Isaac is passing, but we are still experiencing some bands of rain and wind.  Rain should diminish as the day goes by.  We are still planning on our Commission Meetings later today when things have subsided.

Overall, flooding has not occurred except in the NW area of the city.  It was draining, but a combination of high tide and full canals with saturation of ground has caused the flooding.

We have been trying to notify South Florida Water Management District, which controls the canals, about the situation.  There is a 9 am telephonic meeting where we will be able to update them.

All other roadways are passable, though we do not recommend you go out unless absolutely needed.

Attached is a photo from the NW area.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac Update as of 9:52 AM - 8/26


Broward County is now under a Tornado Watch, Flood Watch and Tropical Storm Warning. Broward County Emergency Operations Center remains at a partial activation monitoring Tropical Storm Isaac. Residents are advised to stay indoors as much as possible today due to heavy rains and gusty winds.

In other updates:

Broward County Government

Broward County government agencies, including parks and libraries, will be open for normal business on Monday.
·         Broward County Transit services and Paratransit services are suspended on Sunday, August 26, but normal services are scheduled to resume on Monday.

The following agencies are closed Monday, August 27:
  • Broward County 17th Circuit Court
  • Broward County Public Schools
  • Clerk of the Court and Court Administrator's Office
  • Broward County Property Appraiser's Office
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL)
There have been 135 canceled flights in and out of the airport since Friday. Travelers are encouraged to check with their airline for latest updates. There is significant road construction near the airport; travelers should allow additional travel time. 

Port Everglades

Port Everglades remains closed for both landside and waterside operations, except for limited produce and tank truck activity until the arrival of tropical storm force winds. Cruise passengers should call their cruise line for latest updates. The Allure of the Seas and a number of cargo and petroleum ships scheduled to arrive at the Port today will delay their arrival until after the storm passes.

Shelter Operations
Broward County has opened two special needs shelters and two general population shelters. As of 7 a.m. Sunday, there are five occupants in the general population shelters and 22 occupants in the special needs shelters.

The two general population shelters are: Rock Island Elementary, 1701 N.W. 23 Ave. in Fort Lauderdale and Millennium Middle School (a pet friendly shelter) at 5803 N.W. 94 Ave. in Tamarac.

Residents already registered for the special needs shelters are being contacted directly. Residents who have not preregistered but have a managed medical condition or disability who feel they need a level of care that may be compromised with power outages if they remain at home, should call the Broward County Emergency Hotline at 311 in Broward or 954-831-4000, for assistance.

A State of Emergency HAS NOT been declared in Lauderhill or Broward County as of yet.  However, precautions should still be taken since this could change.

Stay Informed

Residents and businesses are encouraged to monitor media for up-to-the minute information and public safety advisories. There are a number of ways to stay connected and receive important information from the Broward County Emergency Operations Center before, during and after an emergency event, including news about hurricane watches and warnings, evacuation orders, recommended protective actions and other related public safety Information.
  • Call the Broward Emergency Hoteline at 311 in Broward or 954-831-4000
  • Listen 1650 AM for Lauderhill updates

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac Update

The Broward County American Red Cross will open two general population shelters. There is not an evacuation order; however, shelters are being opened for residents of low-lying areas and areas prone to flooding, mobiles home residents and those who feel their structure is unsafe. The following shelter locations will open at 7 p.m. today:
  • Rock Island Elementary, 1701 N.W. 23 Ave., Fort Lauderdale
  • Millennium Middle School (pet friendly shelter), 5803 N.W. 94 Ave., Tamarac
In other updates:
  • Broward County Public Schools announced that classes are canceled for Monday, August 27. Parents are encouraged to visit browardschools.com or call the school district's Rumor Control Line at 754-321-0321 for questions or current information.
  • Broward County Transit and Broward County Paratransit will not operate on Sunday.
  • Port Everglades will close at 11 p.m. tonight, landside and waterside, and will remain closed until further notice. Cruise passengers should contact their cruise lines for updates.
  • Air travelers should check with their airline for updates.
  • The 17th Circuit Court will be closed on Monday. There will be no jury duty. Jurors should call 954-831-7051 for instructions.
  • Clerk of the Court and the Court Administrator's Office will be closed on Monday.
  • Broward County Property Appraiser's Office will be closed on Monday
  • Residents who may be experiencing price gouging can call the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Price Gouging Hotline at 1-800-435-7352 or the Florida Attorney General at 1-866-966-7226.
Two Special Needs Shelters were opened at 3 p.m. today. Residents already registered for special needs sheltering are being contacted directly. Those residents who have not preregistered, but have a managed medical condition or disability who feel they need a level of care that may be compromised with power outages if they remain at home, should call the Broward County Emergency Hotline at 311, or 954-831-4000, for assistance.
Residents who choose to evacuate to a shelter are reminded that shelter only provides basic needs and they should bring the following to make their stay more comfortable:
  • personal hygiene items
  • bedding such as cots, air mattresses, blankets and pillows for their own use (none will be provided)
  • non-perishable snacks and personal meals
  • extra change of clothing
  • personal items (medications, eyeglasses, hearing aid, flashlights, toothbrushes, battery-operated radio, special diet foods, if appropriate)
  • baby supplies: ample amounts of baby food, formula, juice, diapers and wipes, and a stroller, portable crib or play pen
  • driver's license, other identification
  • cash, traveler's checks
  • important documents 

All Broward County Public Schools and District Offices CLOSED MONDAY, AUGUST 27

Due to the anticipated impact of Tropical Storm Isaac in Broward County, all Broward County public schools and District offices will be CLOSED on Monday,  August 27, 2012.

        District officials are in contact and monitoring the storm’s track with Broward Emergency Management officials. While the storm’s impact is not fully known, officials agree there is the risk and potential for heavy rain and possible flooding throughout Broward County and high winds, which may cause power outages.  

        Information and updates will be shared with the public and the media as soon as available. Parents, students and BCPS employees will receive information via ParentLink (robot calls). Updates and information will also be provided via Twitter, Facebook, BCPS Rumor Control Hotline (754-321-0321), BECON-TV and local media.

        As soon as the storm passes, District officials and staff will assess any damages and conditions of schools, administrative sites and the safety of roadways. Following this assessment on Monday, a decision will be made about the resuming classes and normal operations on Tuesday. This information will be posted and shared as soon as available.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac Update


According to Broward County Emergency Management officials, if Tropical Storm Isaac's current forecast and track remain steady, Broward will experience heavy rainfall and gusty winds as early as Sunday afternoon. Chuck Lanza, Broward Emergency Management director, cautions residents and visitors to be prepared for possible flooding of low lying areas, potential power outages and rip currents. Emergency Management officials will continue to closely monitor Tropical Storm Isaac throughout the weekend.


According to Broward County Emergency Management officials, if Tropical Storm Isaac’s current forecast and track remain steady, Broward will experience heavy rainfall and gusty winds as early as Sunday afternoon. Chuck Lanza, Broward Emergency Management director, cautions residents and visitors to be prepared for possible flooding of low lying areas, potential power outages and rip currents. Emergency Management officials will continue to closely monitor Tropical Storm Isaac throughout the weekend. Stay tuned to local media (1650 AM Lauderhill's Emergency Radio Station) for any flood or tornado watches and warnings that may be issued by the National Weather Service.
  • Remove all small and light items from the exterior of your home.  If you can pick it up, pick it up and move it.  Otherwise they become projectiles in strong winds.
  • Do not walk through or allow children to play in standing water. Puddles are full of hidden dangers, including snakes and other wildlife, broken glass and other sharp objects.
  • Do not drive through standing water. Your car engine may stall, potentially causing irreparable damage to the engine. The wake from your car may cause additional flooding in nearby homes and other structures. If you come upon a flooded street, take an alternate route.
  •  Be Patient With Power Outages; Operator Generators Safely
  •  Florida Power & Light knows where power outages are, and crews are dispatched to restore power as quickly as possible. It is not necessary to report a power outage at your home or business.
  • Report sparking, arcing or downed power lines to 911 or call FPL at 800-4OUTAGE (800-468-8243).
  • Assume all downed cables and wires are live and stay away.
  • Keep away from flooded and debris-laden areas because they may be hiding downed lines.
  • Run portable generators outside your house or building, in a well-ventilated area, and connect appliances or equipment directly to them.
  • Avoid driving in damaged areas, and in areas where traffic signals may not be working properly. This can interfere with repair and restoration efforts, and jeopardize your safety. Treat intersections where traffic signals are not operating as four-way stops.
  • Take Protective Actions if Tornados are Sighted
  • A tornado watch is issued to alert people that conditions are right for tornado development. It does not mean a tornado has been sighted. A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has actually been sighted or picked up on radar in the area. When a tornado approaches, immediate action may mean the difference between life and death.
  • Seek shelter below ground level, if possible.
  • Go into an interior hallway or lower level.
  • Stay away from glass doors and windows.
  • Take cover under heavy furniture in the center part of the house.
  • If outside, move at right angles away from the tornado. If escape is impossible, lie flat in a ditch or low spot.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

TS Isaac - Bulk pick up and 1650 AM

Attention City of Lauderhill Residents……With the approach of Tropical Storm Isaac, residents are advised to review their hurricane plans and be prepared to implement them if necessary.  Emergency Management officials are closely monitoring the storm and will issue advisories regarding public safety actions to take if necessary.

Lauderhill Residents and businesses are encouraged to monitor media for up-to-the-minute information and public safety advisories. You can also tune into 1650 am for City related updates.
Bulk pick up for August 23rd, 24th, and 25th 2012 will take place as scheduled. All Service has advised that since there is  more bulk garbage than normal with TS Isaac looming, they may not pick up Thursday or Friday’s bulk until Saturday night. If your bulk has not been picked up by Sunday morning please call 954-658-6210.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Special Public Hearing of City Commission on Community Shuttle Bus Service

On Monday, August 27, at 6:30 pm, the City Commission will hold a Special Public Hearing Meeting on the following Resolution:


If passed, and approved by Broward County, it means not only will the City of Lauderhill resume to the prior, more longer hour service, but that they will be eliminating the fare and add 2 more route going through the Southeast Area of Lauderhill.  The reason Lauderhill is able to accomplish this is that the city did a concerted effort to successfully seek out grants to restore and expand the Community Shuttle Bus System.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hunger Action Forum

Tuesday, August 21 from 6pm to 8 pm at Lauderhill City Hall, a free forum will be presented by the Salah Foundation about Hunger in South Florida.  Also information on the Food Assistance SNAP Program will be provided.

To RSVP, please email:  bhubbard@lauderhill-fl.gov or call 954-777-2040.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

West Indies Cricket Board Minutes - Lauderhill

The following was found in the minutes of a recent West Indies Cricket Board Meeting on the International Games played in Lauderhill in June/July, 2012:

3. The Board received a report on the Digicel Twenty20 Series played in Lauderhill, Florida. The Board expressed immense satisfaction with the hosting of the series in Lauderhill and thanked, commended and congratulated the WICB Management, Friends of Broward Group and all the officials of Lauderhill for a job excellently done.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lease Lauderhill Bus Tour

On August 16 from 1 to 5 PM a free bus tour will depart from Lauderhill City Hall and tour the city.

Valuable information will be given on Lauderhill's Redevelopment Plans and Small Business Initiatives.

This program is sponsored by CBRE, Lauderhill Mall, Lauderhill Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Promenade at Inverrary.

For more information and RSVP email bhubbard@lauderhill-fl.gov or call 954-777-2040.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Fort Lauderdale Wave Streetcar Gets Green Light

WASHINGTON – Earlier today, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood informed U.S. Rep.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-20) that an $18 million transportation TIGER grant she has championed for seven years, the Fort Lauderdale Wave Streetcar Project, would be funded.

The money will go toward the first phase of the project that will eventually have streetcars running along a 2.7-mile corridor in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The Wave is a critical project because it will create jobs while also increasing transit ridership and spurring economic development. It continues the transformation of Broward County into a “livable community” – one which promotes transit-oriented development by enabling our residents to use a street car in place of single passenger vehicles to travel through the downtown Fort Lauderdale area.

The Wave promotes a livable community by integrating land use, transportation, economic development, and environmental sustainability. This grant award represents a significant step forward in making the Wave a reality.

The Wave has community partnerships with Broward County, The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA), the State of Florida (FDOT), City of Fort Lauderdale, Downtown Development Authority, and the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Friday, August 03, 2012

North Shore Medical Center FMC Campus Expands Stroke Care With New SOLITAIRE FR Device

North Shore Medical Center FMC Campus has taken another step towards excellence in stroke care by offering its patients the Solitaire™ FR device by Covidien. The device is intended to restore blood flow to the brain in patients suffering acute ischemic stroke by mechanically removing blood clots from blocked vessels.

 “The Solitaire™ FR technology provides our physicians with an important tool for treating stroke, and providing patients with the best possible outcomes,” said Ben A. Rodriguez, Chief Administrative Officer of North Shore Medical Center FMC Campus. “We’re one of the first hospitals in south Florida to utilize this technology; FMC Campus and its physicians are committed to being at the forefront of comprehensive stroke care.”

 The Solitaire™ device is a self-expanding stent-based design that mechanically removes blood clots from blocked vessels after a stroke. After insertion into the clot using a thin tube, or catheter, the device traps the clot then both device and clot are removed, restoring blood flow. A clinical study showed that this method achieved positive results over an older comparable device- the MERCI retriever- that uses a tiny corkscrew to snare and remove the blood clot.

 In the clinical study comparing the two devices, the Solitaire™ FR device demonstrated superior performance to the MERCI retriever. This study was the first randomized clinical trial ever conducted on mechanical intervention for acute ischemic stroke. The Solitaire™ FR device showed a 2.5 times benefit in restoring blood flow to the brain, as determined by a blinded core lab, a 1.7 times improvement in post-stroke neurological function and a 55 percent reduction in mortality at 90 days.

 “When treating patients who have experienced stroke, it’s critical to remove the source of the problem- often a blood clot-, and do so as quickly and as efficiently as possible, which is what the Solitaire device allows interventionalists to do,” said Dr. Nils Mueller, interventional neurologist. “This technology will enhance our ability to provide some of the best possible stroke treatment to our community.”

 According to the American Heart Association, stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the US and a leading cause of long-term disability. Approximately 700,000 people each year in the U.S. suffer an acute ischemic stroke. The Solitaire device will assist North Shore Medical Center FMC Campus’s neurologists and interventionalists in providing advanced care and treatment options to patients experiencing a stroke.

 For more information about North Shore Medical Center FMC Campus and neurology services, visit www.fmc-campus.com or call 954-735-6000.