Friday, March 30, 2007

YMCA of Broward County 1st Annual Family Center Gala

The YMCA of Broward County is proud to announce that it’s Lauderhill/Lauderdale Lakes Family Center will host its 1st Annual Family Center Gala to raise awareness about the programs offered at the YMCA for the community. The theme for the event is Empowering Our Youth Through Family Values. The speakers for the event will be the Martin Triplets of Jackson Mississippi. The event will take place on Saturday, April 21, 2007 at the Inverrary Resort Hotel at 3501 Inverrary Blvd., Lauderhill at 6:00pm to 9:00pm (Reception Hour 6:00pm -7:00pm).

The Lauderhill/Lauderdale Lakes YMCA Family Center has served the Lauderhill/Lauderdale Lakes community for nearly 9 years. We have pulse on what the constituents in our service area need and we focus on providing those programs in a family-oriented environment. The purpose of this annual event is to raise awareness in the community about the amazing programs we offer for children, teens, and families. As a Judeo-Christian based organization, we strongly believe in providing programs that enhance the spirit, mind, and body. By creating positive opportunities for children and teens, we are building the foundation to a strong and healthy community for us all.

Guests will have the opportunity to learn about our many programs and services that include: Youth Enrichment Sports (Y.E.S.), Multi-Cultural Achievers program for teens, after school, summer school and holiday care for children and fitness, just to name a few. The YMCA of Broward County offers the community programs and services that provide an opportunity for the positive development that every one needs to thrive. We invest in developing skills, building relationships, shaping values, and serving the community. It's really about creating positive experiences that will last a lifetime. Our Mission is to put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. At the YMCA of Broward County we pride on not turning anyone away based on their inability to pay and provide financial assistance to those who qualify.

For ticket information on this event or our programs, you may contact the Family Center at (954)485-6260. A detailed list of all our programs can be found on our website at

Any questions? Please contact Sam Monroe, Executive Director at 954-485-6260 or

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lauderhill Community Shuttle Bus Is A Success

In the most recent report of the Community Shuttle Bus Committee, it was shown that Lauderhill's 6 shuttle buses average over 1200 passengers/day. This is by far the most successful program in the county, and ridership is almost twice that of the second most successful program.

This program includes the newest bus #6, serving the Southeast Area of Lauderhill, which presently is not showing the ridership as needed to sustain it. Therefore, the route will be re-examined to determined how ridership can be improved.

Under the county program, the county pays $20/hour, and the city pays the difference (about $10/hour). Right now Lauderhill pays from general funds over $120,000/year to operate the buses. Cities do have the right to charge a user fee for this service or allow advertising, and with expected property tax cuts in the future, many cities may be cutting the service and/or start charging the fee and/or allow advertising. Cities have been reluctance to allow advertising on these buses due to several problems that it may impose, including content issues.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Burglary Arrest by 82nd Avenue

Due to a number of vehicle burglaries occurring during the evening hours, two officers were assigned in plainclothes and in unmarked vehicles. The location was the western area of our city, west of 82 Ave. The officers noticed a vehicle parked next to a dumpster behind a business and identified the vehicle as one that was described as being seen in the area of the burglaries. As the officers approached, both fled with one being caught on scene. The two were in the process of throwing empty purses in the dumpster after breaking into two vehicles. The person caught gave up the name of his partner and we are searching for him. The arrest has cleared three vehicle burglaries to date and more than likely will clear more.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Property Tax Exemption Filing Dates Announced For Lauderhill

The Broward County Property Appraiser Office has announced special 2007 homeowner sign-up dates for Homestead, Senior and other property tax exemptions at the Lauderhill City Hall. Deputy Property Appraisers will visit the Lauderhill City Hall at 3800 Inverrary Blvd, on the Third Friday of Each Month from 11:30 AM -1:00 PM.

Documents required to file a Homestead Exemption include:
1) A current Florida driver’s license or Florida identification card,
2) Your Social Security Numbers of all owners, and
3) A current voter registration card or declaration of domicile
4) Non-US citizens must also provide a green card or proof of assylum, and a letter of proof of permanent residency using form INS -450.

Qualified residents 65 years of age or older as of January 1, 2007 may also apply for the additional Senior Exemption. Eligible seniors must have a total household income not to exceed $24,214. Only one spouse is required to file. To file for the Widow/Widower's exemption, please include a death certificate of your spouse, or other proof of their demise.

For further information visit our website at or contact Kelly Brown at 954-357-6035 or

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lauderhill Pre-Budget Workshop Meetings

Annually the City Commission establishes Pre-Budget Workshop Meetings throughout Lauderhill. The purpose is to hear from residents throughout the city, to explain what is anticipated in their area, and to have them help us create a new budget for the upcoming fiscal year (10/1/07 through 9/30/08). This is one of the most critical times for residents to have the greatest impact upon the finances of the city.

Anyone can attend any of the meetings, and present or ask questions. The matters must relate to the budget and funding. If you cannot make the meeting scheduled for your area, you are free to attend one of the other meetings to provide your input.

From the information gathered from those appearing, the staff will prepare a proposed budget to be presented to the City Commission at their Annual Budget Workshop Meetings in mid July. Those dates have not yet been set.

The Pre-Budget Workshop Meeting Schedule is presently:

Tuesday, April 10th, at St. George Community Center, for St. George and Broward Estates, 7 PM
Wednesday, April 11th, at West Ken Lark Community Center, for W. Ken Lark, 7 PM
Monday, April 16th, at Sadkin Community Center, for East Lauderhill (United Lauderhill HOA) and Central Lauderhill (Lauderhill Central HOA), 7 PM
Tuesday, April 17th, at Lauderhill City Hall, for Inverrary Association, 7 PM
Wednesday, April 18th, at Veterans Park, for the NW Lauderhill HOA and the Inverrary HOA, 7 PM

For more updated information, either check with this Blog, the city's web site, or call the City Clerks office 954-730-3010.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Water Restrictions Throughout Broward Begin March 22

Because of drought conditions, the South Florida Water Management District has enacted restrictions of lawn watering, car washing and other uses. Effective March 22, lawn watering and car washing in Broward County will be limited to three days a week:

Odd addresses can water Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, 4-8 a.m. (irrigation).

Even addresses can water Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, 4-8 a.m. (irrigation).

No watering will be permitted on Fridays.

Hand watering will be permitted on water days between the hours of 5 and 7 p.m.

Car Washing is permitted only during the times you are allowed to water your lawn, but you must wash your car on the grass.

Violators are subject to warnings, fines and jail.

Usually two-thirds of Florida's annual rainfall occurs in the five-month wet season, stretching from June to October. This year, the district received 88 percent of the average wet season's rainfall, leaving it about four inches below the target of 33.21 inches. The shortage is most notable over the district's northern, central and southeast coastal regions where rainfall deficits of up to 12 inches occurred. Lake Okeechobee’s water level is less than 11 feet, about four feet below normal. The lake is South Florida’s backup water supply.

For more information about water conservation and the new restrictions, visit or

Friday, March 16, 2007

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

The City of Lauderhill regularly has jobs available to apply for. Some of the postings are for Bus Drivers ($10.17/hour part time) and Recreation Leaders ($11.98/hour part time). Other positions, including full time, are also available. Contact the City of Lauderhill Human Relations Department at 954-730-3000 and check with the city's web site for job postings:

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Notes of Commission Meeting of March 12, 2007

On March 12, the Commission met, and the following matters of interest were discussed and acted upon:


A presentation was given by Meals on Wheels. On Thursday, March 29, the Mayor and other volunteers will be providing their time assisting in distribution beginning at 8:30 AM


1) Passed a change in the code changing the name of "Local Occupational License" to "Local Business Tax," to be consistent with Florida Statutes.
2) Passed ordinance to make election of officials consistent with the Charter changes approved by the voters. The city elections shall now be held in November, starting 2008.


1) Passed on final reading to require disclosure of LEED standards within a site plan as created by the US Green Building Council. This does not require LEED standards to be enforced, but to encourage utilizing the standards.


1) Approved expenditures of $7.37 million towards construction of 56th Avenue.
2) Approved expenditure of $7000 from Federal Forfeiture Fund for a boxing ring to be used by the Police Athletic League.
3) Approved expenditure of $7500 from the abandoned property account to fund the police department gun buy-back program.
4) Tabled Resolution to move Broward County Bus stop at NW 33rd Avenue to NW 33rd Terrace at Broward Estates, pending request of Broward Estates.
5) Approved expenditure of $37,500 towards inspection and construction coordination of 4 bus shelters on State Road 7. A grant has been awarded towards the construction of these shelters.


Set Pre-budget Workshops for April throughout Lauderhill. See following article on set meetings.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Some Additional Photos From France

The Museum Director showing a minature model of Les Champs Libre in Rennes

Some Exhibits in Les Champs Libre in Rennes

Light Rail System in Rennes, similiar to that proposed for the Central East-West Transit System

Meeting with CulturesFrance on functions and possible programs

Exchanging materials with officials in Nantes

Member of Nantes Chamber showing area of redevelopment on the Isle de Nantes
Mayor Kaplan with Adjoint Mayor Rocca-Serra on International Relations - Marseille
Members of Delegation with Adjoint Mayor Batey (for Cultural Affairs - Marseille), US Consulate General, and French Architect in Marseille

Lauderhill's Mayor Kaplan and Vice-Mayor Holness Visit To France - February 28 to March 2

Meeting with French Senateur Jacques Pelletier, Former Ministre of France, Mayor of Villers-en-Prayeres (Aisne), President of the High Counsel for International Cooperation

The trip to France continued with stops in Nantes, Marseille and some additional meetings with Paris.


The Delegation met with numerous local leaders, including the Adjoint Mayor, Directors of the Regional Art School of Nantes, Cultural Counselor for the region, University Professors from the area and from Jacksonville, Florida, and members of their Chamber. At this meetings, a presentation was given of the history and plans for each of our respective areas. Following this meeting we toured the Isle de Nantes, which is a redevelopment of the abandoned Shipyards, which is being transformed into a restaurant and entertainment district, to be completed in 2007. Part of our group toured an Art Museum, which was formerly a cookie factory.


Again, the Delegation met with local and regional leaders, including Adjoint Mayors, Chamber Members, as well as their cultural, art and promotional organizers. We were joined by the US General Consulate for Southern France.

A tour of La Friche - La Belle de Mai was conducted. This is actually 3 facilities in a formerly declining area of their city that formerly housed a tobacco company which closed several years ago. The facilities, which are adjacent to each other, are now a local archive (which is still going through and preserving materials which are available for public research), media center (for several hundred companies), and an artist institute.

Several of us toured the old abandoned Warehouse Facility, which has now been transformed into stores and offices for several hundred companies. These facilities were created through their Chamber of Commerce, which has taxing authority.


On our final day, Friday, we met with CitesUnies (United Cities), which is the equivalent of our League of Cities, as arranged by Senateur Pelletier earlier in our tour. We were advised about how this organization helps establish relationships with cities, including sister cities.

They explained they are very interested in getting more involved with the United States, and have projects already underway in this area. If we wish it, they would assist in finding a match for Lauderhill, but first we would have to prioritize our interest, and this may take some time to complete. As to their prioritizing, they are prohibited by law to recognize ethnics or minorities, but can look to regional influences. Such prioritizing could lead to arts and cultural exhibit exchanges, student exchanges, etc. These activities have been implemented many times before.

At this point it was noted that the Mayor and Vice-Mayor would bring this information back to the city for discussion and direction. Additional photos will be subsequently posted.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Drug Arrest

March 1, members of the Lauderhill SWAT team and Narcotics conducted a drug search warrant at 3757 NW 2 St. in Broward Estates. Arrested were Gerald Sampson and Roxanna Wright. Over 50 grams of Cocaine were located. This amount raised the charges to Trafficking in Cocaine. We will attempt to file federal charges after meeting with the U.S. Attorney.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lauderhill’s Mayor Kaplan and Vice-Mayor Holness visit to France - February 26 & 27, 2007

Lauderhill’s Mayor Kaplan, Vice Mayor Holness, and the rest of the Delegation's mission to France is proving to be a worthwhile and rewarding journey. This mission's objectives include developing interest in establishing a Sister City relationship and Friendship Pacts in France, to promote the City’s business and cultural developments, for which the Lauderhill’s Chamber will play a significant part, relating to the Broward County Regional Park, Carishoca, Gospel Complex, All American Cultural Mall and surrounding areas, and learning about the future business plans for creating these cultural facilities.

The first two days started early at the National Cultural and Education Complex at Les Champs Libre (formerly a poverty ridden neighborhood), Rennes, France, that includes a combined Library, Children’s Science Museum with Learning Center, Planetarium, and a 450-seat conference center, where the Mayor, Vice Mayor and the Delegation met with Jacques Terrier, the Director of the Facility and Mr. Eric Beaty, US Consulate for Western France. In its first year it has received 1 million visitors.

The Lauderhill assembly also met with in the first two days:
Guy Canu, President of the Rennes Chamber of Commerce who hosted the event in Rennes (Chambers in France have taxing authority)
Clotilde Tascon-Mennetrier, the Vice-Mayor of Rennes and First VP of the Regional (County) government. (NOTE: Elected officials can hold numerous elected positions at one time. Such as a mayor can also be on its regional government, a French Senator, or hold other elected positions.)
Loic Fremont, the Director of Si Tous Les Ports Du Monde ("If All The Ports Of The World")
French Senator Pelletier (at the French Senate in Paris)

A presentation was made on the cultural development and construction going on in Lauderhill. There were follow up discussions by the ASHE Foundation on exchanging exhibits between Rennes and the "All American Museum For Cultural Diversity" to be built in the All American Cultural Mall at Carishoca in Lauderhill. Mr. Winston Fifi (AMERA), Mrs. Angela Jones (Jones Company) and Loise Lipsett-Jackson (MILLENIUM Corp) presented respectively: the CARISHOCA, the Community Children Art and Cultural Learning Center of Broward, the MILLENIUM Investment Corporation.

At the subsequent meeting with Mr. Fremont, he proposed to the Mayor and Vice-Mayor that Lauderhill join his Association, whose focus is to create connections with cities who have historical ties to ports and migration. The goal is for the Lauderhill Cultural Complex to be a platform for business development. The Mayor and Vice-Mayor did not discuss such matters between them, and instead advised that they would later need to bring this information to their Commission for discussion and interest.

Mayor Kaplan and Vice-Mayor Holness, along with the Delegation were taken by Mrs. Anne Couvez (ASHE) and Eric Beaty to the US Consulate for a meeting with Christelle Maffre, Director for the European Union of "Enterprise Florida." The Mayor and Vice-Mayor again gave a presentation on the ongoing developments of the Carishoca, Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Complex, All American Cultural Mall, County Regional Park, Lauderhill Mall, and Lauderhill in general. The US Consulate and Director advised what their function is, and how they may be able to assist

At 10:00AM, the delegation was warmly greeted at the conference room of "CultureFrance," the world largest cultural agency, by Mr. Benoit Etienne, Director of Cooperation and Cultural Engineering, Mrs. Valerie Thfoin and Mrs. Lucie Touya in charge of the Caribbean Rim. This section of the organization is particularly involved in African and Caribbean art and cultural diversity.

Victor Haye made a video presentation on the cultural development and construction going on in Lauderhill. The Delegation was advised that in collaboration with the ASHE Foundation, that interest in exhibits in Florida can be extended to Lauderhill if they desire, though details need to be worked out. Vice-Mayor Holness inquired about whether they had an exhibit on specific American artists who have worked in France

Later in the afternoon, the Delegation met with Senator Jacques Pelletier at the French Senate in Paris. He recommended and set up a subsequent meeting with "CitesUnies" (United Cities), which is our equivalent of League of Cities. It is headed by the Senator Charles Josselin who is also a city Mayor.
CitesUnies works with French cities to establish sister cities relationships, rather than doing it directly as it was being set up. Therefore, no movement towards proceeding with any Sister Cities Relationships resulted, and the matter will be discuss further with the Lauderhill Commission to work through this organization, as is traditionally arranged in France. Subsequent visits in France were to Nantes and Marseilles, and a similar brief report shall follow.

The delegation is expected home on Saturday, the 3rd of March 2007, when they are expected to give a full report on the trip to France after assembling all of the information.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

MLK Event A Success

Martin Luther King III with Mayor Richard J. Kaplan, and his wife Lynn

On January 13, 2007, the City of Lauderhill held its Annual MLK Day event. This year's speaker was Martin Luther King III. Besides providing an inspiring speech at that evening's sold out dinner, he met with our community youth at the YMCA during the day. Funds raised from the event with go to a scholarship fund run by Lauderhill.