Friday, December 29, 2006

Legal Services Available for Low-Income Floridians

On January 1, 2007, the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) a private, non-profit corporation established by Congress in 1974 will award grants to various agencies across the state of Florida to provide economical, high-quality civil legal services to eligible low-income Floridians. Legal Services Corporation aims to ensure equal access to justice under the law for all Americans by providing civil legal assistance to those who otherwise would be unable to afford it.

Legal representation can be a very costly expense. Below you will find a listing of potential recipients of the grant dollars along with the estimated award amount and contact information.

Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc. $3,191,485; (305) 576-0080
Legal Services of North Florida, Inc. $1,310,486; (850) 385-9007
Three Rivers Legal Services, Inc. $1,614,127; (321) 372-0519; (386) 752-5960; (904) 394-7450
Jacksonville Legal Clinic $1,614,127; (904) 725-6870
Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida $2,786,259;
Bay Area Legal Services, Inc. 2,364,153; (813) 232-1343
Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc. $3,296,255;
Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida, Inc. $1,673,455; (954) 736-2400

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Lauderhill Lions Pee Wee A-65 lbs team Wins Superbowl

The Lauderhill Lions Pee Wee A - 65 LB team, led by Coach Jerry Kelly, captured the South Florida Youth Football League Super Bowl Championship by defeating the Boynton Beach Bulldogs by a score of 7 to 0 at Everglades High School on Saturday, December 2nd. The Lauderhill Lions lost their first regular seaon game, but then marched to fifteen consecutive victories!


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Complex for Education, Heritage & Preservation

The announcement that Bobby Jones was moving his Gospel Complex for Education, Heritage & Preservation to Lauderhill earlier this week caught the City of Lauderhill by surprise. Though the letter sent to the City of Fort Lauderdale, and the newspapers articles stated, that there was an invitation and offer from Lauderhill, no such invitation or offer has ever been made. At least not from the Administration or Commission of the city.

Only very recently has Bobby Jones' organization sat down with city administration officials to discuss the possibility. Presumably, more discussion will follow, and the Commission will meet in January to discuss it. It is unknown what Lauderhill may be asked to offer, or what they are proposing. It is unknown if they are asking any more than permission to develop in Lauderhill. The site selected is privately held, and if properly zoned, then a for profit venture has the ability to pursue its prospects of development without necessarily needing Commission approval.

The possibility of the facility only adds to the evidence of economic upturn in the 441 corridor in Lauderhill, along with Carrishoca, TapTap City, new County Regional Park, Georgetown, plans for redevelopment of the Lauderhill Mall, other proposed residential communities, and the redevelopment of the MacArthur Dairy site. At this point it appears that over $300,000,000 in new construction will be taking place.

While no decision has been made, because no proposals have been discussed, the opportunity of the facility in Lauderhill could be another significant boost to the area. As more information becomes available, more will be reported.

For a look at what the Dr. Bobby Jones had proposed for Ft. Lauderdale, use the following links:,+Heritage+%26+Preservation%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=1, and

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Notes of the Commission Meeting of December 11

The Commission met and the following is the highlights of interest from the meeting:


1) Presentation by the organizers of a Toy Drive held at the Lauderhill Mall for the children of Lauderhill

2) Presentation of TAP TAP City for a proposed 31 story $107 million Arts & Cultural Center at the site of Carrishoca. A fuller presentation and discussion was presented at a Special Workshop scheduled on Dec. 12 at 2 PM


1) Approved an amendment to the Interlocal Agreement concerning the development and construction of the Central Broward Regional Park. The amendment was agreed to after negotiations between the county and city to help with the development and costs of the park.

2) Approved distribution of funds for educational grants as recommended by the Lauderhill Educational Advisory Board.

3) Approved an Interlocal Agreement between the county and Lauderhill as to the construction, maintenance and operation of the Cultural Arts Facility located at the Central Broward Regional Park, by Lauderhill.

4) Approved the re-appointment of Harriet Schulman and Pamela Brooks-Thomas to the Civil Service Board.

5) Approved an Agreement between Lauderhill and the Manors of Inverrary for local traffic control and public safety within the association.

6) Approved the donation of $2500 from the Police Crime Forfeiture Fund for the MLK celebration festivities.

7) Approved a resolution advising all persons applying for development orders and permits of a Notice of Zoning in Progress, for a period of 2 years. This impacts all uses and development within the newly annexed areas of St. George, West Ken Lark, the Swap Shop and Broward Estates.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lauderhill Police Update

Chief, Officers responded to 8710 N.W. 45th Court based on a fax received by the State of California, Department of Justice in regards to listed subject. There was an Extradition Warrant on Mr. Ablaza D.O.B. 04/07/59 ($25,000 Bail) for failure to register as a sexual offender. Mr. Ablaza has an extensive past (sexually assaulted a female and attempted to stab officers with a knife, assault with a deadly weapon, several charges of failing to register as a habitual sexual offender, etc.) It is possible that Mr. Ablaza has been living in Broward County for 5 years. Recent Intel was received that Mr. Ablaza got married and has been residing in Lauderhill for several months. Officers were able to make contact with the subject and take him into custody without incident.


Our Officers responded to a Burglary in progress at Phil Smith Chev earlier this month. A perimeter was established and Plantation Police assisted with three K-9. One suspect was apprehended by their K- 9 and received a bite. Another adult and juvenile were also arrested. Detectives Smith and Parmalee responded.


Two detectives were sent to South Carolina to locate and arrest a person for armed car jacking from our city. The detectives were successful. The incident happened in late October by Castle Gardens. One of the home owner's presidents was stopped at gunpoint, his wallet taken, along with his vehicle. The vehicle was found two days later in Ft. Lauderdale.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Hanuakah and a Merry Christmas

To you and yours, from my family and myself, we wish you a Happy Holiday Season.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Judo Lessons

Mike Cobb, an 8th Degree Black Belt, provides Judo lessons at Veterans Park. Classes are conducted on Monday and Wednesday, 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Registration is $25.00, and Monthly fee is $50.00. For more information call: 954-473-9679.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tap Tap City

At a Special Commission Workshop, a presentation of Tap Tap City was presented. This 31 story, $107 million dollar facility would be located at Carrishoca (Sunrise Blvd. and 441). Tap Tap City is a Arts & Cultural Facility. It would include a theatre, banquet facility, artist residence and studio, museum, botanical garden, sports playground, among other amenities.

The cost would primarily be financed through a loan, though a substantial portion will be secure by investors. Tap Tap City is a not for profit entity and is in conjunction with artist facilities in France.

The Commission is excited about the prospects but has asked the city administration to thoroughly review and advise of the feasibility of the project. Also, that other potential alternatives would likewise be considered. It is hoped that some responses will be available over the next month or two, so that a preliminary decision can be made as to whether support for the facility is obtained.

For more information, including a movie clip of the facilities are at:

Monday, December 11, 2006


Good news on Grants the City of Lauderhill has recently obtained. They are:

1) Cultural Facilities Grant to renovate Old City Hall $265,000
2) Broward Beautiful Grants: Greenshade Grant, 82nd Ave., 42nd Way, NW 8 Street, 56th Ave., Golf Park Entrance, and Renaissance Park 55th Ave.
3) COPS Universal Hiring - Police $375,000
4) Bureau of Justice Assistance - Police Crime Prevention $31,214
5) Florida Victim of Crimes Grant - Police $44,440
6) Bureau of Justice Assistance - Police Bulletproof Vests $3,900
7) Community Development Block Grant - Police Athletic League $10,000

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Southeast Homeowner Associations Are On The Web

Each of the three newly annexed areas into the City of Lauderhill, which is referred to the Southeast Section of the city have created a web site. Each of these associations are in different stages in the developmental process of creating their web site. The following is a list of those sites:

St. George Civic Association web site is:

Broward Estates Civic Association web site is:

West Ken Lark Homeowner's Association web site is:

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Notes of the Commission Meeting of November 27th

The Commission met at its Regular Commission Meeting, and the following matters of interest are presented here:


1) Modified late fees becoming applicable on deliquent water and sewer bills from 30 days to 25 days, and modifying conditions to waive penalties so that a customer may have a better opportunity to qualify for penalty waiver.


1) Granting Peoples Gas System a non-exclusive natural gas franchise.

2) Modifying tree canopy and pervious area required so that it requires an 18% tree canopy within 24 months of planting, requiring pervious area to be a minimum of 30%, and allowing "Green" roofs to count double towards meeting the pervious area standard.

3) Increasing sidewalk widths.


1) Re-appointed Will Garlick to the Lauderhill Housing Authority.

2) Awarding a contract to Mills Electric Service to install an emergency 600kw generator at the police department.


1) Cancelled the regular workshop of Dec. 18 and the regular Commission Meeting of Dec. 25, due to the holiday season.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Schools Out Programs

The City of Lauderhill will be providing its Winter Break Camp (December 22 (1/2 day), 26-29, and January 2-5 and 8) and Springs Break Camps (April 2-6). Registration is on a first come, first serve basis for children in grades K-6 only. Winter Camp session is $160 for residents and $190 for non-residents. Springs Camp is $80 for residents and $95 for non-residents. Program hours are 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Field trips and lunch are included in the fees.

For more information and check availability contact Veterans' Park at 954-572-1459, and Sadkin Center at 954-321-2450.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Notes of Commission Workshop of November 20

The following are some of the discussions from the Regular Workshop of November 20:

1) Education Grant Program - we met with the Educational Advisory Board members to discuss allocation of the $100,000 education grant program created by the City Commission. Specifically as to a request for Boyd Anderson High School on a matching grant.

2) Lobbyist Agreement - a report was given on costs and success of federal lobbyist for the city. To date, we have not been successful in obtain federal grants, though there are some items still in the hopper. The question was then asked whether to continue the federal lobbyist contract. Consensus was to continue with a federal lobbyist, but that the City Manager should examine the possibility of hiring a different lobbyist.

3) Lauderhill Housing Authority - a report was given concerning the process of having our housing authority certified so that we can get control of the housing vouchers in our city. Since we have been unsuccessful due to the Miami HUD office refusal to certify, we are proceeding with litigation to complete the certification process. Also, the Authority is creating a Family Self-Sufficiency Program.

4) Update on GO Bond - a presentation was given showing the status of each project, with the cost estimates. The list shows the changes in costs each of the projects have incurred.

5) Financing City Hall - alternative forms of financing the cost of building the new city hall. The preference was to seek Third Party Financing, which would not be treated as debt of the city. Also being considered is obtaining financing through a Certificate of Participation.

Friday, December 01, 2006

WorkForce One and the City of Lauderhill - Partner to Strengthen Our Community

A “Hiring Showcase” – Lauderhill is Open to All Looking for Training and Employment Opportunities

WorkForce One and the City of Lauderhill are partnering for the Hiring Showcase – Lauderhill Employment and Training Event - scheduled for December 5, 2006, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Sadkin Community Center. (1176 NW 42nd Way, Lauderhill, 954/321-2450)

Entrance to the event is FREE. Over 50 employers and ten training providers will be on hand to present employment opportunities of all types and levels. Information about respective training and educational programs will also be available.

Jobseekers should come prepared with a resume and wearing appropriate interview attire. Many employers will conduct interviews on the spot and jobseekers could possibly leave the event with an offer in hand.

# # #
About WorkForce One
WorkForce One provides a variety of services to businesses and jobseekers in Broward County delivered through three main centers and several satellite offices located throughout the county. Jobseeker assistance includes access to the largest jobs information system, job placement and access to resource centers for help with employment-related needs. Business services include recruitment and placement assistance, applicant screening and testing and information about available tax credits.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

9th Annual State of City Speech

Mayor Richard J. Kaplan will be televising the State of the City Speech on Comcast Channel 12 and/or 78 during December. Typically it is broadcasted on the second and last Monday of the Month at 6:30 PM, but that is not confirmed. It is expected that the speech will be repeated during the month of December at other unscheduled times. If you miss the speech, a copy of it will be posted on eLauderhill News, with a link to the city's web site:

Monday, November 27, 2006

Top Gun Tennis Event

On Saturday, December 2, from 9 AM to 2 PM, the 1st Annual Top Gun Tennis Event will be taking place at West Wind Park. Singles & Doubles, Men & Women, and at all skill levels from ages 35 to over 70.

The event is free for present City of Lauderhill Tennis Members, and $15/person singles, $7.50/person doubles. A new can of tennis balls will be provided for each match. First and Second Place Trophies will be awarded.

To sign up, get a list of doubles partners, and for other information, contact Coach Donny at 954-245-2320.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Notes of Commission Meeting of November 13

The City of Lauderhill Commission met on November 13 and the following items of interest were discussed:


1) Approved the use of Green Roofs, which is part of creating Green Buildings


1) Approved an update relating to "Vicious Dogs," to come into compliance with state law, and providing additional protections to residents.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Thanksgiving Poem

Twas the night of Thanksgiving, But I just couldn't sleep. I tried counting backwards, I tried counting sheep.

The leftovers beckoned - The dark meat and white. But I fought the temptation. With all of my might.

Tossing and turning. With anticipation. The thought of a snack. Became infatuation.

So, I raced to the kitchen, Flung open the door, And gazed at the fridge, Full of goodies galore.

I gobbled up turkey. And buttered potatoes, Pickles and carrots, Beans and tomatoes.

I felt myself swelling, So plump and so round,' Til all of a sudden, I rose off the ground.

I crashed through the ceiling, Floating into the sky. With a mouthful of pudding, And a handful of pie.

But, I managed to yell, As I soared past the trees....Happy eating to all - Pass the cranberries, please.

May your stuffing be tasty, May your turkey be plump. May your potatoes 'n gravy Have nary a lump.

May your yams be delicious. May your pies take the prize, May your Thanksgiving dinner Stay off of your thighs.

May your Thanksgiving be blessed!!

Author Unknown

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving and Special Stuffing Recipe

Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday of the year. It is one of the few holidays that anyone in America can celebrate. It is both nondenominational and nondiscriminatory. It is a joyous holiday to celebrate giving Thanks to what we have, and the promise of what we hope for. For those who are less fortunate, it is a time for helping and sharing.

Surrounding the Thanks itself are some of the most enjoyable traditions of any holiday. Turkey, with stuffing, cranberries, sweet potatoes/yams, pumpkin pie, special parades, a few extra days off and football, just to name a few. Bringing this all together with family and friends. What could possibly make anyone more happy?

So when you sit down this year to your Thanksgiving Feast, stop a moment and think of what is truly important, and enjoy the moment knowing that what you have IS what is truly important.

On behalf of the City of Lauderhill, my family and myself, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving, and go Lions. And since I now live in Florida, not Detroit any more, go Dolphins too.


½ to 3/4 ONION

Grind bread in food processor, into coarse bread crumbs, then lightly toast on cookie sheet to dry out bread crumbs.

Drain can of mushroom, and while squeezing liquid out with lid, re-fill can of mushroom with white wine to marinate for at least 15 minutes. Chop carrots with half of the celery in food processor. Add rest of hand sliced celery to carrots with hand chopped onions and garlic. Mix. Begin to saute this mixture in olive oil or butter. Gradually add mushrooms with the wine, followed slowly by pine nuts, dried cherries and dried cranberries and spices. Let simmer.

Add chicken broth/soup when mixture wine is cooked down a bit. ("mixture")

Place mixture, after cooked, into bread crumbs and mix thoroughly. Add cranberry sauce. Mix.
Stuff Turkey, or if placed into a separate dish add dripping of gravy while cooking.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bates Wins Council Member Of The Year

November 17, the Florida League of Cities handed out its 3rd Annual City of Excellence Awards in Orlando. The City of Lauderhill submitted for 5 of the 9 categories, and 4 of our applicants were declared finalists. Rev. Herron for City Citizen of the Year, Kennie Hobbs, Jr. for Finance Director of the Year, The City of Lauderhill Unite-A-Fest Celebration for City Spirit Award, and Deputy Vice Mayor Margaret Bates for Council Member of the Year.

While we had hoped that all of them would be named the winner of their respective category, because we believe them to be extraordinary, Commissioner Bates did in fact win, for which we are all very proud of her. Her accomplishments are noteworthy, and she is an example of what is best in an elected position for cities. She now joins Mayor Kaplan as the city's other winner of the award (he won for Mayor of the Year in 2004).

Friday, November 17, 2006

Mayor Kaplan Receives National Award

The Association of Metropolitan Planning Organization (AMPO) conducted its 2006 Annual Conference, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. There are about 480 MPO organizations that exist throughout the United States by federal law, representing urbanized areas, to address short and long term transportation planning.

At this year's Awards Presentation for Leadership in Transportation Planning, Mayor Richard J. Kaplan received the award for Elected Officials. Noted was his work as Chair of the Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization, Chair of the Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Committee (FL MPOAC), as a member of the Board of Directors of AMPO (2001-2006) including serving as its President 2003-2004, and one of the creators/founding members and first chair of the Southeast Florida Transportation Council (SEFTC).

More information, including other award winners are available at:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lauderhill Police Department Open House

On Saturday December 2nd, from 10 AM to 2 PM, at the Lauderhill Police Department, 6279 W. Oakland Park Blvd., an Open House/Crime Prevention Event will be held. Please bring a neighbor or a friend. Refreshments will be available.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lauderhill Holiday Concert Presented By Commerce Bank

On Saturday, December 2, a free Holiday Concert will be held at Lieberman Park, on Inverrary Blvd., next to the Inverrary Hotel, and across from City Hall. Featured at the concert will be the Gold Coast Jazz Society, Florida Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Lauderhill Youth African Dance Troupe. Following the concert a Christmas Tree Lighting and Menorah Lighting will be conducted. The concert starts at 6 PM. Parking will be at City Hall.

This event is presented by Commerce Bank, and is also sponsored by All Service Refuse, Florida Medical Center, Staples and the Sunrise/Lauderhill Jaycees. For more information:

Friday, November 10, 2006

Florida Cities of Excellence Awards

It has been announced that Lauderhill has 4 finalists in the 2006 Florida League of Cities, Cities of Excellence Awards. They are:

City Spirit Award - Lauderhill: Unite-A-Fest
Council Member/Commission of the Year - M. Margaret Bates
City Finance Official of the Year - Kennie Hobbs, Jr.
City Citizen of the Year - Rev. Dr. Melville B. Herron

Winners will be announced at the Awards Banquet November 17 in Orlando. Past Finalist of the City include: Commissioner Lee Mirsky, Police Chief Ken Pachnek, and Berryl Collins. Our Past Winner is Mayor Richard J. Kaplan - Mayor of the Year 2004.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Your New Elected Representatives

On November 7, 2006, you elected new representatives to represent Lauderhill in several offices. The following is a list of those elected/re-elected which serve Lauderhill:

US Senate
Bill Nelson

US Governor
Charlie Crist

State Senate
Jeremy Ring

State House
Matt Meadows
Ari Porte
Perry Thurston

Alcee Hastings
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

School Board
Phyllis Hope

Congratulations to all the winners.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Notes of Commission Meeting of October 30, 2006

The following is a summation of action by the City Commission which may of interest to residents:


1) Congratulations Awards to the members of the Lauderhill Angels Netball Team
2) Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Award to the City of Lauderhill for the 16th consecutive year. (Note: Kennie Hobbs, the Finance Director has been named a finalist by the Florida League of Cities City of Excellence Award for Financial Officers)
3) Follow up on presentation by Vice Mayor Dale Holness on the Sister City relationship created with Falmouth, Trelawny, Jamaica


1) Ordinance amending regulations to create new requirements relating to "Dangerous Dogs," replacing the term "Vicious Dogs," to have the city code come into compliance with state law. Co-Sponsored by Mayor Richard J. Kaplan (also, substantially re-written by him from his original law written by him in the early 1990's) and Commissioner Howard Berger who requested it.

2) Approved Firefighter Union Contract for 3 years.


1) Approve a Letter of Agreement with Broward Community College and Lauderhill to provide non-credit continuing education classes for a fee, and free refugee classes through the Renew Program, to residents in city facilities.

2) Approved Memorandum of Understanding between Broward County Head Start Program and the City.

3) Declared the property known as the old City Hall at 2000 City Hall Drive as surplus property, making it available for sale or lease.

4) Declared the 1 acre parcel owned by the city adjacent to the Police Station on Oakland Park Blvd., as surplus, making it available for sale or lease.

5) Approved a resolution regarding the proposed widening of Pine Island Road to require action to take any and all actions necessary to protect and preserve the quality of life and value of housing impacted by the widening, and upon the failure of the county to address these needs, authorization to request the MPO to take action in preventing the widenining of the street.

6) Appointed members to the Charter Review Board. Vacancies still exist.

7) Approved First Amendment to the Interlocal Agreement with Broward County and Lauderhill CRA, for the funding in the amount up to $4,369,016, $3,000,000 to apply to acquisition an demolotion/clearing and up to $1,369,016 to be applied to roadway improvements.

8) Approved Interlocal Agreement between Broward County and Lauderhill CRA, for the funding in the amount up to $3,882,520 for the Central CRA, which consists up to $1,114,130 applied to the Linear Park ("Renaissance Park"), up to $2,768,390 toward roadway improvements on NW 56th Ave.


Set the Annual Retreat for January 12, 2007 at the Lauderhill Golf Center.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Changes in Water Utility Bill

A resident recently contacted the city to inquire about the changes in the water utility bill. I thought the response by the city's Finance Director, Kennie Hobbs, needed to be shared. His responds was as follows (deleting the resident's name):

Hello Mr. XXXXXXX. My name is Kennie Hobbs and I am the Finance Director for the City of Lauderhill and I will attempt to address your issue relating to your recent utility bill. You are correct; your new monthly bill reflects a slight increase from your previous bi-monthly utility bill. On September 11th and 25th 2006, the City held public hearings to discuss the restructuring of our utility billing system. At the conclusion of the meetings, it was determined that we would adopt a new billing structure that would adjust both fixed and variable costs. Below, I have included a table reflecting the net changes to your utility bill reflecting both a monthly bill and the new fee structure.

Fees------------ 2006 Rates---- 2007 Rates---- Dollar Increase
Garbage Fee---- $ 19.37 -------- $ 20.41 --------- $ 1.04
Availability Fee- $ 0.00 -------- $ 15.00 --------- $ 5.00
Availability Tax- $ 1.00 -------- $ 1.50 ----------- $ 0.50
Stormwater Fee-$ 8.00 -------- $ 10.00 --------- $ 2.00
Consumption----$ 36.00 --------$ 31.50 ---------$(4.50)
Consumption Tax$ 3.60 -------- $ 3.15 ---------- $(0.45)
Total Change----$ 77.97 -------- $ 81.56 --------- $ 3.59
Based on a one month bill using your actual consumption

In summary, your overall increase is $3.59 or 4.6 percent. Of the overall increase, $1.04 is a pass through from the garbage provider which the City has no control over. Therefore, your overall increase as a result of the new fee structure is $2.55. As you will notice even thought we increased our fixed charges, you benefited from the reduction in our consumption charges and utility tax.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Toastmasters Club in Lauderhill

Your success in business is based on how effective you are. Through participation in the Toastmasters program, people from all backgrounds learn to effectively speak, conduct meetings, manage a department or business, lead, delegate and motivate.

Our club, Sawgrass Toastmasters, meets adjacent to Lauderhill and its membership is as diverse as Lauderhill population. We have people from Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas, Jamaica, Venezuela, Canada, Russia, USA, to name just a few. Our members come from all walks of life – Public Relations, real estate, construction, nurses, financial advisors, organ builder, teachers, entertainers, and many other professions.

We meet every Wednesday from 6:30 pm till 8:30 pm at Vila's restaurant, 4000 N. University Drive, 33322 (1/4 mile north of Oakland Park Blvd on University Drive across from Hooters).
The cost is $40 every 6 months. A person doesn't have to join our club immediately, he/she can attend as many meetings as he/she wants as a guest.

To get more info please go to our website: environment.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

State of Florida Free Job Training and Placement

Florida legislators have earmarked $12 million for free job training and placement in more than 40 construction trades. Job training can last two to eight weeks. The trades have an average starting salary of $15 an hour, or about $30,000 a year.

Here in Broward County, Workforce One, will pay employers to give on-the-job training to 180 workers. Florida Rebuilds is also seeking all kinds of job candidates, including ex-offenders and those looking for career change. To enroll call 800-352-2345 or go to .

Monday, October 23, 2006

Why Vote For A Penny For Transit

Starting today, through November 7, you will be able to vote on an additional 1 cent to go to transit. With all the additional expenses we face everyday, insurance, gas, taxes, electricity, why should anyone vote to raise more in taxes, let alone trust anyone to do what they promise with the money. Strangely, this should be the question to be debated to address a serious problem. So far the debate has been almost about everything but the issue and good government, and more on personal politics and personal power. This article is to address the question, and pose a solution, providing the reader with accurate information to base their decision upon.

Broward County is facing a transportation crisis. Every day traffic progressively gets worse. Our roads are getting clogged, and there is limited alternatives available. Over the next 20 years, we expect another 1,000,000 plus people to come. Add the additional 2,000,000 or so cars that will also come, and you can only imagine what it will be like to get anywhere. We have already admitted to ourselves, we will never be able to build enough roads to come anywhere near the demand. Besides we do not have the money for the roads anyhow.

Actually you do not have to look very far to see the not so distant future for Broward. Just look south to Miami-Dade County. It is so bad there that many, including myself, avoid entering the county for any reason. I avoid the airport, seaport, shopping, sightseeing, and even going through the county to take any vacation time in the Keys. I am not alone in this. Imagine this in the next 5 or so years in our county, except that it is projected to get far worse.

So what may be an alternative. As the Chair of the Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization, it has been the MPO's job to figure a way out of this mess. Planning is what we do. The Broward County MPO has done such a fine job, as directed by these governments, that we have planned how to solve this problem. The only problem now is that it will take in excess of $10 Billion. That is Billion with a "B."

Implementing it requires cooperation of other agencies including the State, Federal and County governments. All of which have limited funds, and cannot be expected to be a great source of funding for these projects. At best, they may be a source of matching funds which requires a local dedicated revenue source, like other areas of our country have already done. The only dedicated revenue source we have available, which has been authorized by the State Legislature, is a one penny sales tax, which must be devoted exclusively to transportation.

It involves mass transit including a significant investment in rail. Rail along State Road 7, the FEC and a rail line running from the Airport/Seaport, to downtown Ft. Lauderdale, west along Broward Blvd., then south along State Road 7, turning west on I-595, then north into Sawgrass Mills. It will require Bus Rapid Transit, Express Bus Service, expanded Community Shuttle Bus service, signal synchronization, and much more. It must coordinate with all other forms of transportation and must interconnect with other transportation systems throughout the region. It must be a comprehensive system, that must be constructed now, not 10 or 20 years from now. Where people will start to be able to use the first pieces of it within the next 3 years.

The one penny referendum is the first, and has been the ONLY initiative that has addressed this serious problem. No one wanted to ever be the one to come out in favor of a tax. No one wanted to take the lead in trying to implement a solution, because they know it is an expensive solution. It has been easy to always say that you support finding an answer to a problem, i.e., "I support transportation," I support lower crime," "I support lower insurance rates." "I support lower taxes," " I support my Schools," "I support fill in the blank." It has been very easy to take the few dollars we have and send it to planning which will never see the light of day.

It is extremely difficult to say I am willing to support a specific answer that will cost money that you will have to pay for, i.e., "I am willing to raise the funds to build something critical and this is how it will work." And when you do, there is always someone that will find a way, whether correct in their information or not, that will oppose you on it.

The one penny sale tax is the ONLY source of revenue that will raise the amount of money needed to pay for this transit plan. To argue for less than a penny is to argue for waste. If you cannot do it right, then do not bother doing it at all. The money raised will be administered by an independent board to make sure that it goes to what has been promised. There is also the factor that many do not trust certain governmental agencies, which have had a track record of not fulfilling their promises in the past.

Some have said, quite correctly, that Miami-Dade County passed a 1/2 cent tax for transit, and it has not worked for them. This is correct. The difference has been that it was acknowledged that before their vote that 1 cent was really needed to fund their transit projects, though the public was only willing to support half the amount needed. So based upon half a loaf is better than none, they proceeded forward. As said before, to argue for less than a penny is to argue for waste. If you cannot do it right, then do not bother doing it at all. This is the lesson we learned from Miami-Dade County. They underfunded their needs and now they suffer from the exact problem they knew could happen. They do not have all the necessary funds required to solve their transit problems.

If you do not support this tax, then you must be prepared for the result. I truly believe that there is no other answer, and that this may be our only opportunity to fix this problem before we start seeing significant deterioration in our quality of life. If it takes you 45 minutes to get to work now, just wait until it takes you 1 1/2 hours or more. If you don't like paying $2 to $3/gallon for gas, wait until it is over $4/gallon. I promise you if we do not solve this situation now, then that is what you will be looking at soon. Then imagine what other problems this is going to cause us. Who will be able to afford to live here. Not most of the people I represent.

For more information you can link to the following site:

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The November 7th General Election - What Am I Voting On?

On November 7, the General Election will be held to decided your elected leaders and several referendum votes. The following is a list of those elections the residents of Lauderhill may be able to vote on:

United States Senator

Frazier, Floyd Ray
Harris , Katherine (REP)
Moore , Brian (NPA)
Nelson , Bill (DEM) ###
Noah , Belinda (NPA)
Scott , Lawrence (WRI)
Senter , Bernard (WRI)
Tanner , Roy (NPA)


Behm , Karl C.C. (NPA)
Blass , Piotr (WRI)
Bob , (WRI)
Crist , Charlie (REP)
Davis , Jim (DEM) ###
Dembinsky , Richard Paul (NPA)/Smith , Dr. Joe
Linn , Max (REF)
Maneiro II, W. Papa-Roqui (WRI)
Musa , Omari (WRI)
Reed , C. C. (WRI)
Smith , John Wayne (NPA)/Kearney , James J.
Yarrow , Atlee (WRI)

Attorney General

Campbell, Walter "Skip" (DEM) ###
McCollum , Bill (REP)

Chief Financial Officer

Lee , Tom (REP)
Sink , Alex (DEM) ###

Commissioner of Agriculture

Bronson , Charles H. (REP) ###
Copeland , Eric (DEM)

State Senate District: 032

Lunkins , Kenneth S. (WRI)
Ring , Jeremy (DEM) ###

Supreme Court and Appellate Court Retention Elections - Vote to Retain

Justice R. Fred Lewis YES
Justice Barbara Joan Pariente YES
Justice Peggy A. Quince YES
Judge Bobby W. Gunther YES
Judge Fred A. Hazouri YES
Judge Larry A. Klein YES
Judge Barry J. Stone YES
Judge Carole Y. Taylor YES

Circuit Court - Group 57

Rayson , John C. (NOP) ###
Towbin Singer , Michele (NOP)

Circuit Court - Group 58

Cohen , Mardi Levey (NOP)
Wood , Marina G. (NOP) ###

County Court - Group 31

Arlene Simon Campione
Ellen A. Feld ###

County Court - Group 32

Brenda Lynn Di Ioia ###
Terri-Ann Miller

School Board - District 6

Phyllis C. Hope
Marty Martin Rubinstein ###

Broward Soil & Water Conservation District, Dist. 5

Fred Segal

Barbara J. Thomas

Florida Amendment #1 - Limit the amount of nonrecurring general revenue which may be appropriated for recurring purposes in any fiscal year to 3% without a 3/5 vote of the Legislature.

Recommended to Vote NO

Florida Amendment #3 - Requiring proposed future amendments to the Florida Constitution will require approval of at least 60% of the voters instead of the 50% + 1 required right now.

Recommended to Vote NO

Florida Amendment #4 - Requiring that money received in the 2005 Tobacco Settlement payments to Florida, must have at least 1/3 of the proceeds be used for advertising.

Recommended to Vote NONE GIVEN

Florida Amendment # 6 - Increasing the Homestead Exemption that local government may pass onto seniors from $25,000 to $50,000. Monies lost from granting the additional exemption will be made up from other local sources not otherwise exempt. No additional revenue to local governments from the state is provided to replace the lost revenue which the state acknowledges would be lost. To maintain the same revenue stream to cities would require tax increases to all other taxpayers, or cuts in services.

Recommended to Vote NO

Florida Amendment #7 - Increasing Disabled Veterans' Discount on Homestead Ad Valorem Tax from an additional $5000 exemption to be a discount on the full value of the taxable value equal to the percentage of disability. Thereby a 50% disable veteran will qualify for a 50% exemption from taxes, irrespective of the full value of the property.

Recommended to Vote NONE GIVEN

Florida Amendment #8 - Placing in the State Constitution a prohibition of local government from exercising Eminent Domain, except as allowed by general law passed by the Florida Legislature by a 3/5 vote of each house. Thereby putting into the Constitution that which is already required by both Florida and Federal law.

Recommended to Vote NO

County Referendum - 1 Cent Sales Tax for Transportation

Recommended to Vote YES

County Referendum - $500 Million County Bond for New Courthouse

Recommended to Vote NO

County Referendum - Non-Binding Ballot Question as to the Public's support on Portability of the Save Our Homes Homestead Value Limitation

Recommended to Vote YES

County Referendum - Non-Binding Ballot Question as to establishing a Broward Watershed Improvement District by the Broward Soil and Water Conservation District

Recommended to Vote NO

### or YES or NO means eLauderhill News has Endorsed or Recommends.

Links above provide information about candidates filed financial reports.

Early voting is scheduled from Monday October 23 thru Sunday November 5, and voting hours are:

Monday - Friday 10 AM to 6 PM

Saturday 10 AM to 3 PM

Sunday 1 PM to 4 PM

Early voting locations in, or adjacent to Lauderhill are:

1) Lauderhill Mall, 1241 State Road 7, Bay 80-K, Lauderhill

2) Tamarac Branch Library, 8701 W. Commercial Blvd., Tamarac

For other early voting sites and information:

For a list of voting precincts on election day, November 7:

To find your precinct:

To vote absentee, either call 954-357-7055 to request, or use the following link to request on line:

To ask information about absentee voting, call or e-mail Mary Hall at 954-357-6321,

Please remember voting is your right. Don't throw your rights away.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Notes of the Regular Commission Workshop of October 16

Seven items came up for discussion. The following are highlights of some of the discussion:

1) Discussion on funds being made available to help storm damaged housing and red tagged housing. Federal funds of just over $1,500,000 was obtained. These funds will be for owner occupied properties, and it is hoped by mid November they will be available from the Federal Government. Applications and specific financial need conditions are required to be met to qualify and receive. If all qualified units apply, it is estimated there will be $2800/unit. The Commission will prioritize the allocation to use the money to try to resolve the most amount of repair problems as possible.

A significant amount of time was spent on discussing specifically about Stonebridge Gardens, and the major problems ongoing there with their insurance, construction and funding. Members from Stonebridge approached the city about finding monies to help with their reconstruction. The problem was the limited financial ability of the city, and the need throughout many areas of the city as well. However, we were agreeable to do what we could.

2) Because of the lack of security measurements required for the South Florida Broncos Football Team to conduct games at West Ken Lark Parks, the city has ceased future football games at the park. Practice may be conducted there, but not the games.

3) The road widening and walls on Pine Island Road is still being held up by the county. Originally we agreed to pay for 1/2 of the decorative wall. With the design and safety study by the county, it is no longer determined to be a decorative wall, but a required safety wall. Therefore, the county needs to pay for the entire wall, and the study shows the road must be widened for traffic needs. Also, reinforced walls, issues related to future repairs of the wall, and speed limits were also discussed. The possibility of restricting the road through the MPO process was also brought up. A resolution to address this matter will be drafted.

4) Discussion on a decorative fence along University Drive behind commercial business (north of 50th Street on the east side of the road). The cost of the fence would be $160,000.00. The recommendation by the City Manager was instead to put in landscaping, which would remove the viewing the residents were complaining of. The embankment is with engineering to redesign.

5) The next matter was on old City Hall and new City Hall. We are still in line to the cost and funding of the projects. Matters are proceeding.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hurricane Aid For Seniors

It has been reported to eLauderhill News, that there is hurricane aide for seniors, 60 and over, with homes damaged in Hurricane Wilma and/or displaced by this hurricane. To apply, call Elderly & Veteran's Services, 954-537-2936. No information is available as to what type of aid is available.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Police Action In Lauderhill

On Wednesday, Officers responded to 3650 Inverrary Blvd. concerning a suspect who had broken into Apt.1d in International Village. The suspect confronted the homeowner and left without taking any property. A perimeter was established and the suspect was located in the patio area of another apartment. The suspect, Ahmad Jackson, refused to be taken into custody and began resisting. He was tased by an officer and handcuffed. The suspect from Ft. Lauderdale was charged with two counts of Burglary.

This morning at 2:45 am, members of the Special Response Team executed a drug search warrant at 2620 NW 43 Ave. The suspect was found in bed with a loaded automatic firearm. A rifle was also located just inside the front door of the residence. The suspect, Gary Watson, was charged with possession of Cocaine.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Building Respect In Our Homes And Schools

On Tuesday, October 17, from 6 to 8:30 PM, at Parkway Middle School, an outreach program will be conducted on "Building Respect In Our Homes And Schools." Parkway Middle is located at 3600 NW 5th Court, Lauderhill. Door prizes, and childcare provided. For more information contact 754-321-1410 between 8 AM and 5 PM.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Gentile's View of Today's Germany by William E. Grim

I'm not Jewish. No one in my family died in the Holocaust. For me, anti-Semitism has always been one of those phenomena that doesn't really register on my radar, like tribal genocide in Rwanda, a horrible thing that happens to someone else. But I live in a small town outside of Munich on a street that until May of 1945 was named Adolf Hitler Strasse. I work in Munich, a pleasant metropolitan city of a little over a million inhabitants whose Bavarian charm tends to obscure the fact that this city was the birthplace and capital of the Nazi movement.

Every day when I go to work I pass by the sites of apartments Hitler lived in, extant buildings in which decisions were made to murder millions of innocent people, and plazas in which book burnings took place, SS troops paraded and people were executed. The proximity to evil has a way of concentrating one's attention, of putting a physical reality to the textbook narratives of the horrors perpetrated by the Germans.

Then the little things start to happen that over a period of time add up to something very sinister. I'm on a bus and a high school boy passes around Grandpa's red leather-bound copy of Mein Kampf to his friends who respond by saying "coooool!" He then takes out a VCR tape (produced in Switzerland) of "The Great Speeches of Joseph Goebbels." A few weeks later I'm at a business meeting with four young highly educated Germans who are polite, charming and soft-spoken to say the least. When the subject matter changes to a business deal with a man in New York named Rubinstein, their nostrils flair, their demeanor attain a threatening mien and one of them actually says, and I'm quoting verbatim here: "The problem with America <> is that the Jews have all the money." They start laughing and another one says, "Yeah, all the Jews care about is money."

I found that this type of anti-Semitic reference in my professional dealings with Germans soon became a leitmotif (to borrow a term made famous by Richard Wagner, another notorious German anti-Semite). In my private meetings with Germans it often happens that they will loosen up after a while and reveal personal opinions and political leanings that were thought to have ceased to exist in a Berlin bunker on April 30, 1945. Maybe it's because I have blond hair and my last name is of German origin that the Germans feel that I am, or could potentially be, "one of them." It shows how much they understand what it means to be an American.

Whatever the reason, the conversations generally have one or more of these components:

(1) It was unfortunate that America and Germany fought each other in World War I I because the real enemy was Russia.
(2) Yes, the Nazis were excessive, but terrible things happen during wars, and anyway, the scope of the Holocaust has been greatly exaggerated by the American media, which is dominated by Jews.
(3) CNN is controlled by American Jews and is anti-Palestinian. (Yes, I know it sounds incredible, but even among the most highly intelligent Germans, even those with a near-native fluency in English, there is the widespread belief that the news network founded by Fidel Castro's friend Ted Turner, who was married to Hanoi Jane Fonda, is a hotbed of pro-Israeli propaganda.)
(4) Almost all Germans were opposed to the Third Reich and nobody in Germany knew anything about the murder of the Jews, but the Jews themselves were really responsible for the Holocaust.
(5) Ariel Sharon was worse than Hitler and the Israelis are Nazis. America supports Israel only because Jews control the American government and media.

For the first time in my life, then, I became conscious of anti-Semitism. Sure, anti-Semitism exists elsewhere in the world, but nowhere have the consequences been as devastating as in Germany. Looking at it as objectively as possible, 2002 was a banner year for anti-Semitism in Germany. Synagogues were firebombed, Jewish cemeteries desecrated, the No. 1 best-selling novel, Martin Walser's Death of a Critic, was a thinly-veiled roman a clef containing a vicious anti-Semitic attack on Germany's best-known literary critic, Marcel Reich-Ranicki (who was a survivor of both the Warsaw ghetto and Auschwitz); the Free Democrat Party unofficially adopted anti-Semitism as a campaign tactic to attract Germany's sizeable Muslim minority; and German revisionist historians began to define German perpetration of World War II and the Holocaust not as crimes against humanity, but as early battles (with regrettable but understandable excesses) in the Cold War against communism.

The situation is so bad that German Jews are advised not to wear anything in public that would identify them as Jewish because their safety cannot be guaranteed. How can this be? Isn't this the "New Germany" that's gone 60 years without a Holocaust or even a pogrom, where truth, justice and the German way prevail amidst economic wealth, a high standard of living that is the envy of their European neighbors, and a constitution guaranteeing freedom for everyone regardless of race, creed or national origin?

What's changed? The answer is: absolutely nothing. My thesis is quite simple. While Germany no longer has the military power to enforce the racist ideology of the Nazis and while all extreme manifestations of Nazism are officially outlawed, the internal conditions -- that is, the attitudes,world view and cultural assumptions - that led to the rise of Nazism in Germany are still present because they constitute the basic components of German identity. Nazism was not an aberration; it was the distillation of the German psyche into its essential elements. External Nazism may have been utterly defeated in May of 1945; internal Nazism, however, remains, and will always remain, a potential threat as long as there exists a political and/or cultural entity known as Germany.

Now hold on a second, I hear many people saying. You can't possibly claim that Germans are as anti-Semitic today as they were during the years 1933-1945. It is true that Germany today is much different than during the Third Reich. What is different is that due to its total defeat by the allies, Germany today is a client state of America and must do its bidding. That means repression of overt anti-Semitism. It's bad for business. The other thing that has changed is that, even though Hitler lost World War II, he was phenomenally successful in carrying out his ideological agenda. Germany, indeed virtually all of Europe, is essentially Judenfrei (free of Jews) today due to the efficiency and zeal of the Germans as they perpetrated the Holocaust during the Third Reich. In fact, a very convincing case can be made that Nazism is one of the most successful political programs of all time. It accomplished more of its goals in a shorter amount of time than any other comparable political movement and permanently changed the face and political structure of several continents.

Germany is wealthy, stable, relentlessly bourgeois, and for all intents and purposes, free of Jews. Yes, there is a tiny minority of Jews, mostly centered in Berlin, and yes, there have been a number of Jews from the former Soviet Union who have emigrated to Germany, but most of the immigrants from Russia are not practicing Jews and do little if anything to promote a unique Jewish-German identity. The result of all this is that Germans today are able to reap the benefits of Hitler's anti-Semitic policies while paying lip service to the "need to remember." Young Fritz doesn't have to be overtly anti-Semitic today because his grandfather's generation did such a bang-up job of the Holocaust. There just aren't that many Jews left to hate any more, and besides, the Germans have their old buddies, the Arabs, to do their hating for them. You might call the overwhelming German support for the Palestinians to be a form of anti-Semitism-by-proxy. The German government has made cash payments to the State of Israel, as well as to individual Jews, to settle claims of murder, torture, false imprisonment, slave labor and genocide. Talk to most Germans and you'll soon discover that they think that the score has been settled between Germany and the Jews, that somehow the return of just a portion of what the Germans stole from the Jews is fair recompense for the deliberate murder of millions of people. If you think the Germans are truly sorry for what they did to the Jews, think again. There's never been an official "tut mir leid" offered by the Germans to the victims of the Holocaust and their descendants because that would admit culpability. Germany has paid off all claims against it without acknowledging responsibility in the same way that the Ford Motor Company engages in recalls of automobiles. It's all done to avoid liability.

I have previously mentioned that Germans overwhelmingly support the Palestinians as opposed to the Israelis, and that this overwhelming support represents a form of anti-Semitism-by-proxy. Germans may claim to be supporting the Palestinians because they think they are an "oppressed people," but let's be honest - they are supporting the Palestinians and their Arab handlers because the Palestinians and Arabs share the same ideals as the Nazis. There's a long-standing history of German co-operation with the Arabs. In 1942 Hitler personally assured the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem that as soon as German forces conquered Great Britain, the Jews in Palestine (which was then under control of the British Mandate) would be exterminated.

We should also keep in mind that the Arab terrorists who perpetrated the 9/11 atrocities did their planning in Germany. There are several reasons for this. The first is the well-known bungling and de-centralized chaos of the German federal bureaucracy where literally the "linke" hand doesn't know what the "rechte" hand is doing. The second is that Arab terrorists can count on a substantial number of Germans who share their anti-American and anti-Semitic views. The former members of the SS and Hitler's praetorian guards, along with their neo-Nazi supporters, who gather weekly in Munich beer halls, made Osama bin Laden an "honorary Aryan" after the 9/11 attack. Mein Kampf is also a best seller in the Arab world, especially in Saudi Arabia, America's putative "friend." Indeed, there is very little difference between the anti-Semitic rantings of Hitler and those of the so-called "spiritual leaders" of al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Fatah. The Arabs also owe Hitler and the Germans big time. Hitler killed off the Jews, and Konrad Adenauer and his "democratic" descendants replaced them with the Turks. Yes, the Turks aren't Arabs, but they are Muslim, and although Turkey is a member of NATO and has relations with Israel, many Turks identify and support their radical Arab co-religionists. Turkey remains as fragile a democracy as Weimar Germany during the 1920s. It wouldn't take much for Turkey to fall into the dark side of Muslim extremism. The end result of Muslim immigration into Germany has been twofold:

(1) It allows the Germans to feign liberalism and being open to freedom and diversity; and
(2) By replacing the Jews they murdered with Muslims, who for the most part are as viciously anti-Semitic as were the Nazis, the Germans have cynically assured that those few Jews who remain in Germany will be unable to reassert political power even in a minority role.

A final point I would like to make concerning the reasons for the a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Germany is one that many will find at odds with the prima-facie evidence, or even appear to stretch the boundaries of common sense. Yet, I ask you to consider carefully my line of reasoning. In many respects Germany got away with the Holocaust without paying much of a price. Yes, many Germans died as a result of German perpetration of World War II and the Holocaust, and yes, there was much physical destruction in the country, but the situation is like the little boy who steals a cookie from the tray when it is cooling on the kitchen table. For his efforts he may have gotten his hand slapped by his mother, but the stolen cookie remains eaten nonetheless.

After having committed the worst crimes in the history of humankind, the Germans were allowed to regain their sovereignty after only ten years; their infrastructure was completely rebuilt thanks to the generosity of the American people; and relatively few Germans were brought to trial for their monstrous crimes. Even those who were tried and convicted received relatively short sentences or had those reduced or commuted in general amnesties. For example, some members of the Einsatzkommandos, those Germans who, before the construction of the death camps, hunted and murdered Jews by the hundreds of thousands, received sentences of as little as five years imprisonment. If there were true justice in the world, Germany would no longer exist as a separate country, but would have long ago had its territory divided up and dispersed among the Allies.

It was an unfortunate historical coincidence that the Cold War began just as Germany was at last being brought to task for its many crimes and atrocities extending back to the First World War. The new threat of the Soviet Union took precedence over a just settling of accounts with Germany. The tragic result is that many of the countries raped and despoiled by Germany, such as the Czech Republic and Poland, are just now coming out of decades of economic decline, while Germany - fat, sassy, arrogant, self-satisfied, and essentially Judenfrei- has enjoyed four decades of undeserved economic prosperity. We can't turn back the clock to redress all of the historical wrongs that have been committed by the Germans, but there are a number of things that can be done to assure that Germany can never again be in a position to threaten the rest of the civilized world.

First and foremost is the realizat ion that, while not all Germans are anti-Semitic, there is an anti-Semitic tendency within German culture that extends back to the time of Martin Luther. Germans are instinctively anti-Semitic in the same way that Americans are instinctively freedom loving. Anti-Semitism has been and unfortunately remains the default ideology of the German people. All things being equal, Germans will instinctively support the enemies of the State of Israel. Therefore, America will need to monitor closely and be ready and politically willing to intervene at a moment's notice in German affairs when it appears that Germany is back-sliding into anti-Semitism. Additionally, it should be a goal of American foreign policy to oppose and to accelerate the dismemberment of the European Union. We must not allow German domination of the EU to accomplish through parliamentary maneuvering and brokered deals what Hitler and the Germans were unable to accomplish during the Third Reich.

Given Germany's resurgent anti-Semitism (and that of France as well), a strong, German-dominated EU that tolerates and even benignly encourages anti-Semitism, and is diplomatically allied with the Arab world, is potentially the greatest threat to Judaism since Nazi Germany and a major threat to the United States as well. The enemies of Israel are the enemies of the United States. Let all Jews and Americans stand united as we proclaim never again to both the Holocaust and 9/11.

William E. Grim is a writer who lives in Germany and is a native of Columbus, Ohio.


* This is the very first post-Holocaust picture of Germany that I have ever seen published that depicted the post-Holocaust country of the nazis with absolute accuracy in every detail. Over the years I have often written about the reunification of the two Germanys and described it as one of the greatest mistakes ever made in history, and wrote that instead naziland should have been divided into the four historical parts that is its nature, never to rise to brutalize its neighbors or the world again! A crucial and horrible error!

It took only a few minutes during my first visit back to the land of my birth for me to realize that the place was clearly no different than when my parents and I had the good fortune to be among the very last Jews to escape, literally "minutes before midnight", when the gates of that man-made hell slammed shut with a resounding clang for the final time, dooming those of my people left behind, including over 50 of my immediate family.

I recall the words of my beloved grandfather as we came to Breslau to say our final farewell, knowing that there was no likelihood of ever seeing each other again. He ran alongside the slowly rolling departing train we were on, knowing he was bidding a final farewell to his only son and his family. Even then he optimistically maintained that "no harm will come to us. After all, I served my country and my Kaiser as an officer, and have always been a good citizen."

I do not know Mr. Grim, but I salute him for his clear view and thank him for writing this piece, which, had it been written by a Jew, would never be believed nor given its proper credence.

Please do forward this article to your lists and see that it gets the widest possible circulation. -

Harry W. Gluckman
Alameda, CA 94501-5642

Monday, October 09, 2006

Looking for a Job?

One of the more common questions I receive is whether Lauderhill has a job that they can apply for. We reguarly hire employees as our needs dictate. Some positions continually are available . Others, because there is turnover like in any organization. Sometimes a new position is created.

To find a job in Lauderhill, go to the following link: You can also look under the "Career" tab to find out information on benefits, and fill out an interest card for other jobs that presently are not open. If such a position opens, you will then be notified. Most jobs are full time, unless otherwise noticed.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Lauderhill's 2nd Annual Bridge Tournament

On Sunday, November 5, at Lauderhill's Veteran's Park, 7600 NW 50th Street, an ACBL Sanctioned Bridge Tournament will be held. Triple Points will be awarded. Tournament registration begins at 11:30 AM, with the game beginning at 1 PM.

The cost is $12/person if pre-paid, and walk-ins are $15/person, including lunch at 12 noon. Funds raised shall go to the Lauderhill Teachers Reimbursement Grant Program. Last year over $10,000 was raised, and this year it is projected to be $15,000 to be distributed to support our tireless teachers.

For more information and registration contact Harold or Paula at 954-747-3383, or e-mail them at

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Free Health Fair

The Academy of Physician Assistants (FAPA) will be conducting a Health Fair this Saturday, October 7th, 2006 from 10AM thru 2PM at the Lauderhill Mall in support of National Physician Assistant Week which is from October 6th thru October 12. The organization in conjunction with Nova Southeastern University Physician Assistant Program will be administering blood pressure and blood sugar screenings to kids as well as adults. They will also give away 250 brand-new Bike Helmets to children in the area.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Year Round Budgeting

Lauderhill's budgeting process is unique among governments. Unlike other cities and counties, we work to shape our budget for the following year almost year round. In most places, budget workshops are in July, and debate occurs in September. Not Lauderhill.

The method is inclusive of all in our city. It begins to take shape just prior to and at the prior year's budget hearings in September. Ideas heard at these meetings are included for consideration for the following year's budget, and we hold a discussion on how we wish to proceed with the upcoming Annual City Retreat, normally held in December or January. At the retreat we discuss where we need to address issues we foresee for the following year.

This upcoming year we expect to hire a facilitator to assist us and look at future goals. We may also be looking at the programs the city provides so that we can analyze their usefulness and effectiveness. At this year's budget hearings we heard that the public wants us to cut taxes. However, to do it correctly, we need to address what programs will be cut to accomplish this. There isn't a program that someone wants, and feels important. However, to succeed in answering the taxpayers, cutting is what we will need to do.

Following the Annual Retreat, we will schedule approximately 5 Pre-Budget Public Workshops around the city. Each will address the concerns within a particular area, though anyone can attend and discuss any matter within the budget throughout the city. From these workshops we gather ideas of what residents and businesses like, don't like, want to improve, or maybe would like to see eliminated. It is your time for us to hear from you. The Pre-Budget Workshops traditionally fall between January and March.

In prior years we traditionally receive people who want more and more, which costs more and more. That is why taxes can go up, or alternatively, prevents them from going down. If taxpayers want to see reductions in taxes, they will need to attend, and tell us where we can cut, not add to the budget. These meetings are the most important meetings you can attend, if you are serious about taxes in our city. It is expected that this year, we will be providing details relating to program budgeting, so the Public and the Commission can see the costs of services and address these tax concerns. We need the Public to speak up. We will listen.

Following the Pre-Budget Workshops, we schedule a City Wide Budget Workshop in mid July to see for the first time how the budget looks for the upcoming year. This is also an important time for residents to attend. Though it is somewhat late to add programs, if residents want a program to be cut, this would be a good opportunity to express themselves.

In September the Commission is presented with its Final Budget to vote on at 2 public hearings. By this time the budget is set, and unless unexpected issues come up that prevent or cause us to change the budget, it is pretty much already completed.

As you can see, compared to other cities who debate the budget in September, we have already completed our debate, for which the Public is an active participant.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Notes of the Commission Meeting of September 25

On September 25, the City Commission met and addressed the following matters of interest:


The final budget for the 2006-7 passed. It maintains the property tax rate, $6.02, plus $.631 on repayment of the GO Bond, along with no increase in the fire rescue fee.


Approved an increase in EMS fees to address increased expenses of providing the service.


1) Approved the prohibition of Fortune Telling as an occupation in the city, phasing out those presently operating over the next 3 years.


1) Approving the increased use of CSA Southeast, Inc. to provide inspection services.
2) Approved Firefighter Union Contract commencing on Oct. 1, 2006, for a period of 3 years.
3) Approved the use of $18,300 from Lauderhill's Federal Forfeiture Fund to provide 1 emergency/disaster relief traffic signal.
4) Approved a speed hump in the 4200 block of NW 73rd Avenue, based upon the request of petitions signed by residents located there.
5) Approved agreement to obtain property/casualty insurance through the Florida League of Cities, saving over $900,000 in premium.
6) Cancelled the October 9 Commission Meeting, due to conflict with a legal holiday, Columbus Day.


Tabled the Christ for the Nations Church Special Exception Use Application until either they obtain a proper survey showing they are more than 1 mile from an existing House of Religious Worship, or apply for a Variance from the LDR from the 1 mile separation requirement in the LDR.

Monday, September 25, 2006

New Address For eLauderhill News

Effective immediately, to reach eLauderhill News, you can use the following easier link:

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Inventors Expo

"It's In You" Speakers Network with host AWAKE! An Inventors Expo. Keynote Speaker Bob Levy Product Designer will speak on Patents, Trademarks, Service Marks, Copyrights, and attorney or agents that can assist in the process. The event is schedule for Saturday October 8, 2006, 9 AM to 3:30 PM, at the Inverrary Plaza Resolrt Hotel, 3501 Inverrary Blvd.

Vendor Participants are $100. Attendees admission is $10. Contact 754-245-4093 or for more information. This information was distributed by the Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Notes of CRA and Commission Meeting of September 11

The Commission met, heard and acted upon the following items of particular interest:


1) Approve the tenatative budget for the upcoming year.
2) Authorized the CRA Director to proceed with necessary steps to acquire property located at 4037-4039 NW 19th Street.



1) Approved adopting a tentative property tax rate for next years budget of $6.02, plus $.631 assessment for repayment of the voter approved GO Bond. This is the same rates from this year.


1) The City recognized Principal Sevier of Paul Turner Elementary (C to A), Principal King of Larkdale Elementary (F to C) and Principal Phillips of Smart School (D to A), for increases in their FCAT scores at least 2 letter grades.
2) Received Principal Nesmith as the new principal for Lauderhill Middle School.
3) Received a $1000 scholarship to the Martin Luther King Task Force by the Oscar Thomas Foundation.


1) Approved a $3 million purchase of property on Oakland Park Blvd. (the site of the old Publix and CVS) for future construction of a new city hall.


1) Re-appointed Arnie Seldon to the Code Enforcement Board as a member, and appointed Theodore D. Taylor (who lives in the newly annexed area of Broward Estates) as an alternate member.
2) Approved rankings of the auditor for the city main accounts in the following order: Watson Rice, Harvey Covington, and Sharpton Burson.
3) Approved the construction and a mobile unit purchase on property for a temporary fire station on 31st Ave., to serve the new southeast side of the city. This was needed since the county failed to turn over the fire station in St. George on 31st Ave., for the city to use in servicing these new areas. Before annexation the county promised to turn over all county assets in those areas to the city, which we relied upon. The fire station, which we expected to be turned over, is an asset of the county, presently within the control with the Sheriff Department, which is a department of the county.


1) Tabled the Special Exception Application for Christ for the Nations Church, on property on Commercial Blvd. The table was because of two issues which may require variances first. One, if it is determined to be within 1 mile of another House of Religious Worship. Second, if it is determined to be a free standing building, as they stated it was in their testimony. Variance are heard before Special Exception Use Applications can be heard.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Notes of Commission Meeting of August 28

Because of the impeding Tropical Storm Ernesto, the Commission still conducted its regular commission meeting, but expedited matters. Only items that were either deemed critical to be heard, or could be approved by Consent Agenda or with little discussion, were heard. This way minimal staff could attend the meeting, and instead prepare for the storm. At the time of the meeting, we were unaware if Ernesto would remain a Tropical Storm, or increase in intensity to a Hurricane again.

The following items were acted upon:

1) Approved purchase of old Publix/CVS site on Oakland Park Blvd., for $3 million. The purpose of this property is for the construction of the new Lauderhill City Hall

1) Approved agreement with FDOT for maintaining landscaping improvements on State Road 7;
2) Approved Assignment Agreement with Broward County for assigning Comcast Cable franchise services in Broward Estates to the City of Lauderhill;
3) Approved a Resolution asking the Governor to convene a special session of the Florida Legislature to address the crisis in the Florida's Windstorm Insurance Market, requested by Mayor Richard J. Kaplan and Commissioner Benson.
4) Approved increasing the value of a home from $185,000 to $250,000 to qualify for HOME/SHIP Funds under Lauderhill's Local Hosing Assistance Plan;

All remaining matters were either tabled until the next Commission Meeting of September 11, or Regular Commission Workshop of September 18.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Broward Estates Joins Lauderhill and Workshops Scheduled

Effective September 15, 2006, 8000 more residents will become part of the City of Lauderhill. This has been accomplished by the completion of annexing that area known as Broward Estates. This area is south of NW 7th Street to Broward Blvd., between NW 31st Ave. and just east of State Road 7. It completes the agreed upon annexation which previously included West Ken Lark, the Swap Shop and St. George. Total population of the city now is approximately 70,000. At this time, no further expansion of the city is under consideration.

Since these newly annexed areas pay taxes to the city, including sharing in the cost of the 2005 $35 million GO Bond, meetings have been scheduled in this areas to better hear from the community their needs and what capital improvements they would be seeking. This area, which also has been called the Southeast Section of Lauderhill, has had limited opportunity for such workshops that were conducted throughout Lauderhill before the vote on the bond was put forward.

The meetings are scheduled as follows:

1) St. George - 7 PM, September 12 at St. George Community Center
2) West Ken Lark - 7:30 PM, September 13 at West Ken Lark Community Center
3) Broward Estates - 7 PM, September 19 at Parkway Middle School

The meetings are open to all, and public participation will be encouraged. Discussion is limited to short to long term budgeting issues, particularly related to capital improvements over the next 5 years.

Friday, September 08, 2006

2nd Annual Hispanic Festival

On Sunday, October 8, from 10 AM to 9 PM, the City of Lauderhill will be holding its 2nd Annual Hispanic Festival. The event, held at the Lauderhill Sports Park on Oakland Park Blvd., is free for all.

This year the featured artist is Grammy Nominee, Carlos Oliva. For more information call 954-730-3000 or check with the City's web page at:

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

3rd CRA District Created

The Lauderhill Community Redevelopment Agency has announced a third geographic area for revitalization. The boundaries of this area in Lauderhill are State Road 7 to the west; NW 19 Street to the north; NW 31 Avenue to the east; and, NW 7 Street to the south, with the exception of some residential areas.

The CRA extends beyond Lauderhill and is designated to be an Enterprise Zone, targeted for economic revitalization. It does this by providing tax advantages and incentives for businesses to located within the zone. More information can be found at: and

Monday, September 04, 2006

Vote September 5th Primary. Your Vote Counts

On September 5th Voters will be asked to decide several races. Please refer to eLauderhill News for information and recommendations in an earlier article.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Police Report

The kids were active as school was closed yesterday. The police department responded to a delayed burglary on the grounds of the Swap Shop and Officers noticed five kids on the grounds of the Larkdale Elementary school. As officers approached, all five ran but were captured along NW 12 Place. One of the kids was in the possession of a screwdriver. All admitted their activities in the Swap Shop and were charged with Burglary.

Sgt. Fifer and Detective Gordon arrested two adults and one juvenile at 2244 NW 59 Way for possession of Cannabis over 20 grams, possession of concealed weapons and resisting arrest. Also recovered were brass knuckles, a baseball bat and a bulletproof vest. One motor vehicle was seized for forfeiture.

Detectives from the county wide gang task force interviewed the prime suspect in the painting of graffiti at the water tank on Oakland Park Blvd. A confession was obtained and we are charging him with the Criminal Mischief but are also trying to charge him with Burglary for being on the fenced in city property.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lauderhill Fairs Well through Tropical Storm Ernesto

Dear Residents of Lauderhill:

The City is supplying the following Report:

The City of Lauderhill advises residents that although the storm may have passed, we may still expect rain and gusts of wind throughout the day. Weather bands are still possible and the failure to take caution could result in injury. Please remain vigilant while conducting any outdoor activities.

Our City has no reported structural damage, flooding, power outages, or injuries as a result of the Tropical Storm.

On Thursday, the 31st of August, regular garbage service will begin again. City Parks, City Hall, City facilities, and related activities and services are also expected to resume regularly scheduled operating hours. Employees should report to work at regularly scheduled times on Thursday as well.

Sunday's Trinidad/Tobago Multi-Cultural Day will proceed at the Lauderhill Mall as planned.

Please tune to WQFF 1650 AM, or log on to, for further updates as well.

The County Reports as follows:

Emergency Operations Gearing Down

Broward County was fortunate to experience only minimal effects from Tropical Storm Ernesto. Just over two inches of rain have been recorded as of this morning. There are no reports of flooding. The highest wind gust was recorded at 50 mph at Port Everglades. Power outages have been scattered with fewer than 500 homes without power. Broward remains under a flood watch and a Tropical Storm Warning; however, the Hurricane Watch has been lifted.

The following are updates on service resumptions and other emergency response actions:

1) Broward County Transit buses will resume a normal operating schedule today, Wednesday, August 30, beginning at noon. Paratransit services will also resume normal service at noon today.
2) Tri-Rail service will resume on Thursday.
3) Approximately 680 persons were at the six American Red Cross Shelters (as of 6:00 a.m. this morning). The shelter population is rapidly diminishing as residents return home. Transportation will be provided for those evacuees that need it.
4) The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is open. Travelers should check with their airlines before leaving for the airport.
5) The Coast Guard is currently performing inspections at Port Everglades. Port Everglades anticipates resuming normal operations by noon today. Cruise passengers should contact their cruise lines for information.
6) No disruptions have been reported on the major roadways. Three traffic signals were damaged; however, these are currently being repaired.
7) All Service Refuse and Waste Management Inc. plan to resume garbage and recycling collections tomorrow. There will be no collections today.
8) Broward County schools will be in full session tomorrow.
9) Broward County government will be open tomorrow with normal business operations.
10) The Hurricane Hot Line has responded to more than 14,000 calls. The Hot Line will remain operational until 5:00 p.m. today.
11) Early voting will resume at noon tomorrow at all designated locations.
12) The Emergency Operations Center will scale back operations to a Level II which is a partial activation, effective 9:00 a.m. today. Only emergency response staff that is necessary to finalize operations will remain at the Center. It is expected that the Emergency Operations Center will return to a monitoring phase by noon today.

Broward County was fortunate not to experience any serious impacts from Tropical Storm Ernesto. During the response to this threat, the Broward Emergency Response Team was able to successfully implement and test many of the lessons learned from Hurricane Wilma. Florida Power and Light was prepared with crews to respond to anticipated power outages and had additional crews stationed in Sarasota if needed. The entire response team was prepared and standing by to respond to any public safety threat that may have resulted from Tropical Storm Ernesto.

Very Truly Yours,

Richard J. Kaplan
Mayor, City of Lauderhill