Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Complex for Education, Heritage & Preservation

The announcement that Bobby Jones was moving his Gospel Complex for Education, Heritage & Preservation to Lauderhill earlier this week caught the City of Lauderhill by surprise. Though the letter sent to the City of Fort Lauderdale, and the newspapers articles stated, that there was an invitation and offer from Lauderhill, no such invitation or offer has ever been made. At least not from the Administration or Commission of the city.

Only very recently has Bobby Jones' organization sat down with city administration officials to discuss the possibility. Presumably, more discussion will follow, and the Commission will meet in January to discuss it. It is unknown what Lauderhill may be asked to offer, or what they are proposing. It is unknown if they are asking any more than permission to develop in Lauderhill. The site selected is privately held, and if properly zoned, then a for profit venture has the ability to pursue its prospects of development without necessarily needing Commission approval.

The possibility of the facility only adds to the evidence of economic upturn in the 441 corridor in Lauderhill, along with Carrishoca, TapTap City, new County Regional Park, Georgetown, plans for redevelopment of the Lauderhill Mall, other proposed residential communities, and the redevelopment of the MacArthur Dairy site. At this point it appears that over $300,000,000 in new construction will be taking place.

While no decision has been made, because no proposals have been discussed, the opportunity of the facility in Lauderhill could be another significant boost to the area. As more information becomes available, more will be reported.

For a look at what the Dr. Bobby Jones had proposed for Ft. Lauderdale, use the following links:,+Heritage+%26+Preservation%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=1, and

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