Saturday, December 10, 2005

A New Beginning

December 10, 2006

For some time, I have wanted to be able to communicate with those that have an interest in Lauderhill, but did not know how this could be efficiently done. In the past I have used letters, newsletters, and a variety of ways to help me help those I represent. As Mayor of Lauderhill, this is had some success, but I always wondered if I could reach more, I could help more.

This new media, web log or "blog" is a way for me to keep you better posted on items you may have interest in and around Lauderhill. Also, you can let me know more about what you think of what I write about, or about what we don't write about. I recently learned all about this at a conference I attended.

In the end, it should allow more information to get to you and others about what a community is all about. I will do my best, with my limited knowledge of this media, to put out this information. I am positive I will make mistakes on putting this together. However, that's part of the fun and the exploration of this medium.

Some rules about this process. First, this is not a newsletter affiliated with, or in anyway paid for by the City of Lauderhill. This is my own private electronic newspaper, so to speak. Second, while comments are encouraged, and I expect both positive, negative and anything across the board, I would ask no inappropriate language, and that negative comments of my family be left out. Not an unreasonable request. Finally, as an elected official, I am up for re-election. This Blog is not a campaign device, though clearly that could be debated. At least up until the election on March 14, 2006. I do expect to continue this afterwards, so then it would lose this point. Therefore, even though this does not cost me anything to put together, the service is free, I will put in the required disclosure.

I look forward to this New Beginning.

Mayor Richard J. Kaplan

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Richard J. Kaplan, non-partisan, for Mayor of Lauderhill-Seat 5


Rafael Nieves said...

Congratulations on your new blog. I'm glad to see our community leaders embracing new technology and forms of communication.

Arthur Gladstone said...

I am taking this opportunity to thank you for all the updates and notices you have posted during the recent disaster; it was helpful. We are especially grateful for the role that the city played in the guys were terrific...
-Arty Gladstone, Pres., Lakes of Environ

Randy Aguiar said...

It's great to see this type of initiative and existing technology utilized. It is through this type of effort that the city of Lauderhill will shed its "old" image and gain a positive one.