Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lauderhill Police SWAT Report for the Weekend of June 19

On Friday, June 19, three separate SWAT units consisting of four operators were dispatched to all areas of the City to conduct fugitive sweeps. During the sweeps, the Eastside team approached 3720 NW 17th Street to apprehend a known felon. Upon approach a male fitting the description fled from the operators. While fleeing, the suspect discarded a back pack contain suspect cannabis.

The suspect then fled into the house. Fresh pursuit was in play and units apprehended the suspect inside. While conducting a protective sweep of the interior, more suspect cannabis was observed. VIN Detectives responded and acquired a search warrant from the residence where they recovered more contraband and a start up grow consisting of six maturing plants.

Soon after, the buy bust operation began. The inclement weather hampered officer efforts initially, however the operation pressed on. All areas of the City were targeted and arrests were made in Central and on the East District. The buy bust arrest also yielded informants which led to the successful purchase of illegal narcotics out of a location in the NW. The following are the results of the Operation:

3 arrests for delivery of crack cocaine
1 arrest for possession of cannabis with intent to deliver
1 arrest for an outstanding warrant (Fraud/Grand Theft)
1 arrest for possession of cannabis
1 arrest for felony traffic
26 citations written
1 seized vehicle
1 search warrant service
1 controlled undercover drug purchase from a house in Inverrary home area (Still under investigation)
$1,152.00 seized
3.5 pounds of cannabis seized
6 Maturing Marijuana plants (Grow)
2.5 Grams of crack cocaine seized

From the DUI Checkpoint:

Here are the totals for June 21st DUI checkpoint, as indicated by those officers who turned in a statistics sheet. Below is a breakdown of the TOTALS:

DUI arrests - 4
Felony Arrest - 3
Misdemeanor Arrests - 12
Criminal Citation - 48
Moving Citation - 31
Non-Moving Citation - 108
Seatbelt Citation - 18
Child Restraint - 9

Total number of Officers who responded to the event - 52
Total Arrests - 19
Total Criminal - 48
Total Citations - 214
Total Vehicles Towed - 19
Total number of vehicles processed thru the checkpoint pit area 1,202 in 5 hours.

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