Monday, September 21, 2009

Some County Commissioners Do Not Support Lauderhill Appointment

Over the last two years the City of Lauderhill has been working to increase the size of the Broward County Tourism Board. The purpose was part of the plan through the Board to help develop international and national sporting events in the new Central Regional Park. The reason the multi-purpose stadium was built in the first place. However, being a County Park, the County has been unsuccessful in promoting activities on their own, and the stadium remains mostly empty. It is felt that the appointment from Lauderhill could help promote more at the Park and in Central Broward County as a whole.

Due to Lauderhill's effort, this last legislative season the Legislature approved the increase in the board by two, one slot specifically for a representative from an area that has a county regional park capable of hosting national and international sporting events. This is the description that Lauderhill put forward with the intent and understanding that a representative from Lauderhill would be appointed by the County Commission. The analysis done by researchers for the State Legislature said the language was an apparent reference to Lauderhill.

Instead of following the clear intent of the legislation, the Legislature, and the efforts of the City of Lauderhill, some County Commissioners have gone out of their way to prevent Lauderhill from not getting the appointment. Strangely, it is acknowledged the City of Lauderhill is the reason they have the ability to make the appointments in the first place. Besides the name put forth by the Lauderhill Commission, Commissioner Hayward Benson, County Commissioners have also put forth Mayor Peter Bober of Hollywood and Pembroke Pines City Commissioner Angelo Castillo.

The decision by the County Commission will shortly be made, and attention should be directed to any County Commissioners who do not support the efforts of their cities. Their actions demonstrate their respect or lack thereof to Lauderhill.

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