Monday, August 27, 2012

Flooding in NW Area - Other Areas OK - Updated 1:23 PM


All City of Lauderhill buildings and services are fully operational. Lauderhill’s regular trash pick-up is on schedule.

Some isolated streets and roads were flooded due to the heavy rains associated with Tropical Storm Isaac.

To report flooding or damaged or blocked water control structures, call the South Florida Water Management District Citizen Information Line toll-free at (877) 429-1294.

If you have any other questions regarding Tropical Storm Isaac, please call Broward County’s Emergency Operation Center at 954-831-4000.


The city has heard from quite a few residents about the flooding in the NW area and we are aware of the situation.  Employees of the city have been trying to do everything they can.  The city pumps have been continuously in operation and working fine.  Trucks have been going around to find if there are any drainage clogs (not aware if we have found any), and the city has been talking with the South Florida Water Management District to assist in increasing the drainage flow, which I believe they have agreed to.

The good news is that it appears the line of squalls that have been sitting over our heads for the last few hours has finally moved to the west.  This will give time for drainage to happen.

We are having a City Commission Meeting tonight and I am sure this issue will be coming up for discussion.

In the meantime, we are asking for those in the flooded areas to not drive through them looking around because they create a wake that can push into someone's home.  

Most of Tropical Storm Isaac is passing, but we are still experiencing some bands of rain and wind.  Rain should diminish as the day goes by.  We are still planning on our Commission Meetings later today when things have subsided.

Overall, flooding has not occurred except in the NW area of the city.  It was draining, but a combination of high tide and full canals with saturation of ground has caused the flooding.

We have been trying to notify South Florida Water Management District, which controls the canals, about the situation.  There is a 9 am telephonic meeting where we will be able to update them.

All other roadways are passable, though we do not recommend you go out unless absolutely needed.

Attached is a photo from the NW area.

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JoChet said...

I think the South Florida water Management has once again dropped the ball.

Do you remember the "no name" storm of 10 years ago.