Sunday, September 08, 2013


Most of the City of Lauderhill’s improvements were in the area of canal bank stabilization and restricting of the swales and canal embankments.  The City has also been maintaining the existing drainage system by continual cleaning of culverts, catch basins, and retention areas.  Upcoming projects include paving and restructuring of the swales and canal embankment in various canals as well as a culvert replacement.  However, projects that were reported in last year's progress report are shown below with updated information:

1.            Continue with the drainage system maintenance including catch basins, pipes, and culvert cleaning – on-going
2.            Hired a contractor to assist with culvert and catch basin cleaning to include inventory updates – in progress
3.          Roadway improvements including installation of catch basins and swale reconfiguration NW 55 Avenue – in progress
4.     Continue monitoring and stabilization at hot spot areas including Westwind Lake, Canals 20, NW 33 Street – in progress
5.            Canal 25 and 26 bank stabilization/repair – completed
6.            Embankment stabilization canal 29 – completed
7.           NW 47 Avenue roadway including culvert replacement and installation of catch basins and french drains – complete
8.            Culvert Replacement at NW 50 St. and NW 82 Ave. – in progress
9.            Roadway and Swale improvements on Inverrary Blvd. – planned for 2014
10.         NW 19th Street roadway and culvert improvement – County project planned for 2014

One of the most exciting accomplishments this year was the CRS Class upgrade.  From the beginning of the CRS membership year in 1978, the City has been a Class 9 which allowed for a 5% discount on flood insurance premiums.  With the new Class 7 designation, our residents and business owners located within the Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) are now eligible for a 15% discount.

New FEMA flood maps were released and we are waiting for the final letter of determination announcing the acceptance.  Once that letter has been received, there will be a six month waiting period at which time Broward County will adopt the new maps.  Once that has taken place, the City will also adopt the new.  There is currently no time limit for the letter of determination issuance.

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