Thursday, February 23, 2006

CRA's and You - Part II

Over the last several months the CRA Board (composed of the Mayor and City Commissioners) have passed both the State Road 7 and Central Lauderhill CRA plans. Details of these plans can be found at: Each plan lays out what Lauderhill intends to accomplish in each area, to remove the problems so prevelant in those areas.

The Central Lauderhill plans include the rebuilding of a new City Hall on Oakland Park Blvd., and the introduction of new housing at the site of what remains of City Hall. Also, purchase for redevelopment of Mission Lake Plaza, plus road and drainage improvements. The State Road 7 plans include redevelopment of the corridoor with new streetscapes and landscaping, mixed use retail, and an international market place.

Each of these plans are feasible with the support of the City and the community. When completed, there will be remarkable changes in the face of the region, along with a significant improvement in the quality of life.

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no name said...

One aspect of Lauderhill requiring improvement is Stonebridge Gardens as per

How many more months are these people going to talk the subject to death before any physical takes place?