Monday, June 06, 2011

Police Blotter - Arrests

1) Detective XXXXXX arrested XXXXXXX for forcibly removing a gold necklace from an elderly woman's neck. It occurred near the bus stop in the 3100 block of NW 19th Street (Lauderhill Point) The arrestee was picked up in the Swap Shop.

2) A few days ago, a juvenile was arrested for Burglary at XXXX NW 3 Street. The juvenile removed a lap top, Wii game and a play station system. A second juvenile is being sought.

3) Detective XXXXXX arrested a juvenile for Attempted Burglary at XXXX NW 82 Ave. A full confession was obtained along with information about a gang at Piper High.

4) Two more people were arrested for Burglary. XXXXX from Lauderhill and XXXXX from Plantation entered XXXX NW 46 Ave.#X and removed a flat screen tv, laptop and cellphone. All property has been recovered.

5) Officers on the east side of our city responded to a burglary in process where three male adults were arrested. The break-in occurred at XXXX NW 18 Place (West Kenlark). All property has been recovered. One adult lives a block away, a second in Driftwood on 19th Street and 31 Ave and a third in Ft.Lauderdale.

6) XXXX XXXXX of XXXX NW 14 St. Lauderhill, was arrested for Burglary on Wednesday, for entering the residence at XXXX NW 43 Terrace. The arrestee's partner, XXXXX XXXXXX from Plantation was also arrested for Burglary as he waited outside.

7) A man was arrested Monday night after robbing a CVS pharmacy and then leaving a trail of cash and other items that helped police find him inside a nearby laundry mat, authorities said. A man robbed the CVS pharmacy along the 5500 block of Oakland Park Boulevard at gunpoint. He took an undetermined amount of money from the register and other items from the store. While running away, the man dropped cash and some other items, leaving a trail that led police to a laundry mat at the 7 Star plaza where the suspect was apprehended.

8) XXXX XXXX was arrested at a traffic stop in the 5500 block of Oakland Park Blvd. He had an active warrant for his arrest for Driving while License Suspended. He was also charged with cannabis possession and violating his felony probation.

9) XXX XXXXX was arrested for aggravated domestic battery at XXXX NW 46 Ave. #XXX.

10) XXXXX XXXXXXX was arrested in a burglary in process as officers surrounded the building, he was on the roof removing an A/C unit. He was arrested at XXXX NW 19th Street.

11) XXXX XXXXXX was arrested in Cypress Grove during a disturbance.

12) XXXXXX XXXXXX was arrested in John Mullin Park when an officer was talking to him when a colt 38 cal fell out of his pant leg. He also had an active traffic warrant an no CCF license.

13) Crime Suppression Unit watched as two juveniles were looking into windows at XXXX La Mirage. When traffic went by, they ducked into bushes. Both were taken into custody for Loitering and Attempted Burglary.

14) Two juveniles were loitering in front of the convenience store at XXXX Pine Island Road. One provided a false name the other had cannabis. Both were arrested.

15) XXXX XXXXXX was arrested at Flamingo Liquors after a call about the person selling DVD's and threatening with a gun. As officers attempted to frisk the person, he attempted to flee but was restrained. He had 10.5 grams of cannabis on his person and was arrested for drugs and battery on a law enforcement officer.

16) Armed Robbery occurred in Cypress Grove where three males forcibly took fifty dollars and a bottle of liquor.

17) A second robbery occurred in Cypress Grove in an elevator where one male pulled out a revolver and demanded money. Two shots fired but no one struck.

18)Armed robbery in the 2000 block of NW 49 Ave where a juvenile grabbed an IPOD. Officers located and arrested the juvenile at XXXX NW 20 Street. Property was returned.

19) Officer XXXXX arrested two juveniles who were riding ATVs and fleeing police in the 4000 block of NW 16 Street. The city seized the ATV.

20) Two court ordered drug search warrants were conducted by the swat team:

XXXX NW 16th Street - Four arrests
Sale and Delivery of Cocaine
Possession of a Stolen Firearm by a convicted felon
Possession of Cannabis
Possession of Cocaine
One firearm seized, 4 grams of cocaine and 10 grams of cannabis

XXXX NW 46th Ave #X (King's Row) - Two arrests
Sale and Delivery of Cannabis and Cocaine
Outstanding warrants on both
One shotgun and three handguns seized
Two bulletproof vests
Apt had surveillance cameras
183 grams of Cannabis seized
30 ecstasy pills seized
$1,100 cash seized

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