Saturday, January 21, 2012

Unitown Slots Available for High School Students

The City of Lauderhill still has a few open unclaimed Unitown spots.

UNITOWN is a weekend retreat for high school students where they receive training and enlightment on issues involving diversity, community values and leadership. It brings together a group of diverse high school students from many racial, religious and cultural backgrounds in a controlled setting to interact with each other with a carefully selected, skilled and equally diverse adult/student volunteer staff. Students who attend will be sharing experiences of their own culture, gaining a better understanding of other groups and preparing themselves for leadership roles in their schools and in our community. It runs from Saturday February 18 through Monday February 20th.

UNITOWN will train youth for effective leadership in a pluralistic democracy without bigotry or discrimination and without compromise of distinctive faiths or identities.

The objectives are:

To learn about prejudice and discrimination and the effect they have on others within our society;

To achieve greater understanding and respect for one's self through interaction with persons of different ethnic origins;

To develop skills needed to help solve individual and group problems in human relations;

To help students understand and respect cultures different from their own; and To give direction to young people's convictions and ideas regarding society

There is a nominal $30 non-refundable deposit; all trip costs (including food and lodging) are sponsored by the City of Lauderhill.

This is one of those priceless (sometimes life changing) opportunities for teens--and adult volunteers--if you are interested, just let me know. It also looks great on a college application.

Call Daphne, Joy or Ruth at City of Lauderhill (954) 321-2450 if you have any questions and to turn in your applications.

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