Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lauderhill Breakdown of Capital Improvements $$$

Because of inquiries concerning where capital improvements were being constructed in Lauderhill and whether the funds (mostly from the GO Bond) were fairly distributed throughout the city, a report was generated documents the improvements.

The following is a summary of those expenditures from 2005 to date and the area of the city it occurred:

CENTRAL AREA (west of the Turnpike and south of Oakland Park Blvd.)  $6.77 Million
NORTHWEST AREA (west of University Dr.) $4.47 Million
EAST AREA (between 441 and the Turnpike) $5.55 Million
SOUTHEAST AREA (St. George/Broward Estates/West Ken Lark) $8.38 Million
MAJOR CITY ROADS (441, Oakland Park Blvd and 56th Ave.) $17.09 Million
CITY WIDE PROJECTS (PAC and City Hall) $11.34 Million

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