Monday, February 16, 2015

Municipal Services District Landscape Improvements Approved for Sunrise Boulevard

The Board of County Commissioners has approved a Memorandum of 
Agreement between Broward County and the Florida Department of 
Transportation (FDOT) for the installation and maintenance of landscape 
improvements in the Broward Municipal Services District along Sunrise 

The Central Neighborhood Beautification Project is scheduled to begin 
in June, 2015 and will enhance roadways in the Roosevelt Gardens, 
Washington Park and Franklin Park neighborhoods. The project 
includes the installation of landscape and irrigation improvements 
costing $192,000 within the medians on Sunrise Boulevard between 
NW 31st Avenue and NW 24th Avenue. The landscaping 
will comply with the requirement for minimum 50% native 
species by plant types and with the Broward County NatureScape 
Program and Florida-Friendly Landscaping principles.

As this portion of Sunrise Boulevard is a State road, the County must 
obtain a permit from FDOT for installation and maintenance of the 
proposed improvements. 

Landscape design will be presented to the Central 
County Community Advisory Board on February 18, 2015. 

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