Sunday, March 22, 2015


As free agency has been taking place, so has the shaping of the team.  Early on I summarized potential draft pick positions, being:

High Draft Pick Areas – OG/OT, NT/DT
Mid to High Draft Pick Areas – LB, CB, S
Mid to Late Draft Pick Areas – TE, WR
Late Draft Pick/Undrafted Areas – K

Now it looks more like this due to Free Agency:

High Draft Pick Areas (1-3) – WR, OG
Mid Draft Pick Areas (4-5) – LB, CB, S
Late Draft Pick Areas (6-7) – RB
Late Draft Pick (7)/Undrafted Areas – K, P

They did this first by letting go several wide receivers, a TE, offensive and defensive linemen and a LB.  They have also re-secured several players, QB, RB, OL, S, CB and DB.  In the process they signed a massive NT,  and serviceable starters at C/OG, TE and WR.

Dependent upon another players being let go or signed, the needs of the team are changing (I understand they are looking at another Free Agency WR).  At this time the team needs are a bit different:

NT - Because of the signing of Suh everything has changed on the defensive line and the draft.  It is doubtful that another player will be drafted for the line, especially early on.  It is time some of the young DL's on the roster are tested to see if they can develop or not. If not, they are gone.

OG - Early on I said the team needed to sign at least one good veteran OG as well as a high draft pick.  Well they did sign a veteran but one veteran is not enough to solidify the offensive line by itself.  Another starting OG is still needed badly.  There are several really good OG's that will be available in the 2nd and 3rd round (maybe the 4th but that is pressing it), but seeing the Dolphins don't have a 3rd round pick, it is going to have to be in the 2nd round.  My favorites would be Irving, Jackson or Matias.  If they wait until the 4th round, there is a small chance that Marpet or Poutasi might be there.  I wouldn't wait.

CB - The Dolphins re-signed Delmas (who is injured) and they have some young prospects that this may be the year they succeed or they are gone.  Another CB in the draft may be desired, but then see S below.

LB - No doubt, we need an ILB.  Preferably one that can also be an OLB.  The 5th round is where it will have to be taken from and there should be several good value choices available.  I would be looking for Jones, Dawson, Hull or Ryan and possibly Spraight.

TE - Though Clay is gone, they signed a Free Agent TE with Sims, and Lynch as backup.   I don't know if anyone worthy will be left for the 5th or 6th round, so it may be best to look at bringing in some undrafted players and try them out.

S - This is a position of need and even better if it could be a FS that could play some CB as well.  The Dolphins could use either of their 4th or one of their 5th round draft picks for someone like Grant, Eskridge, Drummond or Sample.

WR - This is where it gets interesting.  The Dolphins essentially traded a 3rd round draft pick for a veteran WR.  However, they lost 3 veteran WR's and they still need a show stopper.  So my belief is that if the Dolphins can select in the 1st round either Cooper, White or Parker (which is projected to be available) they go with it. 

RB - The Dolphins need a strong big back to push in short yard situations.  Johnson and Cobb would be great, but I doubt they will be available beyond the 3rd round.  Brown, D. and Crockett may be available in the 6th or 7th round.

At this point it seems the Dolphins are cleaning house of a lot of expensive average players, moving towards seeing if their youth can carry the load and developing a team from the inside rather than through Free Agency. Most successful teams work this way, so while it might take another year for the team to really excel, in the long run it should be far more sustainable and beneficial. 

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