Monday, August 03, 2015

ICC Suspends USACA

Recently the International Cricket Council (ICC) suspended again the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA), who was the cricket association administering cricket in the US and sanctioned all international and national games.  The suspension was due to the failure of USACA to comply with numerous provisions of the ICC Constitution, among other reasons.

At this time the ICC has assumed the authority to sanction all future games until such time as they determine if USACA or some other organization may be granted this authority.  USACA still manages cricket in the US though this is unclear as to what this means.

In the meantime previous attempts by organizations who were unable to obtain sanctioning authority from  USACA are now working towards this goal from the ICC.

It has already been announced that the Caribbean Premiere League (CPL) is planning to hold games in Lauderhill in 2016.  Also efforts to bring international games involving the WICB and other international teams are being sought.

In all of these situations, plans are very early and nothing has been set, sanctioned or confirmed.

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