Friday, August 28, 2015

Update on Tropical Storm Erika and Lauderhill Meetings

TS Erika has been a bit of an erratic storm and projections over the last 48 hours have her going from a Tropical Storm to as a Class 1 or 2 Hurricane, and as far down as a Tropical Wave.  The direction started towards South Florida, moved east off coast between Florida and the Bahamas, and now moving west, possibly towards the Keyes.

The one thing predictable about this storm is that it is not predictable.  By Sunday a lot more will be known, but that may not leave much time to prepare.  Depending upon the situation, at worse, make sure you have set aside Sunday to complete preparation if you haven't already, including putting up shutters if needed.  Right now the biggest concern is flooding, but that may quickly change.

As to the closing of governmental buildings, schools, cancelling meetings and the like, no decisions have been made.  The City of Lauderhill staff will be discussing tomorrow whether to go forward with the Monday Night City Commission Meeting.  Depending upon the discussion the City Commission may be acting upon it and an announcement will be put out if there are any changes.

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