Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lauderhill Community Shuttle Bus #6 Is Running

Through the reprogramming of Broward County transportation funds, Mayor Richard Kaplan was successful to obtain monies to implement the 6th Lauderhill Community Shuttle Bus to service the southeast area of the city. This route, which Broward County calls the Central Connector, will be paid by for in full and administered by the county, and not Lauderhill, until 2008. The service will be free. Additional work is needed to insure funding beyond 2008.

The route will begin at the Lauderhill Mall, go through the Lauderhill Industrial Park, then into West Ken Lark, by the Swap Shop, then into St. George, and Broward Estates, stopping at Plantation General Hospital, and returning to the Mall. Once the Central Regional Park in Lauderhill, with the Library, Cultural Arts Facility and Carrishoca, are finished, an additional stop will also be provided there.

Trips are planned from 6:20 AM to 7:40 PM (with no service from 1:40 to 3:40 PM), Monday through Friday. Though the Shuttle Bus will have regular stops, like other Lauderhill Shuttle Buses, it will stop along the route if flagged down by riders. It will also connect into the Plantation and Lauderdale Lakes Community Shuttle Bus Systems, along with Broward County Transit.

For more information about all Lauderhill's Shuttle Bus Routes and timetables:

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