Friday, October 01, 2010

Lauderhill Press Release on Transfer of County Facilities in Annexed Areas


The City of Lauderhill Would Like to Update Residents Regarding the Transfer of Water/Sewer Services as Well as the Title of Fire Station #14 from Broward County to the City of Lauderhill.

The City of Lauderhill is still waiting for Broward County to transfer the water/sewer services for the recently annexed areas of West Ken Lark, St. George and Broward Estates. Consequently, the City still has no title or access to the existing Fire Station #14 located within the corporate limits of the City of Lauderhill, and is still operating its Fire Rescue Department out of a temporary triple-wide trailer Fire Station constructed on NW 31 Avenue.

It has been and still is the City’s position that the use of taxpayer’s funds to build the temporary Fire Station was prompted by the County’s failure to act in good faith. The dollars spent on the Station could have been utilized for other projects in the City of Lauderhill – especially the proposed projects in the areas near 441.

Additionally, the City continues to pursue transfer of the water and sewer infrastructure in our annexed areas of West Ken Lark, St. George and Broward Estates so all of our citizen’s can receive the same services.

The frustration expressed by residents is mounting because of the continued position of Broward County to withhold the assets that they rightfully own as residents and taxpayers of the City of Lauderhill. We ask that you share your concerns with your County Commissioners and ask them to relinquish these assets to the City of Lauderhill immediately.

Commissioner Ilene Lieberman – District #1

Commissioner Albert C. Jones – District #9

Broward County Governmental Building – 115 S. Andrews Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

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