Saturday, April 09, 2011

Update on Mayor's Projects for 2011

Earlier this year I put together a list of major projects I intend to pursue during 2011. Being that the first quarter of the year has passed, I thought it might be interesting to give an update on how those projects are proceeding:

1) PACE - Complete setting up the program, and arrange financing.

We are still proceeding, through the Green Committee, and we may have found a way to to provide this program through use of private financing, without putting the city at risk. However, there are challenges ahead. Over the next few month we will try to continue to develop this concept. We are also expanding the concept by also creating Performance Contracting that will accomplish the same thing, but not through a government arranged system.

2) Continue developing Sister City Programs.

It is hoped that a visit to Fuiggi, Italy will take place in June, to continue exploring the twinning process.

3) Determine if LEED-ND is appropriate to implement into the city.

After review, LEED-ND would not be appropriate for the city to proceed with. So this is coming off the list.

4) Implement GREENROADS into the MPO Plan.

We hope to meet with those that have put together this program some time this summer.

5) Create a GREEN EXPO in the last quarter of 2011.

We are proceeding ahead with the Broward Green Expo, at the Inverrary Vacation Resort and Conference Center, November 18 & 19. More information will be available in another article, and at

6) Set up the 2011-2012 Jazz Concert Series.

I have talked with the program sponsor to see if they are interested in sponsoring it again for the upcoming year. Once this is secured, I will proceed to set up the performances.

7) Investigate whether a Federal Procurement Incubator can be created.

We are still trying to set up a meeting with someone who can put this program together.

8) KIDS DAY - July 2.

This program is proceeding forward and more information will be forthcoming.

9) Create a City Blanket.

Just trying to get a camera to take a couple of more shots, and then we have to select the photos to use in the blanket.

10) Arrange funding for the 2012 Unitown Program ($1000) and 2012 Lauderhill Educational College Scholarship ($2000).

Not much activity has occurred on this yet. But I plan to work on this later this year.

Several other items may be added to the list on the next update.

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