Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lauderhill Receives Coverdell Forensic Science Grant

The Coverdell Forensic Science Grant is a federal grant that incorporates the new technology of DNA collection and identification. The Lauderhill Police Department has been approved for this grant in the amount of $118,785.00. The funds must be expended within the year period for the following:

Training for Crime Scene personnel
--Crime Scene Processing
--Crime Mapping
--Fingerprint Comparison
--CrimeScope Training

Equipment Purchases
--Forensic light source
--UV light source
--Laser mapping system
--Electronic evidence collection device

--Digital camera system
--Digital lenses
--UV camera system
--Metal detectors
--Laser trajectory kit

DNA lab Services (private/local)
--FBI certified

This grant will greatly reduce the backlog of DNA testing and having our own department do the collection. In the past this testing was done through BSO.

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