Friday, April 21, 2006

Board Appointments Available

The City Commission is now in the process of making appointment to many city boards. Such boards include the Arts, Cultural & Tourism Board, Recreational Advisory Board, Educational Advisory Board, and the Planning & Zoning Board, among others.

Though many of the positions are now filled, there are several remaining for those interested. In particular, there is a general Commission appointment to the Planning & Zoning Board, which is often a competitive position to obtain. At this time there are only a few that have applied, and requests for appointments are still open.

If anyone has interest in an appointment, then e-mail your resume and request to the city clerk at: You may also mail it to City Hall, or drop it by the offices at the site of the old Publix building on Oakland Park Blvd. For more information, you may call the City Clerks office at 954-714-5566. Time is critical if you are interested in applying, since decisions may be made at the next commission meeting, the second Monday of May.

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Paul said...

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