Monday, May 06, 2013

New BCPS Process for Grades 6 or 9 for the 2013/14 School Year: Re-Registration Required

Parents and/or guardians of students currently in grades 5 or 8 during the 2012/13 are required to re-register their child(ren) for the 2013/14 school year. To re-register, parents and/or guardians need to present four documents to the school the students will attend. This process change is a result to a change in School Board Policy 5000.1:

 Step 1: Provide two documents, one from Column A and one from Column B, listed in the table below:

Column A
Column B

a.   Current telephone or electric bill in the name of the person registering the child

b.   Mortgage statement

c.   Notarized lease agreement with name, address and phone number of leaser

d.   Mortgage commitment

e.   Home purchase contract including specified closing date, with copy of deed to be provided within 60 days of closing date

f.     Homestead exemption card

g.   Automobile insurance

h.   Current Florida Driver's License/Florida Identification card

i.     Cellular telephone bill

j.     Credit card statement

k.   Bank account statement

l.     United States Postal Service confirmation of address change request

m.  Declaration of Domicile form from the County Records Department


Step 2: Complete and submit the Registration Form and the Emergency Contact Form

To recap, four documents are required to complete re-registration process:
1.     One document from Column A
2.     One document from Column B
3.     Registration Form
4.     Emergency Contact Form

Additional details, including the Registration Form and Emergency Contact Form, are available at

If a parent and/or guardian is unable to prove residency within the school boundary area, or if their child has not been reassigned to a school through the Innovative Programs (Magnet) or Reassignment Process, please visit the boundary school to register the student.  To locate the appropriate school boundary, parents and/or guardians can locate the school online utilizing the District’s School Locator web application available at

Parents and/or guardians can also contact their current school administration if they have questions about this process and the steps and information needed to re-register.

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