Monday, January 12, 2015


It’s never too early to try to figure out what the future needs of the Dolphins will be in the upcoming draft and free agency.  While they do have a core group at several positions, they are still weak on some starting positions and in back up positions.


QB – Tannenhill is developing into a 2nd tier QB.  Whether he can break into the top tier next season is a question, but he has exceeded the abilities of most of the QB’s on the Dolphins of the near past.  His back up, Moore, is also very good, but expensive.  The Dolphins may lose Moore in free agency so they will probably need to pick up a new backup QB.

RB – A serviceable group of players that may improve even further.  Not a pressing need, but one that you would like to get stronger.

WR – A lot of talent that is getting better.  The question revolves around the future of Wallace and if he stays with the team.  If he does, then it is not a pressing need.  If he leaves then Landry will move up and a replacement will be needed.

TE – If we maintain the players we have, and don’t lose any to free agency, then it is developing nicely.  If we lose Clay, then another TE will be needed somewhere in the middle to late in the draft.

C – If we hold our players we are pretty well set.  Unfortunately Pouncey won’t get to play C much, but you play to your strengths. 

G – Between having one good starter and two back-ups trying to be starters, this is a strong need.  A lot will depend upon if last year 3rd round draft pick, Turner, can develop into a starting G or OT.  We need another starter at this position, not another back-up.  So either a high draft pick (top 3 rounds) or free agent is needed here.

T - Between starters James and Albert, the Dolphins were strong.  When Albert went down then back-ups tried to fill the gap.  Eventually this became a glaring weakness.   Again a lot will depend upon Turner, but a high draft pick or free agent is needed to be a back-up but could easily start.  Having too many quality players that can start is a nice luxury.


NT – We got by for the first part of the season but then the weakness started showing through.  We need a much bigger and stronger NT that can plug a hole.  Mitchell would be very good as a back-up and potential starter when needed.  So I can see a high draft pick (top 2 rounds).
DT – This is a very similar situation to NT if we lose Odrick to free agency.   Actually the loss of Odrick makes it even more of a need for a NT/DT.

DE – A pretty strong position, however, Dion Jordan is going to have to step it out or will be out one way or the other.

LB – While Jenkins has improved as a LB and Misi is better, it is only average, with some glaring weaknesses.  A mid round draft pick is in order.

CB – It was an up and down year, especially with injuries.  Depending who we may lose, at minimum someone has to be brought in, and those already there better improve quickly. 

S – We have Jones right now, and I think that is about it.  There are some OK back-ups and those that can play well on special teams (who knows, maybe someone steps it up) , but either we bring in a free agency and/or a top 3 draft pick.


P – We are set with Fields

K – We need to bring in another K to challenge.  Traditionally it is a low round draft or an undrafted free agent.  However, if a quality veteran becomes available we should give them a serious look.

LS – We are set unless Denney becomes too expensive.  However, the best LS are the ones you never remember, and it’s hard to remember him since he never makes a mistake. 


High Draft Pick Areas – OG/OT, NT/DT, S
Mid Draft Pick Areas – LB, CB
Mid to Late Draft Pick Areas – TE, RB, WR, QB

Late Draft Pick Areas - K

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