Sunday, April 26, 2015

Final 2015 Dolphin Draft Review - Update #5

When talk about the draft began certain positions were identified as of great need to the Dolphins.  Today those needs are almost the same as when they begin but at the same time they have crafted the draft to their philosophy of being in the position of drafting the best player available.

That said, the Dolphins still need more draft picks, so personally I believe they will be trading down.  Possibly in the 1st round, but also possibly in the 2nd round.  Though they could draft up, I certainly hope not because the talent is quite even and if you look at how teams are constructed, a good part of the roster comes from rounds 2 through 4.  Also, the Dolphins have had a poor history on early 1st round draft picks, particularly when they trade up.  Overall, usually their best talent also comes after the 1st round.

The major area they have vastly improved in is at DT with the acquisition of Suh.  In other areas, Offensive Line, Wide Receiver, Tight End and Cornerback, they have added a few free agents to help hold the line and possibly make some upgrades.  However, they still don't have the talent to really say they have solidified those positions long term.  Plus they still haven't addressed the Linebacker spot, particularly with the issues related to Dion Jordan and getting a bruising Running Back that can get short yard gains in tough situations.

What they do have is now the ability to draft what they want when their selection comes up.  Flexibility is a key advantage to this draft that has a lot of very good deep talent.  It also shows that while the Dolphins want to do well this year, they really are working on a 3 year plan.  This is only year two and it will take at least one more year for the team to fully develop to its full potential through the draft.

Nevertheless, what will the Dolphins be looking for from this draft?  In no particular order, a #1 Wide Receiver, an Inside Linebacker, probably an Outside Linebacker, one to two Guards (possibly one that can also play Tackle), as stated before a strong Running Back to take advantage of short yard situations, and a top line Cornerback.  Don't be surprised in the 6th or 7th round, but more likely as being undrafted, a Kicker, and at some point a Defensive End (because of Jordan).

So what is likely?  In the first round, whether they trade back or not, I think they will be looking at WR like Parker if they stay at 14 and he is still available.  Though not my preference, they could be looking at a RB like Gurley.  CB like Waynes is also possible.  If you are looking at OT/OG then Collins may be available.

Now if you trade down lower into the 1st round and pick up another 2nd round selection, you could have a choice between, OT/OG Collins (still may be available), Humphries or Erving; WR Agholor, Perriman or Dorsett; RB Gordon; ILB Kendricks; or CB Collins.  Not necessarily bad choices.  Then in the 2nd round you can pick up a lot of talent from any of the remaining positions other than what was pick in the 1st Round.  There is a lot of quality CB's, ILB/OLB's, OT/OG's and WR's that could help the team.  Having two choices among them would be a huge help.

Even in the 3rd round (if a the Dolphins obtain a pick there) there is a lot of quality Offensive Lineman left and could be some very good CB's too.  Looking as far as the 5th round there is a lot of potential talent.  I personally like Mike Hull there at ILB if one hasn't previously been selected.

Overall, this appears to be a very deep draft and a lot of potential talent especially in the later rounds.  The key is that you can't get any of it if you don't have a pick.  So that is why I believe the Dolphins should be looking at trying to do.

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