Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mayor's Report Card and Upcoming Goals

Every once in awhile it is important to look at what you planned, evaluate if you succeeded and what you are looking forward to in the future. As Mayor, I have done this periodically, the most recent time before being in January.  Therefore now, 3 months later, is a good time to update and reflect.

1)  7th Season of Jazz Picnic in the Park - December through April
     The season started in December and ends tomorrow.  We have had a lot of success and already we are looking at next season.  As usual 5 Jazz Concerts will be planned for the 8th Season, running on the 2nd Sunday from December to April.  More info at

2)  3rd Season of Tribute Concerts (Beatles and Journey) - February and March
     These concerts were highly successful.  Again we are looking on our 4th Season with expanding it to 3 concerts.  We are looking at Tributes to the Beatles, and possibly such other groups as the Eagles, Elton John, Fleetwood Mack or Motown as possibilities.  The concerts are going to move to permanently scheduled Saturday nights.   Some options are the 1st Saturday of each month from March through May, or the 4th or last Saturday of February to April.   More info will be posted at

3)  Posting our Concert Season on Facebook
      We now have a Facebook Page for Lauderhill Jazz Picnic and Tribute Concerts as well as a Mayor's Aide page which you can like or friend.  The most updated information on our concerts are posted there.

4)  Kids of Character Pizza Party with Royal Palm Elementary and adding another school - December and May
     The December Party took place in Royal Palm Elementary and Paul Turner Elementary.  Also, the other Commissioners have adopted other elementary schools in Lauderhill to duplicate this program.  We are now planning the next parties in May.

5)  Regional Chess Tournament for under 18 years of age - March
     While a Regional Chess Tournament is not taking place, we have had the Mayor's Chess Challenge been played in many cities.  Also, Lauderhill hosted in March a Chess Challenge.  Approximately 20 challengers played against the Florida State Champion at the Lauderhill Cultural Museum.  The results, the Champion one all of the games but one which was a draw.  

6)  Completion of "Guide to the City of Lauderhill" and distribution - December/January
     This has taken longer than expected since we wanted to be as thorough as possible.  Now in our 11th Revisions we believe the guide is finished and we are seeking bids to have copies published.  We hope to have this available in May. 

7)  Completion of Early Childhood Programs Brochure for Parents to teach their children from birth to 5 years of age, in conjunction with Vroom and the Bezos Family Foundation - 2014
     This program was launched and the brochures are being distributed to parents throughout the area.

8)  Design and prepare to distribute a new Tell the Mayor Survey specifically on Economic Development, use of Social Media, and use of recreational facilities - Results in March
     Due to time constraints this survey has not been worked on very much.  At this point we are not looking to move forward on it.

9)  Launch the Lauderhill Mobile App
     Though attempts to launch a Mobile App were tried, the city is still working on it.  It is funded in the budget.

10)  Launch the Economic Development LoopLink to allow users to search commercial properties in Lauderhill through the City’s website.
      This is funded in the budget and is now available on the city's web site.

11)  Launch Bank on Lauderhill as part of the Bank on Florida Program
      This is a new program to deal with un-banked and under-banked residents.  In Lauderhill alone it is estimated that almost 50% of the population fall into these categories.  This means that instead of using banks, our residents are using much more expensive alternative financial companies such as Check Cashing Stores, Pay Day Stores and Pawn Shops to handle their business affairs.  The program involves Banks, Credit Unions and Non-Profit Agencies getting together and helping provide residents with very low costs accounts at traditional financial institutions.  Soft opening of this program is starting in April and a Public Announcement with Financial Fair is planned for May.  Information will be posted on the city's web site.

12)  Create new regulations concerning Charter and Private Schools
     Presently the city has a 6 month moratorium concerning new Charter and Private Schools, to give the city time to create regulations to help protect our students and assure them the education that they are expecting.  State laws severely prevent the School Board from handling much of this responsibility so it now falls onto cities to see to the Health, Safety and Welfare, often through our zoning laws, to accomplish this.  New ordinances are expected to be in front of the Commission in May/June.

13)  Redesign of Evaluation Forms for Charter Officers and Contracted Attorneys
     New forms are being created to better address how we evaluate personnel of the city.  It is expected to be ready for use this summer when evaluations occur.  It is also being expanded to Contracted Attorneys working for the Safe Neighborhood District and Code Enforcement Board.

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