Monday, May 11, 2015

Miami Dolphins Post Draft Report

So another NFL Draft has come and gone.  Now everyone is grading how each team did.  The funny thing is that if you look to past years grades given by "Professionals," it is amazing how off they can be.

Take for instance last year's Dolphin pick of JaWuan James.  He was considered a 2nd round pick as well as Dolphins 2nd round pick of Jarvis Landry.  Both are now considered 1st round quality and James is among the best picks of the 1st round.

Teddy Bridgewater was a 2nd round projected pick and both Blake Bortles and Johnny Mazeil was considered to be a much better 1st round projected picks.  Right now Bridgewater is excelling, Manzeil is borderline bust (but still with some hope) and Bortles is just holding his own.

Then the top draft pick in 2014 was Jadeveon Clowney, who while still may turn out excellent, was injured most of last year.  And don't get me started on the 3rd pick of the draft 2013 of Dion Jordan.

But from this draft, given what has happened, what would you have done at the Dolphin picks when they came up?  Well I would have picked a little differently.

The first round pick of DeVante Parker was a consensus right pick.

The trading down of the second round was also the right move.  But instead of picking Jordan Phillips, which was a gutsy and potentially excellent choice, it is also an incredibly risky choice which could be a major bust, and the Dolphins really don't need that kind of risk for now from the second round.

A much better selection would have been Jake Fisher who could play OG and OT, which the team really needs.  Honestly I didn't think he would be available by this pick and was a borderline 1st round possibility, early second at worse.

If they had picked Jake Fisher (which was much safer and he will be immediately a starter), then the pick of Jamil Douglas would not have been necessary in the fourth round.  My choice would have been Jake Ryan to fill the linebacker need. NOTE:  I am glad they picked up Mike Hull as a UFA (and was surprised he wasn't drafted).

In the fifth round I have no qualms with the selections since they fit the Dolphins needs, but then I might have taken a huge risk on the last pick and not selected Tony Lippett.  I would have selected La'el Collins.

If the investigation clears him, then the Dolphins would have been sitting pretty and addressed every team need.  If it didn't, then we lost a 5th round pick and not everyone makes the team.  That would have been worth it.  Especially now that everyone is trying to sign him as a UFA, and the Dolphins are competing to sign him.  And we could have had him for the taking.   We still might get him, but it's going to be a lot harder than it should have been.

So that's my take on it for what it is worth.  Next up, Rookie Camp, and Training Camp.  Should be fun.

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