Monday, July 22, 2013

New Flood Maps Coming To Lauderhill

New Flood Maps have been created which, upon adoption, will change the flood zone of many in Lauderhill.  Some properties may no longer be in a flood zone requiring mandatory flood insurance.

The maps will show a two (2) points class reduction in the Community Rating System (CRS) making us a Class 7 now (presently the city is a Class 9).   That means that our residents qualify for a 15% discount on their flood insurance premiums from  the previous 5% discount.   The savings for Lauderhill residents would be in the range of $500k/year.

The new flood maps have not been adopted by Broward County yet because there is still an outstanding dispute with one of the communities.  This matter has been ongoing for over a year.  There is no time limit for the dispute but once it is resolved, FEMA will issue a Letter of Determination and then, six months later, the new maps will go into effect.   

An article is being prepared an article for the upcoming Spotlight that outlines  this information. 

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