Saturday, December 10, 2005

Some Old News and Some New

Our Lauderhill All America City Team Presenters

Over the past year, Lauderhill has had many Ups and some Downs. Among the many Ups was being named an All America City, among other awards. Among the Downs was Hurricane Wilma. Throughout it all, we have shown the strength and resolve of our community. For that we can be very proud of.

We have reached out to many and try to help in many ways. Recently, with the help of the Educational Advisory Board, we raised $10,000 for a Teachers Reimbursement Grant Program. Over 100 teachers received up to $100 reimbursement for spending their own money to help our children with their education. This was a direct grant to them. For the children, we had a contest to pick the cover of this years Holiday Card. Our neighborhoods have reached out and today the Inverrary Homeowners Association held its Annual Holiday Party at Jackie Gleason Park. I hope in the future to have pictures of these programs and events. As soon as I figure out how.

NOTE: If you have a digital photo of an event, you could always send to me and I may be able to include it.

I personally feel that we are at the threshold of some amazing times in our city. Where years of work are now coming together and we will do something that will be very special to all of us. If you want to hear more of this, you may be able to watch my 8th Annual State of the City Speech, supposedly to be broadcasted on Comcast, Dec. 12 at 7 PM (Channel ?, probably 12 and/or 78). If there is interest, I may try to link it to this Blog, or at least post the text of the speech.

Soon I will be write about other points of interest that will be coming up. Hope you find them of interest too.

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Lynn Kaplan said...

Honey-Your blog is a great idea to keep people informed. I would indicate when the next City Commission is being held, where and what time. Any upcoming special events, ie holiday events, etc. Also, how come you did not indicate anything about your personal info on the personal page such as married to Lynn with a 14 year old son, Andrew who attends Nova High? Isn't this more important than the fact that you are a Scorpio!!! Keep up the good work as I know you just don't have enough things to keep you busy!