Friday, March 03, 2006

Mayor Receives Major Endorsements

Mayor Richard J. Kaplan has recently received several major endorsements for his Re-Election Campaign for March 14.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel Endorsed Mayor Kaplan and said that, "The choice is crystal clear. Mayor Richard J. Kaplan is one of the county's best mayors, and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board urges voters to re-elect him. . . . His accomplishments are extraordinary. . . . Jones' biggest problem is that he's running against a superior opponent who deserves to be mayor for another term. " The full endorsement can be seen at:,0,2364433.story. This endorsement coincides with the Broward Metro News prior endorsement.

M. Margaret Bates, one of the Commissioners in Lauderhill, has given her personal endorsement to Mayor Richard J. Kaplan for re-election, releasing the following statement on behalf of the Mayor:

"Dear Residents,

As your Commissioner, I have the personal honor to serve with Richard Kaplan as our Mayor for several years. I believe that he is a true leader in Lauderhill, representing all of us, and that we need his experience and dedication to continue as our Mayor.

I personally ask that you please go to the polls on March 14, and Vote for Richard Kaplan as Mayor.

M. Margaret Bates"

Mayor Kaplan was pleased to accept her endorsement and appreciates the hard work she has provided over the years in service to the city.

Finally, the Metro Broward Professional Fire Fighters, Local 3080, endorsed Mayor Richard J. Kaplan. As they stated in the endorsement, "Firefighters continue to support candidates that support firefighters issues."

Mayor Kaplan has expressed that Public Safety issues are of a deep concern, which is shared by Firefighters.

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