Thursday, March 02, 2006

Notes of the Commission Meeting and CRA Meeting of Feb. 27

In one of the shorter meetings, the Commission unanimously passed (unless noted) the following matters of interest:

1) Final reading on creating a Trust Fund for the CRA on State Road 7;
2) Final reading on authorizing $10,000,000 borrowing to pay for Hurricane Wilma related expenses. At such time that FEMA reimburses the city (approx. 1-2 years), the city will pay back the loan. Lauderhill will have to absorb the interest and loan costs. The city has already spent over $6,000,000 in waste removal fees alone;
3) Approved the swearing in ceremony, following the election on March 14, to be on March 21, at the Police Station, 12 noon. The swearing in needed to be pushed back since the Broward Supervisor of Election could not certify the results until March 20, which is a requirement for swearing in. This situation has been created due to a new state law, and may ultimately require a charter modification to deal with future years;
4) Approved plans to obtain grants from the Florida Communities Trust for improvements at the City Hall Annex and Old City Hall Park;
5) By a 4-1 vote on final reading (Commissioner Berger in dissent (see prior meeting notes of Feb. 13 for explanation)), the CRA authorized the purchase Mission Lakes Plaza.

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