Monday, August 15, 2011

Second Update on Mayor's Projects for 2011

Earlier this year I put together a list of some of the major projects I intend to pursue during 2011, and I have been updating this occasionally. Being that we are into the third quarter of the year, I thought it might be interesting to give an update on how those projects are proceeding:

1) PACE - Complete setting up the program, and arrange financing.

We are working with a company that we believe we can set up the program through the use of private financing, without putting the city at risk. We also have a commercial property owner interested in pursuing a PACE Loan. At this point, all parties are working on the legal and mechanical side of how to proceed forward.

We are also expanding the concept by also examining Performance Contracting that will accomplish the same thing, but not through a government repayment through the tax rolls. The first application may be for the City of Lauderhill itself. Discussions and research are ongoing.

2) Continue developing Sister City Programs.

I visited Fuiggi, Italy in June. There is interest in business exchanges and twining, and at this time we are waiting on Fuiggi to advise if they want to move forward. The travel was not paid for by city funds.

3) Implement GREENROADS into the MPO Plan.

The MPOAC, which I chair, had their quarterly meeting last month and we received a GREENROADS presentation. The program seeks to establish green saving concepts to transportation construction and system. Staff is seeing how we can incorporate the concepts throughout Florida.

4) Creating a GREEN EXPO in the last quarter of 2011.

We are proceeding ahead with the Broward Green Expo, at the Inverrary Vacation Resort and Conference Center, November 18 & 19. SWS (Southern Waste Systems) is our Platinum Sponsor. We have committed sponsors for more half the money required for the budget. Only a few of the larger sponsorship packages are still available. More information will be available in another article, and at

5) Set up the 2011-2012 Jazz Concert Series.

At this time we do not have a sponsor for the Jazz Picnic in the Park or the Jazz Under the Stars Concerts. I am talking with a few possible sponsors, and if successful, I can put the program together quickly. Information on the upcoming season, if a sponsor is secured, will be posted on this site and at

6) Investigate whether a Federal Procurement Incubator can be created.

We are still trying to set up a meeting with someone who can put this program together.

7) KIDS DAY - July 2.

This program occurred on July 9,and was very successful.

8) Create a City Blanket.

We have the pictures and we are working out the layout before sending it to the company who makes the blankets. I expect the blankets to be done by September.

9) Arrange funding for the 2012 Unitown Program ($1000) and 2012 Lauderhill Educational College Scholarship ($2000).

We have $1000 for the Lauderhill College Essay Scholarship, but I do not have any information about Unitown yet. The Scholarship application will be sent out to BRACE Advisers and listed on the Lauderhill Teen Central Web Site,, in November. Essay questions are being developed now.

10) College/Graduate Student Paid Internship Program.

I have developed a program to have college and graduate student work for me on a part-time basis for a semester. Applications were sent to Universities around the country. I hired an Intern for the summer, and about to hire another Intern for the Fall semester. The next semester will be in the Winter.

11) Developing a System for All Electric Community Shuttle Bus Systems.

SEFTC, of which I am Chair and at my urging, is trying to develop a pilot program with other transportation partners, to convert all Community Shuttle Buses to All Electric, Hydrogen Electric or CNG (natural gas), systems. The reason is that as the cost of gasoline rises, so does the cost of operating a gasoline vehicle. It is projected that moving away from gasoline buses it would reduce the cost of operation.

Related to this program is the installation of Car Charging Stations, which also may be used by the public. At this time, I am also working with a company and the City of Lauderhill, to install the first Car Charging Station in the city, probably at City Hall. There is expected to be no cost to the city for this station.

12) Other Green Programs.

I am planning on working with the Broward League of Cities to develop an inexpensive green building designation program and a green grant application.

13) Creating a New City Map

North Shore Medical Center - FMC Campus, has agreed to sponsor the creation of an updated version of our City Map. The last time it was produced was August 2007 and there are only a few left. We are working on it, and expect it to be out in October/November.

Several other items may be added to the list on the next update.

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