Saturday, December 03, 2011

City Recommended to get Community Shuttle Bus Grant

The South Florida Regional Transit Authority's Planning Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC) recommended to the Board that the City's grant application for $453,000 for FY 2012 be funded for $411,091. The grant will be used for maintaining and expanding the Lauderhill Community Shuttle Bus Program. Additional new service is expected into the Southeast side of the city where no service presently exists.

The SFRTA will take action on the PTAC recommendation at their next meeting, which is not scheduled but is anticipated to be in late November early December. If approved by the SFTRA, then it will go to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for final review of project eligibility.

City staff now will be working with the West Ken Lark, United, St. George and Broward Estates neighborhoods to finalize the routes and will be working on developing a marketing strategy and monitoring plan for the project.

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