Thursday, March 15, 2012

Police Department Report on Crime Statistics 2011

At the city's recent Annual Retreat, the Police Department gave the following report:

Recently reported crime statistics was reported for the year 2011 in the City of Lauderhill. Crime did go up 19% for violent crimes and down 16% for non-violent crimes. Overall there was a 6% overall increase for 2011. This follows several consecutive years of decline and is consistent to other jurisdictions in the area.

During 2011 the police responded to 75, 188 calls.

At this time Lauderhill has authorized 120 sworn officers but presently have only filled 113 of those positions. Due to normal attrition, it is extremely difficult to achieve 120 officers at a time.

The city maintains 51 police vehicles, and the Citizens Police Academy has 17 residents enrolled for the 10 week program.

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