Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Preparation

For those that have been caught up in the Presidential elections coming up, you may not have noticed that there is Hurricane Sandy projected to head from the Caribbean north into the Bahamas.  It's closest point to us should be early AM on Friday the 26th.

At this point no Declaration of Emergency has been given, but we could expect high winds and rain.  A Tropical Storm Warning has been issued.   No closures have been announced, and it is possible none may not be forthcoming unless the storm turns towards us.  However, heightened awareness is in order.

Broward County Schools have cancelled all outside activities for Thursday and Friday.

While a list of what you should be doing could be given here, by this point most people, with the storms we have had, should be fully versed on how to get ready if needed.  So it won't be repeated except for one matter.

Rain has been the biggest problem from these storms, particularly in the NW area of the city.   The ground is still wet, and flooding is a concern. City employees are taking proper steps so as to be prepared, and hopefully the SFWMD will be ready too.

The City would like everyone be advised that water accumulation in the roadways and swales with  percolation over a 12-24 hour period is normal during any heavy rain events.

The one item that may help is whether your drains near your homes are open or clogged.  If they are clogged, and you can easily remove and dispose of the debris, then you may want to do so.  That way water will flow unimpeded.  However, if there is any chance that you could put yourself in risk to clear the drain, DON'T DO IT.  Please notify the city of the location so that crews can deal with it.  You may email me if you like at

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.  I want to insure you that the city is aware of the storm, and have already started to addressing it.

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Everyone should be prepared for this hurricane.