Tuesday, April 04, 2006

When The Garbage Overflows

Recently, it was asked what to do when you have more garbage than can be held in the standard 95 gallon container that is picked up twice each month. This may happen when you have a large amount of landscaping debris, or after a large party. The answer is easy.

In these situations, you can put out additional trash bags. However, each bag must have attached to it a special sticker. These stickers are available at Publix, and cost under $6 for 5 of them. These stickers are not for trash cans or pails, only for bags. When the garbage truck comes to pick it up, they will take the entire bag.

These stickers are not for the normal 95 gallon container, nor bulk trash or recycling. Only when the excess garbage cannot be disposed of by using one of these methods that you have already paid for through your garbage fees, would you use the stickers.

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