Saturday, April 01, 2006

Notes of the Commission Meeting of 03/27/06

The following matters of interest were discussed and decided upon at the Lauderhill Commission Meeting of March 27:

1) Commissioner Dale Holness was elected Vice Mayor for the upcoming year, and Commissioner M. Margaret Bates was elected Deputy Vice Mayor;

2) An ordinance was passed on first reading to more limit the ability for adult bookstores and video stores to operate in the city;

3) An ordinance was passed on first reading placing regulations and limitations on dancing in adult entertainment facilities;

4) An ordinance was passed on first reading allowing electrical generators to be installed in Lauderhill that may violate the noise ordinance, if operated during emergencies, or for normal maintenance only. This ordinance, sponsored by Mayor Kaplan, would allow the installation of permanent generators into private homes;

5) A resolution was passed in support of West Ken Lark's request for a traffic light at 14th and 16th Street at NW 31st Ave., and a four way stop at 33rd and 16th. At the request of James Bradley, the President of the West Ken Lark Association, the resolution did not include a request for a traffic light at 12th Place and NW 31st Ave;

6) Appointed Deputy Vice Mayor M. Margaret Bates as voting delegate, and Vice Mayor Dale Holness as Alternate to the State Road 7/US 441 Collaborative Steering Committee, as Lauderhill's representatives;

7) Approved Vice Mayor Dale Holness's resolution for the City of Lauderhill's A+ Operation Plan for 2005-6, addressing a program for assisting Lauderhill schools;

8) The Commission agreed to allow staff to determine the time and place of the upcoming Pre-Budget Workshops throughout Lauderhill. These workshops are expected to be schedule primarily during April. The locations and area each meeting is to cover is as follows: St. George Community Center - St. George, Broward Estates & West Ken Lark; Sadkin Center - East Side; Main Fire Station on 56th Ave. - Central Lauderhill; Police Station - Inverrary; and Veterans Park - West Lauderhill & the Homes of Inverrary. Following the Pre-Budget Workshops, a Budget Workshop is anticipated to be scheduled in July, with final readings of the budget in September. Anyone wishing to come to their particular meeting to hear and discuss any matter that relates to the budget is invited. You are also permitted to attend any of the other meetings to discuss your items, though it is intended for each meeting to concentrate on that particular area of the city.


Martin Abramson said...

How can we get the commission to consider the acute need for a turnpike interchange at Oakland Park Blvd.?

Also needed: sidewalk on the east end of Environ about 100 yards west of Inverrary Blvd.

eLauderhill said...

We are. The issue is how is Lauderdale Lakes working to help. The turnpike is shown to make the traffic even worse on Oakland Park Blvd. Before we proceed, we need to work out the traffic flow between 441 and the turnpike. I have talked to a commissioner in LL to start talking about it. Nothing yet to report.

As to the sidewalk, it is in the capital plans, and I am trying to find out when it may proceed.