Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Dolphin Draft 2014

The biggest problem the Dolphins have is that they only have six draft choices and that just isn’t enough for this year.  Particularly in the early rounds.  But as the saying goes, “You play the cards you are dealt.”

Of critical need that they must draft in the first 3 rounds is at least one starting Offensive Lineman who can play right tackle, and an Inside Linebacker (for which there are only two available that are worth it).  After that a good Defensive Tackle, another Offensive Lineman and a Safety are badly needed.  A Running Back and Tight End are also a major concern for the future.  That alone is seven picks and to do this the Dolphins must pick up one more selection.

At the 19th slot in the first round, if OL Taylor Lewan or OL Zack Martin is available you grab them.  If not but ILB CJ Mosley is available, select him.  If all three of them are gone you’ve got to go to plan B.  Moving up in the draft would short you one more draft selection, and you they don’t have any to spare.  Moving down in the draft a few spots to pick up a 3rd round pick may make a lot of sense.

The Dolphins could go ahead and pick an OL like Morgan Moses, but he could still be there in around in the late 1st round.  Also, OL Joel Bitonio and Xavier Su’a-Flo would be there.

What I would hope would happen in Plan B, if your first 3 preferred picks are gone is to trade down to around 25th and pick up a mid 3rd Round Pick.

With a mid 20th pick I would select OL Morgan Moses and if not available, then Joel Bitonio (a bit of a stretch, but a need).  With the 2nd Round pick I would pick up the only other decent ILB out there, Chris Borland.  

With two 3rd Round picks, you can go for two other needs an OG Dakota Dozier and DT DaQuan Jones or if the DT is gone, then DT Daniel McCullers (which you might hold off to the 4th Round).  If you do hold on the DT to the 4th Round, you could look for Safety Dion Bailey, OG Gabe Jackson or OT Billy Turner.  But that is a risk.  If you select the DT in the 3rd, then S, OG, OT or TE could be in the 4th Round among the Best Player Available left. 

However as far as TE’s goes, there is only worth drafting at that point, and that is C.J. Fiedorowicz.

The 5th and 6th Rounds you just select the BPA irrespective of position, you never know when you might need them.  But a preference would be to pick up a RB like Tyler Gaffney that may be able to also serve as a FB, or FB Jay Prosch who can block well but is a question if he could be a 3rd down back to punch it through.

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